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I wanted to blog about this last night but lately the internet in my place always become super SLOW at night OMG, uploading pictures takes 5times as long as in normal speed, and by the time the pictures finally uploaded, The Return of the Supermen started on TV (we always watch the repeated show at around 11 PM since we're never at home when the actual airing time's on) and i had to watch! LOL.

What did you do last weekend? Anything interesting? We went out with #Undecided and her hubby (it's been awhile! #Undecided and i hang out twice a week at yoga but it's been a while since the last time we actually go out together) to try out this Italian restaurant called Osteria. Not bad, not bad at all, we'll blog about it sometime soon (as soon as i can get her to. Still need to wrap up the Taiwan trip posts as well *sigh*). Then yesterday i went out with some blogging friends, mainly gossiped and talk about our mutual love : make ups, playing with them, etc. I didn't shop much yesterday (it was just too crowd and HOT in TP, i couldn't really concentrate) just some accessories on sale, but we went and get some sample from Kiehl's (yes, again!) from their program Let Us Change Your Skin.  The program's still on going and there's still time to get samples as well if you're interested!

Actually i'm not gonna talk about that right now, i'm gonna blog about a weekend two weeks ago instead-when i went out with LL (well, the hubbies and the kiddos also went, but we all went separately once we met up :D!)

Notice my dress? Is it familiar? That's the dress i wore for this post of IBB's February MUC.
I decided that a flower crown would be too much to stroll around in a local mall (complete with the dress!) so i replaced it with a white fluffy hair clip to keep my super long bangs away from my eyes. I need a trim!!!!
White Turtleneck Lace Inner : Forever 21, White Sundress : Korz, Oversized Brown Bag : Stradivarius

I didn't change the make up at all
Accessories with a romantic, fairy tale vibe to complement the look
Marine Life Charm Bracelet : Berjaya Times Square, KL. Ring with diamente : Part of ring set, New Look
Rings : Part of ring set, New Look
White Rose Studs : part of a huge earrings set, H&M. Necklace : Forever 21
Since we split up with the guys at CW to shop, we didn't have lots of pictures taken together. Just a few selfies we snapped with the help of the ladies room's mirror!

Okay, the mirror needs some cleaning (just like my walk in closet's mirrors!!!), look at the white patch making me look like i had a dandruff!

Super cute Teddy Bear displays
Actually i didn't shop all THAT MUCH that particular day, but i decided to chuck in some other hauls together (to load-off a bit of burden of the unposted hauls that is getting crazy long). My hauls posts are now super holey, jumping from month to month WTH, with lots of other hauls i shoved at the back of my memory. Super weird for an OCD like me, normally i'd go crazy if i don't post them in chronological order. But the OCD's not gone at all, it just sifted. Meaning i'd still post old hauls (i haven't even posted the ones with the Stradivarius bag i wore in this entry) because i cannot skip any.
Fashion Haul
Urban Icon's having a sale, which is almost unheard of! So of course i had to take a look!
Pale Violet Satchel Bag, the brand is Tribecca but as you can see, the guarantee card and the dust bag's from Fossil so i am quite confused
It's on a 50% off, around IDR 1.250.000 after discount (can be paid by installment :D). I was super attracted to the unusual color, and since the price's not so bad i dragged hunny back to the store later to get it! There's another one in Turquoise but getting them in two colors might be too much, yes? I liked another one (which was even cheaper) and hunny told me to get both but the soft purple bag's all scratched and it was the last piece so i decided not to get them :(.... But i fell in love with another bag (Bonia, on a 70% off!!!) and... errrr... came back a week later to get it :p. Will show you in another haul post (two mid-branded bags in one post might be too much for #Undecided, scared she might combust)

Cute neko bowler hat! I was in love with this type of hat when i saw it in Gowigasa, but it went OOS while i was fighting with myself (because i'm not a hat person and most hats doesn't suit me)! Then Kat2 told me i she saw the hat in Selfish, a boutique in CW and that's the main reason why we went there in the first place!
I'm quite happy that i succeeded in making LL buy the exact same hat *LOL*, hat twinsies! I personally thinks the hat suits her better (my face's just too big, but i think it'll look better once i trim my bangs. My super overgrown bangs makes every hat look terrible on me!) but i really wanted the neko hat so i got it anyway. It's slightly lighter than the dark red one i wanted from Gowigasa, but still super cute!

