Foodgasm 05 : Cups and Crumbs Downtown Cafe

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I cannot believe it's already three months since my last Foodgasm post and it was about eateries in Jakarta *LOL*, but at least we did post a cafe comparison post a few weeks ago :p. This is why i would never be a decent food blogger, not only i am totally horrible at remembering food/drink names and can hardly describe them, i also am way too lazy to write about them *LOL*. Trust me when i say the backlog for Foodgasm series are very long now *sigh*.

Anyway, if you think that our Dasoe VS ThreeOsix post was backdated, this review on Cup and Crumbs is even more so *LOL*. I checked their Instagram and see so many foods that i did not see when we checked it out, on AUGUST. WTF.
Cup And Crumbs 
 Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo V/19 - Surabaya.
Sorry for the cropped looking photo *LOL*, their location's pretty jam-packed with other eateries and almost always very full, it was really hard to snap a picture of the exterior especially because it's located in a ruko (shophouse) and a few storey high, we would have to cross the street pretty far to capture the whole building and frankly-the thought of bracing the crazy traffic and sea of cars wasn't appealing whatsoever! That was the best that hunny could do from a few feet away and he had to crop the first floor out hahaha.

Anyway, a trivia first before we start : the ruko where Cups and Crumbs is located was once #Undecided's parents'! They lived on the upper floors and opened a tyre shop on the first floor for many many years *LOL*. We spent a quarter of our teenage life (as in together, #Undecided clearly spent all of her teenagehood there, especially because she had a very strict curfew and rarely went out!) hanging out there, being stupid (and painfully nerdy) teenagers hehehe. It was really nostalgic when i went there to check it out and was in awe of how different the place became (well, of course).

Anyway... Cups and Crumbs has been around for a while now obviously, but when we went there it was newly opened so... I wanna apologize in advance if there's any changes already. I haven't been back since.
This is how the first floor looks like, i love love love wooden flooring and it's always been my preference-instantly makes a place looks homey, comfortable and clean!
Was too embarrassed to barge in front of the ordering area because i was just starting to do cafe/restaurant reviews, i got over the embarrassment stage now would snap hundreds of pics from every angle now *LOL*. I also feel that cafe owners and staffs are more aware of bloggers now so they don't find it too weird (or worried that we intend to copy their interior or whatever) when people started snapping loads of pictures with their cameras
Hi girls, i hope you don't mind being featured in this blog :). I was attracted to the chalk writing on the wall beside their table, obviously. People who can write so beautifully on walls always receive my upmost admiration (coz my own writing sucks, even on paper WTF)
The first floor was full so after ordering, we went to the second floor immediately
Hunny is always drawn to unique chandeliers (I'mmmmm gonnaaaa swiiiiingggggg frommm the chandeliiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr.... Sorry sorry, can't stop myself) but yes, this chandelier's very pretty!
The sight that greeted us once we stepped into the second floor
Somehow second floor's always a step child for most cafes, yeah? LOL. It's not as elaborately decorated but at least it was not empty like some other cafe's *LOL* (btw, WTH was MT holding??? Was it a selfie stick?)
At least there's that pretty chandelier (iiiiii'mmmm....... okay okay imma stop) too in the second floor hehe
This post is so backdated because we were there to sort of...
Celebrate CL and Baby Boy's belated birthday LOLOLOL
We had dinner already at a Chinese restaurant nearby (Kapin, i dunno since when it has become our favorite family restaurant, but i don't mind because i love their burung dara... is burung dara really pigeon? I still dunno until now. Can somebody please answer me!!!) so we only ordered cakes as our desserts. You know what CL did? She told the staff attending the ordering area "Just give us a slice of all of the cakes you have". LOL. Seriously!

Now... I truly do not remember what was what, so... I'll just show you okay!
I do remember this to be banana cake of some kind, and it was weird *___*... Au and i are banana-holic and we usually love whatever banana, but i guess we like our banana cakes to taste more artificial than like a real banana hahaha, we kept on shoving this cake to each other-and others too :p
Apple strudel? I remember this to be apple related and CL, who loves apple pies and their friends, stated that it was nice. I hate apple related whatever so i cannot judge!
I wouldn't call this a proper review because we only ordered some drinks and cakes-nothing else, but i will write as truthfully as usual regarding our experience here. While the place is very immaculately decorated (i love much new cafes pay attention to details here in Surabaya now, we used to have to be satisfied with half-heated decorated places hahaha), comfortable and homey-the service also quite prompt and friendly, we sadly found the cakes and pastries to be lacking something...

All of the cakes and pastries i photographed above with the exception of the apple strudel were dry, hard and not very nice. I like my cakes to be soft and moist, so dry and hard to swallow's definitely not acceptable in my book. I don't know if our palate's a bit hard to please (note that CL is a wonderful baker and i would say that her baked goods are better than most cakes and pastries i've tried in all cafes in Surabaya and Jakarta so... We do have a pretty high standard), but these just did not met our expectations, my cousin L visited on a different occasion and she definitely agreed with me.

However, this was months ago (L's visit was not that far from mine) so they could already be improving their cakes and pastries' standard. I browsed through their foursquare and IG, and i am especially drawn to this beautiful rose shaped cake :
Photo source (note : i do not own this picture!)
So prettyyyy... Now i want to go back there just to order this highly Instagrammable cake hahaha. According to the reviews, it's also yummy! I also spotted a lot of other yummy looking cakes that weren't available when we were there, so i definitely have a reason to go back there! I also would love to try out their savory selection because we did not have the chance (or tummy capacity) back then.

We did find their drinks to be quite nice though!
Dun remember who ordered this but i don't remember anyone making any complains about the drinks so i think everything's fine haha
Although i did not have a the slightest touch of makeup and went bare-faced without even bothering to exchange my glasses to contact lenses, we still snapped some pics anyway.
My super thick (i have -6.00 myopia on both eyes) glasses always makes my eyes look super tiny hahaha
This was clearly a candid shot, but now we all can see that CL's always camera ready
Our little entourage hahaha
One mo!
So even though i sadly have to say that we were less than satisfied with their cakes and pastries, i personally still want to come back at least once more to try out their newer cake selections and also the savory ones. Drinks are decent and i love the ambience of the place, it's definitely a nice place to hang out with your friends-but yes, i gotta check out their menus again before i dare to recommend this place! Price wise, they were so-so. Spent... Less than IDR 400.000 for six desserts and seven drinks, it's not dirt cheap but it won't break the bank either.

Have you ever been to Cups and Crumbs? Do you have any suggestion of what i should be ordering next?


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PPS : It's almost Valentine's Day! In two hours, in you're in my part of Indonesia *LOL*. What's your plan for tomorrow?

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  1. lucu banget itu semua cake slices nya dikasih lilin2. hehehe

    1. Hehehehe maklum kt ga ada bday cake hahaha

  2. enak-enak semua hidangannya
    oh ya ,kalo sempat mampir ke