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Hi guys!

It's just a quick post (but knowing me, quick would be quite long anyway *LOL*), i just want to set some stuff straight. Many of you know that i've been having a bit of a... let's just say misunderstanding with Lola Box. I said some harsh things, they said some harsh things, and things got a little bit out of hand. 

Problem started with a confusing charge for Lola Box that i received earlier this month in my (hunny's) credit card. Since the last time i had a transaction with Lola Box was 4-5 months prior to this, i panicked. With advise from the credit card company, they helped me block the card and made a request to waive the payment.

Then Lola Box responded, telling me that it might be the transaction from November 2013, unfortunately i already throw out the credit card statement (i regularly throw them out every two months) and the payment waive has already been done (but it is not a done deal yet, i needed to wait until the next bill to be ready to see if it's been approved or not), so after a bit of an exchange of unpleasantries *LOL* (they feel like i'm accusing them of abusing my credit card information and i got even angrier because they accused me of not wanting to pay for my purchases), the whole thing was still hanging because i was waiting for the information from the bank.

Yesterday my hunny told me that his latest bill (for next month) has been e-mailed and the Lola Box transaction had been waived. I immediately e-mailed them about it. At this point, all i wanted was a proof from them that the credit card hadn't been charged back in November. Can you blame me for wanting this? As soon as they gave me the statement, i'd transfer the money to them, as i promised. 

Here's the e-mail they sent to me earlier today :

Dear Mindy,

Thank you for the message and your kind intention to pay. Unfortunately we are not able to provide you with our bank statement as it not only contains confidential company data but especially private customer data. We understand that you have already thrown away your November bill, but we are really not able to send you a statement of our incoming funds for November.

Let's just end this whole issue nicely - consider the boxes as a gift. We are sorry for all inconveniences that have occurred.

Best regards

Customer Operations Associate 
This honestly left me with a mixed feeling. I feel bad, obviously, and none too pleased to see the words "gift" because it was never my intention to get anything for free. I don't mean to be snobbish or arrogant, but you need only to see my haul posts to know that i don't need no freebie.

But i also want to applaud Lola Box for being professional and try to end this problem nicely. This is probably one of the most professional thing a local brand has ever done, regardless of their initial reactions. 

Having said that, i have no intention to score myself some freebie by causing a scene or posing a credit card fraud, so i just want to let Lola Box know, if there's any way that they can provide me with the asked statement, i will pay them immediately. I am a woman of my words, and you can take my words for it.

I just want to let my readers know, that i never had any intention to slander anyone or making a scene, i am just being my usual self-writing as i like it and as i think it. But bottom line, Lola Box has always been one of my favorite beauty box ever (and one of the last standing too, so i hope they'll lasts) and all my unboxing posts were testimonies to that.

I am currently taking a hiatus from beauty boxes, but if i ever want to start again, Lola Box would definitely be the first choice, i'm just not sure they'd still want me after all of the chaos happening around us *LOL*.

Let this (unintentionally long) post be my medium to let Lola Box know that they will always have my support and i commend their professionalism. And no, i'm not saying that because they use the words "gifts", i honestly think that they are taking a step further than what they needed to do.  

I hope this issue can be considered solved (i'm still waiting for any kind of bill statement if possible because i am not one to like to be debted, and i consider this a debt for me still) and we can both walk away with no hard feelings. I will show my support in the way that i can, that is to make reviews of the stuffs i got for being subscribed for 9 months with their boxes and link them up. 

Thank you.

Not always unreasonable,

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