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Hey guys!

I know it's been a long time since our last VS post, as usual you can blame it on #Undecided (this is #Pink, obviously) who kept on procrastinating *sigh*, and we had so many more pressing posts to do so then not-so-important *hehe* ones like cafe reviews kept on being pushed further and further back! 

So this time round we're going to weigh Dasoe against Three O Six :
ThreeOSix's pic on the right borrowed from this blog because i couldn't get a decent shot of the place at night T.T

We didn't plan on doing VS or anything when we went there (FOUR months ago *LOL*), i just wanted to try out Dasoe which sounds interesting from #Undecided's stories (she goes there all the time with her hubby because it's practically inside her area, and they serve American Breakfast-which both of us are MAD for)-then i also wanted to try out Three O Six because it also sounds interesting according to L *yes, word of mouth is the best marketing for people like moi because i passed by Three O Six all the time but was never interested to try it out until L told me about their signature coffee-which turned out to be sold out when we finally went there WTF FML* so we went to the two cafes in the span of one week!

First up is Dasoe (since we're doing comparison, we'll talk about their ambiance and menu first:
Snapping name cards is the lazy way of giving out correct information without having to type it, i love that hahahaha

Hi guys, this is The Procrastinator a.k.a #Undecided. LOL. Forgive me for the super backdated post. It's THAT backdated, even I went so far as suggested #Pink that we revisit these 2 cafes before writing this review, because there have been some major changes in Dasoe (which made me believe that there might have been some in thereeOsix as well).

As for me... I feel like we shouldn't waste the pictures, and if you to trust #Undecided on her promises (for revisiting both places), it might be another two years before we'll finally get to blog about this-or ever! I prefer to try out all of those other new cafes sprouting all over Surabaya now!

LOL okay lah... Let's check out their menu and decor from FOUR months ago. LOL.  
The menu doesn't even look like this anymore. It looks like a folder now, with a nice thick board and not some laminated paper like this one LOL.
They have also added some dishes to their menu. One of them being waffles. I haven't had the chance to sample them yet, though, but it's on my list!
This is the view of the entrance taken from our seat.
Fancy light - Edrick Chandra has the exact same thing in his house (seen it from TV, obvi)
LOL at how #Undecided can pick up on stuffs like this! I would never in a million years pay such attention :p
The counter.
Our seat. Hubby and I sit there ALL THE TIME... That's how often we go to Dasoe.
What's interesting about this place is the fact that they decorated it with chalk-painting. #Pink and I joked about how we should just re-write some of them LOL #juvenile
I like how they actually put some attention to the details!
Even the little corner of the sink (can you believe that i had to google the word because it escaped my brain for a little bit! The only word that came to my brain was wastafel-that's one of the best example of how Indonesian imports lots of Dutch words from being their colony many years ago!) is prettily decorated
This is how this corner looked 4 months ago, boring and blah...
This is how this corner looks today. Now you see what I meant by some major changes, yes? This being one of them. Looks so much prettier now.
Baby Boy and his iPad.
Hubby and his iPad. See the recurring theme here? *sigh*
Hello my hair from 4 months ago!
See the chalk-painting all over the wall behind us? They've changed it ever since. LOL.
And of course #Pink wasn't happy with just one snap, so here you go. We should learn to pose differently, huh? LOL.
Errrr, actually i didn't ask for a second pic for that reason though, i actually wanted the shot to be wide instead of long like the previous pic so that you can see the whole place!

That's how Dasoe's interior looks like! I personally like it quite a lot! It's cosy, simple but still very pretty and well-thought! Btw the name Dasoe's actually taken from the owner's son's name, right BB? 

Yeah, DAniel SOEwadji to be exact... Hallo Sinyo, in case you're reading this!!! *wave wave*

Now let's take a look at ThreeOSix :
See... I was unable to take a pic that shows you the name board of the place

Like Dasoe, ThreeOsix's also located inside a ruko (shophouse), but if Dasoe is located in a real estate area (in Pakuwon City, mostly known for Laguna), ThreeOsix's in a pretty busy main road lined with various shops and cafes. It's nearby Shinjuku (where our hairdresser, Ndaru, works) and should be pretty easy to locate. #Undecided and her hubby did passed it a few times and had to call us to be able to locate it though hahaha.

