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Hey guys!!!

It's the last day of 2016, how insane it that??? 2016 feels like it's gone in a blink of an eye, but most people says that 2016 is a shitty year and in an extend i feel it too (i'm still very happy majority of the time but i do feel that it's a pretty hard year in some aspects of my life too-but it's also been amazing in other aspects especially in my blogging life. I feel like this blog and myself has grown so much in 2016) so... I dunno, i guess i am ready for this year to be over? And looking forward for a fresh start in 2017 and embrace the many possibilities a new year can bring.

Anyway, it's very common at the end of the year for "The Best of" kind of posts are circulating everywhere. I've never attempted to make this kind of post because... I am very boring. And very jingjai when it comes to most makeups, i pretty much like them all! Unless they're very very bad, a mediocre product is enough to keep me satisfied so i don't often have favorites. Plus i am  not very adventurous with many products like base makeup, i just use the same thing over and over until i run out (which takes forever)-then move on to other products. But since this post is in collaboration with my other beauty pals (bloggers and vloggers), i decided to give it a try.

I am a very economical person (but i do buy things in crazy amount) so most of the products featured in my Best of Beauty 2016 is very affordable (only two products out of 16 are not drugstore/local product!)-so if you're all for luxury brands makeup, you might not find this list very appealing at all-but if you're an affordable makeup enthusiast like me, maybe you can find a few pointers ^^.

Here they are :
#Pink's Best of Beauty 2016
First up :
Primer : MakeOver Corrective Base Makeup
Can i say "The Best" when i only have two primers that i use? LOL. I have some other in my stash but i prefer to use some up before moving on because... Well, they're primers. If they work fine then i don't see the use of buying 10 more (but then again that's how i used to feel about blush on and look at me now). I do like this MakeOver Corrective Base Makeup even though i very rarely use primers, but when i do-i feel like this one really does help to make foundi/BB Cream application smoother, last and also look more flawless longer.

When i help teach my friends do their makeup, i let them try this primer and they all seem to like it. Even #Undecided and Silv who have sensitive and acne prone skin loves this, its green color helps to diminish redness and it is kind on their skin (no breakout episodes too) , #Undecided immediately purchased one and Silv is planning on getting it too. For such an affordable, easy to find local product, i really recommend this primer! Now i am afraid to make the best of 2017 coz i'm not sure i'm gonna have a replacement *LOL*.
Foundation : Estee Lauder Double Wear 
Again, i only have a few foundation that i am currently using at the same time coz... I don't even wear foundation all that much! I've had this Estee Lauder foundie for a while and it's the only one that i use for every party and event-since i have a pretty *ahem* good skin, i never have a lot to cover up so honestly i didn't even realize that it's a good foundie *LOL*. Until i got my hands on some other foundation, then in comparison i realize how good this product is and finally understand why so many bloggers rave about it.

This is the priciest product (and the only high end brand) in this list, i'm a firm believer that if i can find products that work just as well with a fraction of the price of the high end one then there's no need to spend a fortune on it. However in this case, i still haven't find a good replacement for this foundie in drugstore/local brands. In fact i haven't even find one foundation that i like locally-but then again i haven't tried a lot. Anyway, this foundie gives medium to full coverage without making your makeup looks cakey and it is definitely the best foundie i have in my collection at the moment.

