Event Report : Beau Tea Time with Azarine Spa and Cosmetics

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Hello hellooo...

Wow it's December @.@ i have such a mixed feeling about this. On one hand i am excited that the holiday season's here and we're counting down to our winter holiday (which CL does literally. She even downloaded an app to countdown the days -___-) but on the other hand i don't feel ready to let go of 2016 yet. My God, it feels like it's just getting started -___-.

Anyhoo. Better get on with the post already.

As you might already know, last Thursday i attended two events back to back, and this is the earlier event : Beau Tea Time with Azarine Spa & Cosmetics
With other bloggers, vloggers and influencers ^^
Before we begin, i must tell you that (sadly) the stunning photos in this blog post is not taken by yours truly (really, my photography skill has not increase so spectacularly overnight *LOL*), aside from a few pics (mostly of my table, and and selfies *LOL*)-most of the pics in this blog post is taken by Heru WB photography (check out their profile to see all the stunning pics they took, if you're looking for a photographer for your special moments!). 

The event was held at Pool Garden Cafe in Java Paragon, it was already stunningly decorated when we arrived (Cyn and i went together as usual, thankfully even though we're technically late, we weren't really late hehe).
Right after we registered and stepped in, we were ambushed by the MC >.<
And we had a little chit chat. Btw, MC of the day was Citra Permata. She's actually my senior in Uni (we had the same major and there were not that many students there so most of us knew each other) and we interact quite a bit back then, i don't think she remembered me though *LOL*
Took a pic with the young lady behind Azarine, Cella Vanessa ^^
And then we were allowed to go to our seats and get comfortable.
Each guest got a cookie with their name on it (and a booklet with a personalized discount code, i will share it with y'all of course), i immediately feel super special ^^ i just love personalized stuffs! Btw the Eclair was YUM (and you know i don't even like sweets/cakes)
Totally love the decor
Since most of the guests hadn't arrive, we got busy...
Taking pics! My God, i am surrounded by super slim, willowy young ladies nowadays T.T
Selfie time
One mo!
Then the event really started with a little introduction by Cella.
If you haven't heard about Azarine before, it is a local spa products and cosmetic brand (their factory is in Sidoarjo so it's 100% made in Indonesia #proud ). Their philosphy is every woman wants to look beautiful but not everybody has time to constantly go to spas and clinics to take care of their looks-and that's where Azarine comes in. Their products are all easy to use (all catered for DIY), has ranges from head to toe and contains natural ingredients. Azarine products are a solution for modern' women's lifestyle.

To proof how easy it is to use their products and have a spa session at home, they did a little demonstration.
Sorry i have no detailed photos of the demo, it was very hard to see how it goes from my seat, let alone take pics >.< but basically the steps are as follows : body exfoliating, body massage, body mask, body bath and wash, finished with body moisturizing
We also got to try their newest products 
Their new C-Serum, obviously i can't say a lot because i only tried a drop on my hand, but it did felt pretty awesome! No stickiness, absorbs easily and makes my skin super soft and supple immediately
Thennn... The fun begins. This event is not like most other events where we only sit around listening to the speakers, we actually got to do stuffs. When we arrived, in each of our seat they already prepared goodie bags. Inside the goodie bag (other than a pre-packed body scrub and body lotion). there's a big black cardboard box. Apparently inside it were the stuffs we needed for the activities!
We're making our own body lotion! Honestly i thought we were making body butter the whole time until i look at the leaflets, but that makes sense since the texture of the thing we made is definitely more of a body lotion than a body butter (i thought i was mad *LOL*)
They already prepared everything. From disposable aprons so that we didn't ruin our (white!!!) clothes to the products. There's a tub with oil (thick, gel like oil, dunno what it is really i ain't no chemist hehe), water and preservative in it. With the little spoon provided, we had to mix them all together 
Until they change color. It was totally transparent at first, but as you mix them a while, the color turns opaque!
These are the ingredients. And the gel stuffs were halfway turned in this pic hehe. After they totally turned opaque, we pour in the emulsifier (the white liquid in the little plastic... bag? God, i can't find the right word for that thing!) and stir again until it turns into white lotion
Ta dahhhh.. I was quite excited when mine started to transform, geeking out at max
Selfie with our cute aprons :p
After the body lotion was ready, we were told to go to the back part of the cafe where they already provided various kinds of essences and perfume. 
We should only add 5 drops of essential oils in our body lotion and then followed with perfumes
I used the perfume sparingly, but apparently you need to douse it with perfume because i could still smell the basic ingredients (which, to my nose, smelt like plastic >.<) so i kept on coming back to the perfume station >.<
After we finished making the body lotion, we still had a second activity : DIY bath salt! Okay, so even the body lotion is not really making lah coz they already prepared everything and we only had to mainly pour and stir *LOL*, but the bath salt is even simpler hehe. 

They already prepared a glass jar in the same box and we only had to pour in the bath salts (they provided two of my fave colors, pink and violet, GYAAAA!!!) to the jar. You can choose one color or alternate the two-i did the latter ofc. They also provided dried flowers to put inside the jar and also ribbons+laces to decorate the jar!
The whole thing was so much fun and different, i totally enjoyed the whole event (even though it was crazy hot and the Air Conditioner didn't help much, my top was sticking to my body due to perspiration by the time we were done *LOL*)! Kudos to Azarine for a very well planned, memorable event!
What's inside the awesome goodie bag (including my DIY body lotion and bath salt)
Like i promised earlier, i have a discount code that you can you in their website, use "MINDY15" and get 15% off your purchase (FYI, their products are already very affordable, prices starts around 30k only!) at www.azarinespa.com ^^.
Thank you Azarine (and Cynthian for hooking me up *wink wink*) for having us, so looking forward for future events with ya :D!
Took pics before scurrying off to the next event. They also did a mannequin challenge, i am quite gutted that we didn't get to join it but i'd hate to be late for the next event!

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