Def not easy bb... Why? Because I was expecting a cafe, and to call threeOsix (from FOUR months ago) a cafe is an exaggeration. And please, I'm not being mean... I'm merely stating a fact. LOL. Take another look at the above picture, and you tell me if I'm wrong! *I'm not, I know hahahaha*
I only managed to snap this pic (and the next four) after we're done. As you can see, we stayed until they were closing! LOL
Must have pics of us there too, of course
One more, and yes-we need to learn to have a different pose!

As they are located in a ruko, the place's pretty small, they do not have too many tables and the decor is quite minimal.
There's a cozy sofa in front-which is the only one hehehe
Yes, this is the only corner that in my book somewhat translates into "a cafe". The rest of the place was meh. Wait til you see our seat on the 2nd floor!
Hunny immediately got attracted to the pastries
To be honest with you, they didn't look that convincing when i first saw it-but let's not let the appearance fool ya, they're actually quite nice!
Hmmm... as for me, the mini pies were very attractive!! To each their own, #Pink and I have learnt to agree to disagree from years ago hehehe...
I'm pretty sure that this guy in black's the owner, he's very friendly and gave us detailed information on everything we asked
As ThreeOsix is not your regular cafe but specializes in coffee, they have lots of coffee related displays
It was quite full when we arrived
Showing you how minimally decorated the place was. Wonder if they've improved since 4 months ago...
No table for us
So we had to go to the second floor. This was taken later when we went to order more pastries :P, because as usual #Undecided and her hubby was late!

I was quite shocked when i saw the second floor, if the first floor's decor's quite minimal already, the second floor is... empty. LOL.
See!! Major meh moment. LOL. I was giddy that I didn't dress up to go to this place LOL. It looks like tempat les-les'an to me rather than a cafe TBH.
The menu book (i wonder if like Dasoe they have a better looking one now? LOL)
Lots and lots of options for coffee, but i think it's kinda... hipster place, if you know what i mean. For people who takes coffee way too seriously *LOL*. They even only had one cold coffee and it was sold out WTF
I was super diligent and snapped ALL pages of the menu! WTF. Nowadays i don't do that anymore though ahahhaha maybe just two pages from each section tops
Funny how 4 months made a difference huh, bb? LOL.

Ambiance wise, of course Dasoe wins, hands down! LOL. Sitting on the bare second floor of ThreeOsix made us feel like hanging out at someone's office...

Tempat les-les'an, bb!!! 

And for the menu, they're both equally quite ugly looking *LOL*, but i guess Dasoe's new menu book's better? Dasoe have more varieties for food (and heavier options) but ThreeOSix have more options for drink-coffee specifically.

Drinks at Dasoe are pretty basic :
Like iced tea *LOL*. I do like the type of glass they're using, though.
They glasses are more varied now bb. From super cute mug they use for my usual cappuccino to the big glass they use for hubby's usual iced milo LOL.
But i do want to complain about their stinginess when it comes to ice cube! The ice cubes they gave for me to drink with my water was so little, they melted within 5 minutes. And when we asked for more... They gave us this. Literally 6 chunks of tiny cubes. WTF.
I did mention this to the owner. It has improved ever since and now if you request for more ice, they'll bring one bowl full of it. What I said about major improvement huh LOL.
This one is the coffee I got from threeOsix. I don't remember what this was but this is something that I don't normally drink. Super bitter. Hubby's dad (the avid coffee drinker) would love it.
We actually wanted to order the only iced option which according to L comes in a lab measurement glasses, so cute and unique right? (Yes, i order stuffs according to how picture-worthy they are, do not judge) But like i said, it was sold out (WTF) so #Undecided settled for this. I am not allowed to drink coffee after 6 by my hunny zzzz (i am severely insomniac) so i only drink my fave drink in the world : iced water hehe. I actually like coffee more than water but not more than 1-2 cups a day. Anyway, at least the glass is cure and there's a coffee art there :p
#Undecided looking cute. You really plan on retiring your bangs BB? You'll age greatly *LOL*
I spoke out of frustration, bb... If I remember correctly it was around the time when my bang was severely overgrown?! Of course I'm not retiring them, are you mad?! LOL.
Hubby's iced chocolate. Now this one is more drinkable for me LOL.
Hey!!! Hubby wore the same t-shirt to both Dasoe and threeOsix!!!!!
Anyway, since my coffee wasn't drinkable, I decided to make a little experiment. From left to right: simple syrup, my darker than night coffee, ice cubes (stolen from #Pink).
A little mix here and there.
Almost there!
Voila!! Something that I could actually enjoyed: simple iced coffee. LOL.

