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If you follow my IG (which if you haven't i must say that i'm severely disappointed in you tsk tsk tsk) then you must know that i've been testing Mukka Lip Cream Matte for the past month. I've been posting a few pics of myewearing some colors and i Instastoried whenever i use a shade (so it's pretty much everyday with different colors hahaha)-and now i am finally... FINALLY ready to share my thoughts on them.

If you're wondering why i don't take lip swatches at one take, let me tell you that it's just not how i roll. When i test out products, i prefer to use it (if it's makeup) at least one whole day (or minimum of 2 weeks for skin care) so i know what's really going on with them and can form an objective opinion on them. Don't get me wrong, i definitely am not dissing those bloggers who can take lip swatches of 50 shades in one go-on the contrary, i admire them. But i personally have my own MO and i prefer to do it this way. Besides, this lip cream is pretty hard to fully remove, my lips hurts if i have to do a even a few shades a day >.<.  

Anyway, you might remember that i reviewed Mukka products a while ago and i really like most of them including their matte lip creams. Last time i only got to try one shade and it was still in their older, fragile packaging. Now Mukka has come out with more shades and also new, sturdier, nicer packaging!
12 shades on new Mukka Lip Cream Matte
Yes, this time round Mukka Kosmetik has very kindly sent me all 12 new shades from their lip cream collection ^^.
Here's some hand swatches for you first :
L-R : Mukka Lip Cream Matte shade #01 to #06
L-R : Mukka Lip Cream Matte shade #07 to #12
As you can see from the hand swatches, they have a LOT of bold, bright colors (which i LOOOVE). Admittedly a few shades are a bit similar, but you will see more difference when i wear them. I would say #01 and #03 are similar, as well as #04, #05, #09 and #11 but other than that the shades are actually not that similar to each other.

Before we delve into the shades tho, i want to talk about their performance in general first. All 12 shades have pretty consistent formulation (the bolder colors are thicker than the lighter shades), pigmentation (again, bolder colors are a lot more pigmented than the lighter ones. I never needed to re-dip the wand for bold colors while i would re-dip once for the lighter shades), scent and staying power so i will talk about them as a whole instead of one by one (which will leave us here all night long).

Formula wise, this new generation of Mukka Lip Cream Matte is very different than the older one that i tried. They are thicker, not as runny as the older one. The texture is quite wet but opaque. They are not whipped or very creamy like some other lip creams are, but not super wet that it runs everywhere-in fact they are pretty easy to apply without having to struggle too much despite the fact that they are very pigmented (i def had some application problems with some lip creams!). If you are unhappy with one coat, adding a second (or even third) coat is not a problem, the lip cream will not bunch, shift or go patchy so they are definitely easy to manipulate and maneuver. 

They definitely dry down matte (it'll take a little while for it to fully dries, but not too long either) but not dead matte so you will see a bit of shine on the swatches but in real life they are more matte, but i find them still quite comfortable to wear (i would highly suggest using moisturizing lip balm underneath ofc, and exfoliate your lips if possible because they do grab to your lips and show every flake of dry skin haha). There is some stickiness, but nothing too bothersome for me, my suggestion is not to rub your lips together before they dry down because that would make your lips get stickier for some reasons. If you let them dry down without smacking your lips together, the stickiness would be quite minimal.

They all have a quite pleasant artificial bubblegum scent which depending on your preference, can be a good or a bad thing. Oline disliked the smell while Ce Fanny loves the scent so much she ended up purchasing all shades for herself because of that *LOL*. I personally quite enjoy the scent, but if you don't like artificial bubble gum scent on your lippies, this might be an issue since the scent is definitely quite prominent.

Mukka Lip Cream Matte have a pretty good staying power, like i mentioned earlier-they are actually quite hard to remove (using an eye&lip makeup remover is highly suggested) but they do transfer quite a lot. After heavy meals, i would still see remains of the lip cream on my lips (sometimes they get all over my face too *LOL*), but they would definitely be quite patchy and messy so reapplication is a must. Unlike some lip creams that dries down crunchy on your lips, Mukka Lip Cream Matte do hug your lips tightly but they never go crunchy so reapplying is a breeze anyway. If you only has light snacks and drinks, you might not need to reapply the whole day (this is my experience, btw). 

They are also not drying for me, ofc after a few hours my lips can feel a little dry but not too badly, and at the end of the day when i remove them, my lips feel totally fine and not dry at all.

