Eye Stories 12 : Ageha Selection in Caramel Brown (SPONSORED)

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Hey guysssss :D!

You know i have -06.00 eye sights, they are sooo bad that i'm pretty much blind like a bat without my glasses/softlenses and i actually started wearing glasses since i was...probably in second grade. I know i know, i started very young. What can i say, i am a bookworm-always has been. 

Since wearing glasses is so uncomfortable (they confuse me) and i am super vain (haha), i've began using contact lenses since junior high school. This means i've been using softlenses (not every day and not the whole day except when i'm on a trip) for about 20 years (OMG). I've always loved colored contacts, i feel naked when i'm wearing transparent ones now - then comes the era of circle lenses, i am immediately in LOVE with how they make my eyes appear bigger and rounder. 

Having said all that, it's amazing how over the period of over 4 years that i've maintained this blog, i only wrote a single softlens review *LOL*. Part of it is because i unfortunately have a quite sensitive pair of eyes, not every brand of softlens can be worn by me without my eyes getting super red of stings my eyes - so to be completely honest with you, when i first received this pair of lenses from Japan Softlens, i was quite worried. 

But i shouldn't have, because i LOVE them :D!

Now let's learn more about them, shall we?
I am wearing Ageha Selection in shade Caramel Brown
A little about Japan Softlens first... 

Japan Softlens is a local online shop that specializes in contact lenses, they provide varieties of softlenses with international standard that can help your eyesight to replace your glasses, or for those of you with perfect sight-as an accessory to beautify yourself in a safe way, without irritating your eyes and safe to use in all kinds of ocassion.

Me personally use softlenses for both purposes, to help me with my eyesight and also beautify my eyes ^^. 

Now, Japan Softlens carries a pretty wide varieties of colored lenses in different lines, i think their newest one is called Pop series which unfortunately, do not have my size (you can check out my fellow SBB members' reviews on them btw) so they sent me a different type-the Selection and i got the shade Caramel Brown.
The softlens comes in a sleek long card box dominated with elegant white color
Information on the lenses can be found at the back
Each box comes with a pair of softlenses and a free softlens case
They come in a blister pack and they are not hard to open *very important* :)). The diameter of the softlens are 14.5, which is a very good size for me coz it gives me the enlarging effect that i crave without being too much! Oh, they can be used up to 6 months btw
How the caramel brown look in the package
They do look kinda light, almost honey-colored 
When i first received the package, i was actually a little bit disappointed. If you know me at all then you'd know that i'm the type whose motto is "go all the way or go home", meaning i prefer something striking and attention grabbing or i'd rather wear nothing. Just like makeup (except for lazy everyday makeup), when i wear softlenses i want people to SEE it so i was actually hoping to get a bolder shade. Because brown are boring... Right?
I pretty much gasped when i put the softlens in, they are anything but boring! Instead of dull brown, Caramel Brown is a mysterious deep, warm brown that makes your eyes looks super sexy and sultry! They almost reminds me of Cullens' family's eyes from Twilight and you know i dig that... Hard!
Needless to say, i was immediately obsessed and i've been wearing it pretty much every single time i go out now! The pattern is not too complicated but enough to add oomph to my eyes
Now that we've established that i love how Ageha Selection Caramel Brown look on my eyes, what about comfort? That's very very important as well!

I firmly believe that softlens, like makeup and skin care, is something that you need to try for yourself to know whether they'd suit you or not. There's just no telling what brand or type of softlens will be comfortable for you and which one's not-trust me, i have a lot of friends who wears softlens too and their fave brands differ from one to the other. A friend of mine actually hates one of my fave brands of softlens, and her fave brand... I can't wear them at all because they make my eyes super red within minutes!

So softlens is very VERY personal. I am very happy that Ageha Selection works really well for me, i wouldn't say that it's the most comfortable softlens i've ever tried, but they wear nicely for me. The first few times, i can actually feel the softlens (it's not uncomfortable, but if lenses suit me very well, i wouldn't even feel it in my eyes) but the longer i wear them, the more comfortable they become. Now i pretty much wear them all the time without any problem, no blurring, no shifting, no drying and no irritation ocured for the past 2 weeks or so.
How Ageha Selection in Caramel Brown looks on me indoor under artificial light
And under natural sun light. The brighter the lighting, the lighter the softlens appear too
I'm super excited to play with these softlens and come up with a lot of different looks with them. I loveee how they look equally good whether i wear full or very minimalistic makeup!
With full, grunge style makeup
With super minimal, natural makeup
In short, Ageha gets two thumbs up from me!!! Ageha Selection comes in 7 different shades and priced at a very reasonable IDR 178.000/pair and i definitely would LOVE to try out different shades and lines from Japan Softlens.

Have you ever tried Ageha softlens? How do you like them? Please share you experience in the comment section below if you have, or if you haven't and this post encourage you to try them :p...

Thank you Japan Softlens and Surabaya Beauty Blogger for the chance to try out this product ^^!


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