If you ask me, the drinks on both joints are just so so, although I'm leaning more towards Dasoe's hot cappuccino (which they serve with one butter cookie now, improvement alert *broken record*). We haven't tried threeOsix specialty (which I really want to!!), so I personally can't really say much about the drinks there...

As for me, both are just so so too. I love coffee but i am not pretentious about it, i'm those amateur who likes her coffee blended/iced, you know-basically what i can get from Starbucks or Coffee Bean *LOL* s0 imma stick to iced water in both places-and so the drinks... They're a tie for me!

Now the fun part begins... FOOD GALORE!!
This is the reason why I dragged #Pink to Dasoe: their American Breakfast Set. Like #Pink said, we're both ABS lovers. There's something about good scrambled egg that never fails to put me in a better mood LOL. I have a slightly different preference, though, instead of french fries, I always opt for toasts. Lemme tell you a story. The first time I ordered this I was skeptical when I noticed they didn't serve jam with the toast and I actually inquired why. But then I had a taste of that damned toast, and I was SOLD!! It was soooooooooo yummy (simple toast made me write one long-assed caption - yes, I'm easily appeased LOL).  
I do not remember why i opted for french fries instead of toast #scratchhead probably because Baby Boy likes fries and i was quite full so i didn't want to eat bread? Like #Undecided said, i am MAD about scrambled egg. I love the wet, mushy kind though and that night in Dasoe the scrambled egg was definitely too dry for my liking, and too much butter too. I would love it if it's mushier and they lighten up on the the butter hehe.
Argh!! Yapped at the wrong photo. Behold: my fave toast!! Don't worry about the ABS 1 and 2. You don't have to follow the set, and can customize the order based on your preference :) And it may look mediocre, but looking at this makes me wanna go there to have ABS for tonight's dinner LOL.
See how happy I looked!! LOL.
I think this is someone's fish and chips? #badblogger
And somebody's pasta #scratchheadharder
Ours bb!! Remember we wanted to go splitsies on this, but after having just one mouthful each, Hubby practically gulped this down hahahaha...
They also serve Indonesian food and hunny ordered this Gado Gado, which was pretty nice.
Baby Boy was on fried rice phase back then (he is back to pasta phase at the moment), i'd say it's good! I liked it!
This Nasi Goreng Kampung is one of my personal fave there. I would opt for drumstick for the fried chicken and have the sunny-side-up runny in the yolk. Yum!
As if we didn't order enough already, hunny also ordered this... Risoles? Is there any English word for risoles???
This is, if i remember correctly, #Undecided's hubby's favorite menu in Dasoe
Yes, Hubby has this Nasi Krengsengan (there's no English word for this!!) for breakfast almost everyday now hahaha...
Did hunny ordered toast? 
Nutella Toast!!! Yum!! Come to think of it, Hubby ordered it I believe, bb... This is also one of his faves...

I know it's a ridiculously large amount of food for four adults and a 7-year old boy (who eats more than his mum though), but seriously... Between #Undecided's hubby and my hunny-all hell breaks loose. I personally never order more than 1 dish at a time because i am very easily overwhelmed and would lose my appetite if i see too many food at once. Am i weird?

