Event Report : Beautiphilosophy with Clariskin

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Haeeee everybody ^^!

I have an event report for ya today :)

SBB ladies (plus Ikka ^^) at Beautiphilosophy by Clariskin. Excuse the super slanted pic, i have no idea what happened -___-
The event went down on the 26th of July in Four Points Hotel

And since we were given so free time for having lunch before the even started, we actually took our sweet time snapping endless photos at Four Points' gorgeous lobby!
As well as taking flat lays of the goodie bag *teehee*!
Then filled our tummies :p
My cousin L, Egie and Rendra from Womantrunk were there too. Oh God, now i remember i haven't blogged about Womantrunk!
Then finally the door to Cinnamon Room where the event was held finally opened

Lots of socialites and it girls attended the event
The event was opened by the MC
Who was dressed by one of the designers showcasing their collection that day, Fonny Tunggal
And the first session is Fonny Tunggal's fashion show.
This pants is definitely my fave in this collection
I also really like this pants!
The event was filled with endless prizes
Winners of the first lucky dips includes Ikka :))
Then it's time for Fonny Tunggal's second collection.
Which was all about silvery grey silky materials
Cool outer. In case you don't notice, i definitely have a thing for cape styles haha
Fonny Tunggal with supporting acts that collaborate for the fashion show
Continued with the talkshow
Warren Tjandra (fashion designer and Clariskin's Brand Ambassador), dr. Junivan Lindra (head of Clariskin) and Melati Tengker (MUA)
We all know and aware that looking attractive and beautiful is considered a need nowadays, what started from only using facial creams has now evolved far beyond just that. One of the ways to achieve that dream look can be reached with plastic surgeries, but ofc for some people (me strongly included) that is way too risky and scary. With today's beauty technology, thread, botox and filler can be alternatives to beautify your face instead. They're a lot less invasive than plastic surgery obviously, they're almost risk-less, gives more natural result and without side effects.

The result of the speed of light growth of tech in beauty is the fact that aesthetic clinics are sprouting left and right, not only overseas but also in Indonesia-Surabaya specifically. Problem that can easily found is how general populations don't really know yet how to beautify themselves, other than that generally they all have different perceptions on how a beautiful face should look like.

That's where Clariskin comes in. Dr. Junivan Lindra (who is the head of Clariskin) has an impressive background as a master trainer for a few beauty products, highly certified and has joined countless beauty trainings in different parts of the world-and at the same time he was finishing his studies on Anti Aging. With that kind of background, Clariskin is not just your average aesthetic clinic, but is actually The Facelift Expert.

In this talkshow, dr Junivan shares on how to get that "perfect beauty". Well, that can be achieved through this trilogy :

1. Perfect Shape
One of dr. Ivan (dr. Junivan's nickname, btw)'s teacher is Arthur Swift who is a world class aesthetic master that works with celebrities like Angelina Jolie, J-Lo, Halle Berry, Chris Pratt, etc has observes and found the perfect Golden Ratio for facial features, that's called Beautiphication. Here are the factors for perfect shape :
- Has a symmetrical face like the facial beauty golden ratio
- No loose skin
- Beautiful eye expression, bright and happy facial expression (no sad/glum expression)
- High and slim nose
- High cheekbones and smaller jaws (Ogi Curve)
- Perfect line from jaw to chin

2. Perfect Texture
- No wrinkles, supple and flexible skin
- Small pores without scars and acne

3. Perfect Tone
- Even and bright skin tone
- No pigmentation problem (no freckles,Vitiligo, Post Inflammation Hyperpigmentation)

Out of the three, which one needs to be done first-and a hundred other questions can be answered through a consultation with Clariskin's professional doctors because they'd need to observe your face and listen to your requests in order to give advises on what to work on, which should be worked on first and give you a realistic result to look forward to because Clariskin gives you results, not promises ^^.

To close of the event is a fashion show by Nancy Warren.
Who showcased their beautiful couture gowns
In love with the tulles ^^
This dress is majestic
So majestic, it deserves another pic hehe
My fave... for obvious reasons :))
This one is amazing too!
There were more lucky dips and finally when the Grandprize was revealed
Chelshea is the winner!!! WOW!
Btw, this photo of the goodie bag is Chelshea's, full credit for her :))
Thank you Clariskin for having us :)), we had loads of fun!
My version of Elegant White

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