The third category is supposed to be Cushion, but i only have one Cushion (from Laneige) and i don't like it coz continuous use gives me whiteheads so i am replacing it with
BB Cream : Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector
If i have very little variation of foundie in my stash, i have quite a lot of BB Creams-from Korean brand, to local to drugstore, and my fave is this Garnier one. I actually heard a lot of negative reviews on Indonesia's Garnier BB Cream, lots of people says it makes their skin breakout and it doesn't even look good... Well, mine is purchased in Singapore, it probably has a different formulation to the local one and i really really like it. I struggle to finish any BB Cream, but this one's almost run out already because i keep on reaching for it whenever i put on my makeup. I find this gives a medium coverage, very natural looking but able to even out my skin. It just makes my skin looks flawless but without looking made up. Oh, and no breakout after using this (i am not acne prone though!) ^^.
Okay, this is yet another case of "It's not the best one, but it's the best that i have and currently using" *LOL*. I use two different concealers normally, one for my under eye that i prefer to be brightening and light in consistency-this Etude House one is actually very nice, it's light, easy to blend and it doesn't crease but i find the shade not light enough for under eyes and the coverage is kinda poor. Then i like to use thicker (preferably the ones with acne healing properties) concealer for any spots-i got the Poppy Dharsono one for free when i bought a few products from them, i was a bit scared of it in the beginning coz usually i find cream concealer to be too thick and hard to blend-but this one is actually easy to blend with decent coverage.
Highlighter : Nella Fantasia Aura Highlighter
This is another case that's similar to the primer *LOL*. I am very very new to highlighting (but in that very short time, i am already a committed glow-mania) and before i purchased my very first highlighter, i used a shimmery white eyeshadow from a Daiso palette that turned into powder after i dropped the palette (this happens every few months FML) :p. I am absolutely obsessed with highlighter and keep on buying new ones that i haven't the heart to touch just yet.

Currently i only use this Nella Fantasia Aura Highlighter (that i got from Althea) and a Maybelline one that i think is actually an eyeshadow *LOL*, but this highlighter is quite magical really! If you dip your brush in it (it's in pigment form) and put in in your face immediately, it looks like liquid diamond mixed with pearl-, i swear! Totally bling (in the best possible way) and blinding! It's beautiful but maybe not the best highlighter for a darker skin tone. I plan to review it in detail if anyone's keen :D.
Face2Face Smooth Blush On
I do have quite a lot of blush on in my collection, i LOVE blush on but really, there's only so much color variation that works for blush on, right? For everyday use i like pinkish shade with formulation that's pigmented without being hard to blend and this Face2Face fits the bill. My fave is actually a Face On Face blush on (seriously, i just realize how i pick two with very similar name!) but i think Face On Face brand is discontinued so i am looking for a replacement and this Face2Face one is quite similar. I honestly feel pretty neutral to all of my blush on (except for a The Face Shop one that's a total crap) but i feel like this one is the nicest to wear on a daily basis among all.
Powder : Pixy Whitening Two Way Cake
Same thing with the blush on, i also feel quite neutral when it comes to powder. I find most of them to be workable and that's good enough for me *LOL*. Out of my many powders in my current collection, i like this Pixy Whitening Two Way Cake the best. It sets my base well, gives extra coverage without being cakey, and it last all day and help keeping my sebum at bay. I run out of powders the most out of my other makeup products so i am always happy to find a powder that i like in affordable brands-i can see myself repurchasing this product over and over again. 

I forgot to feature it in this list, but i must mention my fave loose powder : Marck's! Super cheap and super good for baking!
Brows : The Saem Browcara and Zoya Eyebrow Pencil
Pretty new with eyebrow products too, i've been using only three different browcara so far and The Saem one's the best for me in term of color and brush shape. I do like Maybelline's too but i wish the brush would be slimmer-so i still prefer The Saem's. As for the eyebrow pencil, i've only been using this Zoya's and i don't even feel like trying out other brands coz it works so well for me!
Mascara : Majolika Majorca Lash King
While i don't have any strong feeling or preference in most products, that is not the case when it comes to mascara. I have short, thin, pointing downward kind of Chinese eyelashes and i've been obsessing over having thick, black, curly eyelashes for as long as i can remember so i am actually kinda fussy when it comes to mascara. I used to only like Maybelline's Turbo Boost mascara and refuse to try out other brands coz they always disappoint me-until CL passed me a bottle of Majolica Majorca Lash King mascara. It gives even better volume than Maybelline's without giving me panda eyes and it holds my curl like a vice grip! No matter what i do, at the end of the day my eyelash still looks va va voom! I am usually very cheap and Majolica Majorca products are not cheap, but i love this one so much i already bought backups (and plan on buying more in Japan). This is the easiest "Best" product for me to choose in this list coz nothing else comes close.
Eyeliner : MakeOver Eyeliner Pencil
I just realized that MakeOver is the only brand that has multiple products in this list. I do not have a favorite liquid eyeliner yet coz none that i tried so far meets my criteria for a Holy Grail status, but i already find my HG pencil liner for sure. I loveeee this Makeover Eyeliner Pencil, they're the only eyeliner pencil that don't smudge on me, it's easy to apply and it lasts all day! Love love love!
Eyeshadow : Mukka Eyeshadow Palette
Wow.  I choose a 30k eyeshadow palette as my favorite even though i own ones that costs more than 10x than this *LOL*. Eyeshadow is yet another thing that i mostly feel neutral about, i find almost every eyeshadows that i tried acceptable-but when i try to remember which one of my eyeshadows that i reached out the most... This comes in mind. I used the champagne and pearly white the most and i think i would hit pan soon. I don't wear a lot of eyeshadows daily, mostly i would just apply a light, shimmery color on my eyelids (that champagne color) and i love using the pearly white on my brow bones and to highlight my nose bridge. I like shimmery eyeshadows and too much pigmentation scares me-i guess that explains why i like this modest and super affordable palette the best.

