Shower-O-Rama 01 : Bourjois Extrait de Douceur Shower Gel in Extrait de Coton

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Heyyloow everybody!

Another new series for reviews, now dedicated for stuffs to use on the shower (other than hair stuffs that has their own series :p). It's also quite apparent that products i seem to review a lot are nail polishes, shower gels, body lotions and sheet facial masks haha. You know those are the things that i use most frequently and run out fast (compared to stuffs like lipsticks! This doesn't include the nail polishes of course, i hardly ever finished any nail polish. Maybe once or twice in the past-the tiny bottled ones) so i can try out different ones (almost) each time. Yeah, no loyalty whatsoever apparently. LOL.

There's one problem... I seem to review a lot of products that aren't available in Indonesia! That's how it is when you always buy stuffs you've never seen before whenever you're out of the country >.<... But that shouldn't be a concern, yes? We do get lots of international hits anyway :D, and these stuffs can be added to your (if you're Indonesian) wish list that you can pick up next time you're on an overseas holiday *excuses excuses*.

Now that i'm done justifying myself, today's review is of a shower gel from the French brand, Bourjois : Extrait de Doucer in Extrait de Coton (i guess it translates roughly into... Cotton Extracts?)

Picture from Google
Even though Bourjois cosmetics are widely available around the world (including Indonesia), i never even knew that they had a bath and body cares line. Until my last trip to Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, to be exact).

You know Vietnam is highly influenced by American and European cultures (some buildings there made me feel like i was somewhere in Europe, except for the very tropical weather) and somehow, they have a huge selection of American and European bath and body cares in their bigger supermarkets (do you know that it's really hard to find a mall in HCM City? There were a few but the locals doesn't seem to frequent them-except the rich and powerful ones-and we had a hard time asking them if there even was any malls there! The concept of a mall didn't seem to be very familiar to them. Most of the shopping centres we found was small and more of a department stores than a mall. We did find two at the last few days).

Anyway, we were running out shower gels during that trip so we went to a department store and found a pretty big supermarket there. I was very delighted when i discovered those American and European bath and beauty products (as well as some local ones) with such low prices (VND is pretty low so we could get a lot for our money's worth. However, make sure you bring USD with you to exchange with VND because it's the best currency for an exchange. Don't even dream about bringing IDR please), i ended up with huge bottles of shower gels hehehe (might as well, because i didn't shop for anything else while we were there. I'd come back to get more bath and body cares haha).

I had a hard time finding information on this shower gel when i Googled it for the first picture up there, i think they are not very widely available other than in France and maybe other European countries (i saw some Americans talked about it in forums asking where they could get these shower gels at), that explains why all of the information and product description on the bottle is in French.

The price on the sticker was referring to VND, not IDR. It was VND 69.000, roughly around IDR 32.000? Quite cheap, yes? Especially from a brand like Bourjois (which is not exactly a drugstore brand in Indonesia)
Came in a 250ml bottle, made in France
Errrr... product explanations in Vietnamese :p
Of course, other than the brand (a product i never knew even existed from a familiar brand? A must try!) and price (so so cheap!), i was very attracted to the cute bottle! This is actually a second bottle of Bourjois shower gel we've used, we got another one in a super cute bubble gum pink colored bottle (it was Bonheur en Mousse, whatever that means), and of course i decided to get all of the variants available (sadly there were only those two). The pink one was used up long before i even started this blog haha.

Look at the cute golden "pearl" on top of the bottle!
They came in a normal flip top bottle
The texture :

It was quite runny with a pearlescent whitish color. And i love how it lathers up like crazy! Here's a description i found in a website :

This shower gel is enriched with cotton extract which softens and hydrates the skin for up to 6 hours. Its pearly texture turns into a creamy foam which perfectly cleanses the skin. It's pH neutral and dermatologically tested.

We've used up the bottle by now (as you might guess, need to review it before throwing the bottle out hehe) and it lived up to their promises, we were having an unpleasant reaction to Etude House's Sweetheart shower cream :( -which is now stood half-used in our bathroom rack-so i had to pull out one shower gel in my stash that i knew would be good for our skin. We loved the pink one and it was very moisturizing so i pretty much knew that this blue one would do pretty well too.

It didn't disappoint. Hunny's dry and scaly skin *aggravated further by the Etude House shower cream, apparently we're don't get along really well with their shower gels/creams* was immediately soothed when he began using it. My eczema *caused by the EH shower cream as well* also gradually disappear. It was soft and moisturizing enough for our skin (my skin type's normal, btw).

The color of the liquid as well as the consistency was different than the pink one (which is transluscent and more gel-ish), the performance's pretty similar but since this Cotton one's runnier, we tend to use a lot more *unintentionally* so it was finished much faster than the pink one. I was really surprised when i realized we've came close to the bottom in such a short period of time!

Fragrance wise, i don't really know how cotton should smell-but i think it's quite spot on haha. It smelled clean, quite fresh and crips, but since i am more of a fruity/cake-y/floral kind of person-i didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the pink one. But the clean, crisp smell makes it suitable for males too *i am lucky that my hunny's not so picky and didn't mind using cake-smelling shower gels! I imagine not every guy's as game as he is!* so it could be a plus of a minus, depending on how you like your fragrance. Oh, the smell is quite strong too.

In conclusion, this is a very highly recommended shower gel as it is very affordable, come in a cute-colored bottles, soft and moisturizing even on a  very dry skin, doesn't irritate or cause any allergies (on us!). 

There's not much to fault here so i'd only say i wouldn't recommend it for people who hates it when their shower gels runs out in a flash or prefer a thicker consistency. Also i hate how it is so hard to find in most countries hehe.

I would definitely repurchase if i stumbled into them, but i'd buy the pink one since i liked it a lot better than this one *solely fragrance and texture-wise*, also i'd really love to try out the other variants!

Have any of you tried our Bourjois bath and body care range? Did you enjoy it?


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  1. bourjois tak kira cuma makeup ce..ternyata ada sabun juga..haha
    kayaknya wangine enak ya.. botolnya cantikk >_<

    1. Iya Wie, aq juga pas liat ini baru tau ada sabun nya hahaha... Wangie lumayan, aq lbh suka yg pink sih yummy kayak cupcake hahaha... Botol nya cute ya, warnanya pastel2 gt

  2. Online stores make it possible for us to get items that are not available in our own country. The packaging of the shower gel looks really cute. It may be used as a container of other liquids when it's finished. :D

    1. That's right, but for mundane stuffs like shower gels/creams it'd be a total hassle to to order it overseas *LOL*, not to mention the shipping itself would be a lot more expensive than the product itself. I like shopping online, but for shower gels i'd stick to what i can find in the supermarket/stores locally haha. Yes, it's cute but sadly not very sturdy, the flip cap broke halfway when i used like half of the bottle!