Next item i actually bought the day before at GM after pining over it for a few days after i spotted them on another shopping day with cousin L...

Light denim lace up sneaker from New Look (IDR 199.900)
I've always wanted a casual, light blue denim sneakers like this (always pictured wearing them with sundresses for a Lily Allen vibe) but for some reason i never really LOOKED for them. Who knows i ended up with them when i'm hardly a spring chicken anymore *LOL*. Hey, one can never be too old for sneakers, right??? I'm also in love with their black and leopard patterned sneakers, so J-Pop! Arghhhh!!! But New Look's always goes on sale and it's not as cheap as these light denim one, so i'm gonna hold out and wait for a sale!

LL went and bought a large leopard envelope clutch at Metro while i gravitated towards the sale section accessories. Both the bracelet and the owl studs were on a special price, IDR 25.000 each
A closer look at the platina white charm bracelet with horsey theme
Actually those are all of the stuffs i got when i was with LL (because her husband already started to whine and asked to go home *LOL*, thank God my hunny never does that to me :p), but seeing the pile of haul photos in my draft... well, i'd chuck as many other hauls as possible here.

While we're on the subject of accessories...

I waited for this package since... November WTF. The first one apparently got lost in the mal (GRRRR) but the seller quickly sent me another one and thankfully it finally arrived!
It's Harry Potter's Timer Turner necklace! LOL! I saw it in a UK blog (i cannot for the life of me remember which one though) and thought to myself, I WANT ONE!!!! She bought hers from E-bay, so for the first time ever i also went to look there. Unfortunately there were like, hundreds of sellers selling the same thing-using very similar looking photos. I just got really confused and chose a very cheap one (It was IDR 38.000 with shipping hahaha)-not a very wise decision because of course it arrived being very light weight and cheap looking *LOL*. Nothing like what the UK blogger got *sigh*. I was just too afraid of getting the same (cheapo) necklace if i chose the, let's say IDR 200.000 ones!
The details are still there though and it's not so bad from afar i guess :D
Then when hunny and i went to look for a birthday pressie for LL's daughter, i ended up with some kiddie stuffs for myself T.T...

Like this silly Rila Kumma headband (i collect silly headbands) on a 50% off. IDR 40.000 something after discount
I've always wanted a Disney Couture (and Barbie Couture) stuffs but they are OH-SO-EXPENSIVE. They are having a 50% off in Chibiland, but even after discount they're still super expensive for a costume jewelry! I found one that's both cute and not too expensive and grabbed it
A Princess' hand mirror earrings! The details are amazing and the quality's really well, that's why they're super expensive, eh? I don't really remember how much it was after discount... Less than IDR 100.000!
I also went cray cray at Shine in ECC on one of our movie dates.
Got myself various interesting looking necklackes with super cheap price, i paid around IDR 50.000 for all 5! I already have a daisy bracelet that looks exactly like the necklace on the far left so they're gonna look really nice together :D
I even went crazy at Toys Kingdom what do you know, we only went in to look for a little treat for Baby Boy but then i spotted these birthstones/luck stones accessories which i always loved but since normally they're quite pricey (more than IDR 100.000 each) i never got them. But the ones in Toys Kingdom are so affordable i cannot wait to buy more!!!!

I honestly didn't go for whatever good luck/zodiac they represented, went sheerly for the aesthetic. I liked it, i got it. Two of them were IDR 47.500 and one was only IDR 24.500 (i cannot remember which is which though)!!! Super affordable!
Rose Quartz necklace because rose quartz's possibly one of my fave stones (well, diamond's the ultimate one obvi hahaha), since it's baby pink and all! I also love the fact that it represents love & friendship!
Moonstone bracelet represents Wealth & Generosity. Sounds very Chinese of me for getting the wealth one but i hope the generosity part counter balance that
Very blurry picture, sorry i didn't realize. I always love Jade (or jade looking stones, whatever) and it represents Fortune, obvi (again, very Chinese for a very Chinese stone, LOL)
I also collected a bit of a drugstore and supermarket haul (mostly from Hypermart) within the span of a few days T.T...