Yes you are. We've established that LONG ago bb *grin*

Dasoe's food, IMO, are pretty good-i lean towards their Indonesian food than their Western food though. I am very picky when it comes to my scrambled egg, as you can tell *LOL*. I even hated scrambled eggs that i had in Europe. My fave scrambled egg's the one in Regency Hotel Macau, God i am drooling thinking about that scrambled egg. I swear i probably get my colesterol level dangerously high with the amount of scrambled egg i practically inhaled during our stay there...

As for me, yes, they could do with less butter for their scrambled eggs, but all in all I love their food selection. Here's a list of what I would suggest you to try apart from the obvious (ABS):
1/ Nasi Rawon
2/ Nasi Kari Iga Sapi (err pretty sure it's correct LOL)
3/ Nasi Goreng Kampung

Okay, let's see ThreeOsix's food now!
The three little pies that i totally underestimated hehehe
They're so so good!! But tini tiny though... We can just pop one in our mouths LOL.
If I remember correctly, this one's apple based... Loved it!

I obiously do not remember what's what, but they were pretty nice (and bite sized) that we ended up ordering some more :
The chocolate pie was also yummy, but I'd go for the mini pie with star-shaped-cookie on top any day!

Someone ordered some churros as well
#Undecided obliged on posing silly nonstop that night LOL
Errrr errrrr... I ordered this but i cannot remember what it was WTF, i even tried checking the menu above but no result, did i miss snapping a page? Anyway, it was quite good, i remember at least that *LOL*
Chicken wrap bb? It was good!!
I remember now why she agreed on posing silly, coz she got to force me did the same! LOL
Hot Dog!
This one's awesome. Hubby still talks about this Hot Dog to this day.
Burger! (keep on pointing out the obvios)
American Breakfast!
And tuna sandwich!

Yes, once again we ordered pretty massively-that's 6 kinds of food plus pies for the four of us. No wonder we're so fat LOLOLOL. Well, #YOLO. I was so underwhelmed by the ambiance of the second floor and the super bitter coffee-that i had super low expectations on the food *LOL*, but i ended up enjoying them a lot! They totally exceeded my expectations, and if i'm to be honest with you, strictly for the Western food, i prefer ThreeOsix's than Dasoe's. Can't judge on the Asian food coz we didn't order any in threeOsix, but based on the menu i'd say Dasoe's much better.

Yes yes, the food was oh-so-good I immediately forgot about everything else and was so happy with munching on them hahaha... All good, can't say we had a crappy dish that night. I'll say go there, order the food and just get iced water / iced chocolate for the drink. If you're not a crazy coffee lover, just skip it altogether...
#Pink and le hunny
#Undecided and le hubby
Btw, i just got my Marshmallow by this time and these two kept on taking selfies-they were trying out the smile recognition feature here
Then the winking one LOLOLOL
I'll say Marshmallow did good that night bb hahahaha

Overall i find both Dasoe and ThreeOsix to be pretty nice to have a quiet (or not so quiet because we always ended up laughing like mad people when we're together) time hanging out with your pals over some decent meal. Both are perfect for days when you don't feel like dressing up (i bet you can wear your pajamas and nobody would bat an eyelash. You'd attract more attention if you're too dressed up instead!). They both have nice food, okay drinks *LOL*, okay service and the prices are very affordable. #Undecided's hubby paid for Dasoe so i'm not sure how much we spent, and we paid IDR 300.000 plus plus (less than IDR 400.000, but of course can't remember the exact prices) for so many items in ThreeOsix. So yeah,both are quite recommended!

We'd have no problem going back to either places (and #Undecided has already been back to Dasoe for countless time hahahaha)-but i personally would want to explore the newer ones first. Just gotta drag #Undecided's lazy ass.

Shut up bb... LOL.

Go try lah, they're both good, and if you're in Surabaya Timur area, they'll be perfect!!

#Undecided & #Pink

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