Honestly my fave palette is my Daiso one (consists of all shimmery, neutral shades that i use pretty much daily) but i dropped it and it was shattered so i can't take a picture of it, but this Mukka one just as nice. And if you're wondering, yeah-i dropped this one also and the blusher on the right was shattered. I do drop my makeup a lot and i hate myself for it -___-.
Eye Primer : Viva Cosmetics Eye Base Gel
For this category, i only been using three different ones and this one is the best for me! It's very affordable (30k something, i bought it for even less during promotion) but it really works to make my eyeshadow color pops! I keep on recommending it to everyone and they all seem to be quite satisfied with my recommendation. Ofc i've never tried Urban Decay one or whatever, but since i don't play with eyeshadow too much, this is more than enough for me.
Lip Products : L.A. Splash Lip Couture
My favorite makeup product must be lip products, and i am quite easy to please so i love most of my lipsticks-i really can't pick a favorite, i really can't! Nothing sticks out when i think of lippies, so L.A Splash Lip Couture is not actually the best lip product of 2016 for me, but the color choicest are. I am beginning to be more and more confident to wear out-of-the-box lip colors and L.A. Splash has the craziest, funnest shades ever. If we talk about formulation, i actually don't like how these lippies feel-at all (i don't like matte lipsticks really...), my ideal lipstick would be pigmented, creamy but not melty, hydrating and has crazy shade selection-i haven't find it yet. But for now, L.A. Splash is my favorite lip product to experiment with in 2016.
Beauty Tools : Lamica Oval Brush
I am OBSESSED with this oval brush that i refused to use my other foundie brushes ever since. It just gives a much better result than any other brush that i own. I've never had any attachment to a brush before (well, maybe my Real Technique blush brush) that i surprise myself when i simply can't bring myself to use any other brush for my base makeup. This oval brush makes even the streakiest product less streaky, and it's just so easy to use. I have no idea how this Lamica one fare in comparison to the original (was it Artiste or something?), but for an IDR 120K brush (honestly that's already quite expensive for me since i am cheap) it is a miracle worker. I did plan on reviewing it but i kept on being sidetracked >.<, soon... I hope!

SO... There you have it, my version of Best of Beauty 2016. What are you favorite beauty products in 2016? Did you see anything that you like from this list?

Like i mention earlier, this blog post is written in collaboration with my blogger and vlogger friends, check out their versions of Best of Beauty 2016 :


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  1. produknya mukka ternyata kece ya sis? aku kira abal-abal loh dulu murah banget soalnya

    1. Akupun dulu mengira begitu sis, tp skrg produk mrk sdh terdaftar BPOM semua kok dan aq kebetulan sukaaa produk2 mrk

  2. waaahhh ada mukka jugaa, bagus ituuu emang parah, aku sih luvv bgt hehe

    oiah btw aku Afra mampir yaa ke blog akuu :D

    thankyou <3