I really cannot stand seeing promotions and new products...
Citra Facial Foam with Japanese Rice and Green Tea Extract. Citra's packaging are getting cuter and cuter, i APPROVE!
Ovale Liquid Soap in Frangipani. Something that always made me raised my eyebrow because we (in South East Asia mainly) tend to associate frangipani scent with ghosts' presence hahahaha. But when i sniffed it's actually doesn't smell like frangipani at all, but very pleasant floral scent. I used to totally turn my nose off Ovale, but i've been loving their hair serums lately and now open to try out more of their products! *Training myself to love local products more!*
I'm definitely not your regular Indonesian blogger (who can be quite shy and too timid to show feminine products on their blogs), i keep on posting feminine wash pictures here *LOL*. Do you think i should review them *smirk*? Resik-V Liquid Feminine wash in Rose and Red Betel
I think this is a new product (but i can't be sure because i didn't use to linger in hair care sections before! Just taking up interests in hair products lately!) on local supermarket shelves : HQ7 Hairmilk in Simply Fruity. Yes, it's for girls, but they never said women can't wear them, right?
Veet Hair Removal Creams because i cannot stomach the idea of waxing *shudder* and my stock's running out

More Bath and Body cares : Citra Pearly White Nutri-Serum (the latest craze in body cares), Secret Clean Shower Cream in Tropical Mango (another new product, i was attracted to their neon packagings and yummy scents), Bessie Hand & Body Lotion VCO+Centella Asiatica& Pomegranate (saw this when we bought a konjac sponge-which we opened up and used straightaway, hence not photographed) and Viva Hand & Body Lotion (just because it's new. It is new, isn't it?)
And some powders on promo : Face on Face (Buy 1 Get 1) compact powder (the free one's a loose powder, which is great because i get to try both types with the price of one!) and Clean & Clear Oil Control Powder (i used to use this once upon a time, a long long long time ago and can't even remember how they performed, seeing it on promo and the promise to control oil & shine made me reached for it again)
The haul's stopping there, i promise! But i also want to feature a few things i got from my mum and L >.<...
What my mum got me when she went to Singapore (at the same time when we went to Hong Kong)
I saw some kimono style cotton cardis at Changi Cotton On but hesitated (because it wasn't cheap, SGD 23.90), then i regret not getting any then asked my mum to get it for me. As i suspected, she got the wrong things T.T...i even specifically asked her not to buy the "cardi that you wear when you sleep" type, and of course the navy and white striped one's exactly the one she wears to sleep (she even got one for herself and two more for my nieces, LOL. No wonder we always look like a charity case despite the fact that the pieces are pretty pricey), the brown one's better, it's cape like and reached my calf! I liked that one!
She also got me this purple knitted cropped top from Bugis Street, it was SGD 10 and that's when i realized that she still thought SGD is worth IDR 5000 instead of almost IDR 10.000 (at that time, it's gradually lowering now, it's now not even IDR 9000!). She went on about how cheap this was and i said "It's not super cheap also, almost IDR 100.000" and she was like "Wait, not IDR 50.000?" hahaha
I saw some local bloggers showing off their Rubi nail polish set from Cotton On (at least i think they're Rubi, now i'm not so sure anymore) and asked my mum go look for one (Rubi nail polishes are very affordable but with a very good quality at the same time) but she couldn't find any. Then i asked her to check out Sephora's nail polish sets (i saw them having sets with very affordable prices as well), she texted me saying that the sets are SGD 44 to 50, so i said "NO! Don't get me any! That's too expensive!!!". Of course she went and bought me one T.T. It's a Nail Art Collection from Front Cover, i don't even do nail arts (obvi now i'm pressurized to do so)!!! So expensive, i'd much prefer her to get me the make up palette instead T.T
It's really pretty and luxurious but honestly the color choices are a bit... Mature and doesn't really suit my style. But she already got it for me so i will use everything!
L (my cousin) went to China for a week last December/January and got me this super cute dolly lip balm!
Vsoya Momoko Doll Lip Balm. A lip balm with a dolly packaging? That's two for two! Love it :D!
I'm gonna stop now, will show you more soon. See ya on the next haul post :D!