For IDR 23.000 each, i truly believe that Mukka Lip Cream is AMAZING. Comfortable (but if you can't stand any stickiness then i would probably not recommend this for you since there is def some stickiness but nothing major. I've experienced much worse from lip creams that costs 5x of this!), pigmented, has some cool shade selection (they don't have a lot of nudes and browns tho, there are a lot of bold pinks here) and extremely affordable. 

Now that we've established that i totally love them, let's take a closer look on the shades one by one.
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #01
#01 is a bright, neon pink, i would describe it as a perfect Barbie pink shade.
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #01 on my lips
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #01
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #01 is very bright, very playful and pretty. It brightens up my face like nothing else!
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #02
#02 is a light brick red shade. I personally am not drawn to this shade and i might not pick it for myself, but it looks surprisingly good on me. I would even say that it's one of the best shades on me even though i am not a fan of this particular shade.
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #02 on my lips
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #02
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #02 is very pretty when worn, it makes my pale complexion rosy and fresh and i think it's a pretty good everyday kind of shade that is safe for office or whatever
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #03
Now #03 is quite similar to #01 as it is also a bight, bold pink it's not as neon and it's definitely more fuchsia.
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #03 on my lips
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #03
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #03 is also very pretty, but i personally don't feel the need to have both #01 and #03 in one's collection in one go. Or maybe you do, they cost so little anyway *LOL*
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #04
#04 is still pretty similar to #01 and #03, but it's more purplish.
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #04 on my lips
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #04
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #03 is darker, therefore i would actually say that it's not that similar to the previous 2 and a must have *LOL*
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #05
#05 is like a combination of #03 and #04 for me, it's fuchsia with a hint of purple
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #05 on my lips
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #05 is also very pretty, but if you already have #03 and #04, i don't think you really need this one as well
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #06
Finally, something other than pinkish shades *LOL*. #06 is a bright, beautiful red shade with a hint of orange undertone.
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #06 on my lips, it is the same shade as the older one that i reviewed before but a lot more pigmented and matte
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #06 is beautiful and crisp, a perfect red that every woman should have in their collection
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #07
Now, #07 is my FAVE! It's such an unusual shade, especially for a local brand (which tend to stick to safe shades). The shade is totally a surprise, a very nice surprise indeed! It looks almost greyish on the bottle and it requires two coats as it has one of the lightest formulation out of the 12 shades, but it's worth the re-dip for sure. It translates into a sexy, grungy greige that i absolutely adore on my lips.
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #07 on my lips
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #07
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #07 is just the perfect shade whenever i want to rock a darker, grungier style
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #08
#08 is my least favorite shade, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the bright corally orange shade, i am just not a fan of orange whatever.
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #08 on my lips
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #08 is quite pretty i suppose, i'm just not into coral and orange in general (but you can see that i'm always all out on my looks and actually worn one of the rare orange tops that i have)
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #09
I would say that #09 is probably the only nude shade in the collection. Well, #07 is nude too i guess, but in terms of more neutral, ordinary nude-#09 is the closest one. It's a pale, muted nude pink and i was a bit terrified of it in the bottle.
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #09 on my lips, it's actually not as bad as i thought it would be
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #09 doesn't look as pale as i was afraid it would be, and it still looks pretty nice on me even with almost no other makeup on
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #10
#10 is like #05 on a steroid *LOL*. It's similar, but darker and bolder
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #10 on my lips
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #11, again if i have to give you a suggestion, you don't need both #05 and #10, pick one!
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #11
#11 is still very similar to #10, it's the darkest out of the fuschia shades and it's my fave.
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #11
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #11
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #11 is beautiful, i do love my darker shades as you might already know
And the last but not least..
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #12
#12 is another special one, it's purple with a hint of pink (instead of pink with a hint of purple like the others) and it's pretty gorgeous!
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #12 on my lips
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #11
Mukka Lip Matte Cream #11 might looks similar to the others on the  tube, but when worn it is actually different! It's my second fave shade after #07!
SOOO, that's all 12 shades broken down! Which shade is your fave and which shade do you think suits me best?

Do you have any Mukka Lip Cream Matte or did i manage to tempt you to get one (or 12)? If sure hope you do, coz they are worth every penny and more! I always makes me super excited whenever i find something so affordable and so good!

Thank you Mukka Kosmetik (and special thanks to Julie xoxo) for sending me these lippies, i really love them!

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  1. fix aku suka nomer 7!! ahaha

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  3. Pengen banget nyobain lip creamnya mukka tapi dikotaku belum ada yang jual sampe sekarang.

    1. Beli online say, di sby juga masih susah di cari kok :)