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  1. ngeliat haul2 nya ci mindy slalu ngiler *u*

  2. OMG that is a LOT of stuff!!! Can I be your bestie!? lol I too hates shaving blehhhh!!

    1. It is isn't it >.<... Do you like to shop too? I automatically become besties with every other shoppaholic out there *LOL* :D

  3. Oh, I see you bought the dress. You did quite the splurge. I love the blue pastel bag, the red hat and the Front Cover nail polishes. I have a makeup kit from Front Cover and I love it.

    1. I didn't buy any dress in this haul, dear :D... And yes, i did quite some damage in this post *LOL*. I would love a Front Cover makeup kit too :D!

  4. I love the baaaaagg!!! I can't help staring at it for minutes! Just my type of color and design! Now you've given me an idea. :) Keep posting! :)

    1. Glad you like it :D! I also kept staring and then thinking about it the whole time (at the mall) before going back to get it *LOL*

  5. Wow it seems like you got so many cool stuff! Great shopping spree :) loving your white dress and that cute bracelet as well

    1. Thank you :D, shopping spree is my therapy hahaha :D...

  6. That's a unique colour for a satchel, but even so, it will match lots of different outfits! *I sound contradictory, don't I hahaha*

    Did your cousin purchase any other beauty products in China besides the lipbalm? Am wondering about the product/brand selection over there...

    1. It's very unique, isn't it? My eyes immediately zoomed in that color collection hahaha... My cousin is a very tomboy girl actually, she doesn't really wear a lot of make up (just eyeliner...) so i don't think she bought any other beauty products there :)

  7. Oh M G! Shopping galore. hahaha. I love your accessorieS and your nail polish

  8. So many stuff, I'm jelly! I'm in love with your bag, it looks so unique and pretty, I like that kind of shape on bags you can wear with anything and it would look matched.

    Love all your choices! :)

    1. Thank you, dear! I love all of my purchases too hihihi >.<

  9. Nice sneakers and you were able to add some accessories and beauty products.

  10. nice haul!! i love new look too! but then we move here in malaysia and i totally miss it! the accessories looks all so pretty! x0~

    1. Oh, you don't have New Look in Malaysia? They also only opened quite recently (last year) in Indonesia :). Aww, thank you :D!

  11. I've tried to use Veet for my legs but the hair just did not come off! Maybe I was using it the wrong way or I missed some instructions? Hmm. :|

    1. Really???? They always works fine on my legs! Sometimes it's patchy *LOL* but not too bad *i just pluck the left over hairs*! I'm actually going to do a review soon, stay tuned!

    2. Oh wow okay. I'll be checking it out. :) Aside from waxing, have you ever considered having it just lasered?

    3. Not really, my sis-in-law said getting her armpit lasered were quite painful, i really would much prefer to avoid any unnecessary pains! I'm not that hairy and not that bothered with the hairs actually *LOL*

  12. Wow, you got a lot of energy to shop all of this ? My picks from the haul were the ; moonstone bracelet because I got one like that and they are really so attractive, then I like the first bracelet that has a summer feel -starfish and shells lastly the rose earring- I made a milk candy just like those of the rose earrings.

    1. Well... i didn't actually purchase everything in one day you know :p... But yeah, even if i do-i definitely have the energy to do so. I can shop all day long for months *LOL*. Thank you :D

  13. Everything's cute and charming! Your style's so light and fun, and the items are such a curiosity :)

  14. I love the baaaaaag! The accessories are all so charming too :)

  15. Very shopaholic but with a purpose!. Shopping is a girl's best friend. I love the skin care uses. It really have a good effect i think. Also adore the denim sneaker. It is just so adorable.!

    1. Aww, thank you for helping me justifying my shopaholic tendencies :D!

  16. you're looking great in white and yup such wondeful accessories..