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Hey guys!

Are you struggling to find safe, good quality skin care products with affordable price tags? I know these days we all strive to have that glowing, beautiful skin-sometimes people would pretty much do whatever it takes for an instant result. Misinformed ones would even resort to using unsafe skin care products with no proper certification just because they're swayed by the seller's heavenly promises. Well, i am making it my mission to help y'all find safe, high quality beauty products which wouldn't break your bank-and i have one to recommend to you today!

Introducing Zia Skin Care ^^ :
Full range of Zia Skin Care Normal Skin line
First of all, let me tell you a little bit about Zia Skin Care. It is a local brand that produces halal and natural skin care products. The ingredients they use in their skin cares are active ingredients that help to reduce skin problems naturally. All of Zia Skin Care products are already registered in BPOM so we can rest assured that they are all safe to use daily (all of their BPOM registration numbers are printed in the containers so you can check them in BPOM's website). Since their products are made from natural ingredients, Zia Skin Care are even safe to be used by pregnant women and teenagers (ofc, i would suggest you consult with your gynaecologist, to be on the safer side).

Zia Skin Care has three different lines : acne series, whitening series and normal skin series. I personally had quite a struggle choosing the line to get for myself because i have oily skin-normally people with oily skin would be quite acne prone, but i am not-so i didn't think the acne line would be good for my skin. Then i also am not interested in whitening (since i am already as pale as the wall *LOL*) so i ended up picking up the Normal Skin series and praying to God for it to work (FYI, it does haha).

Anyway if you have oily/dry skin and not sure which variant to go for, i would suggest you to consult with their customer service to help you determine the right products for your skin's needs.
Zia Skin Care Normal Skin Series contains of Milk Cleanser, Facial Wash, Toner and a Day Cream
Yes, if you are already familiar with proper skin care regime then you'd wonder where the night cream is. I wonder the same *LOL*. 
This is actually quite irrelevant to the product itself, but they came in this beautiful pink box that i just gotta include here :p
Different line has different packaging color, and the normal skin series is dominated with white and pink
Let's talk about the products one by one, in the order on how you should be cleansing and taking care of your face!
First up is Zia Skin Care Mik Cleanser for Normal Skin (100ml). All three, milk cleanser, facial wash and toner come in identical plastic bottles
With identical cap which you need to push down to open. This mechanism works fine for the milk cleanser and facial wash, i have no problem squeezing out the correct amount of product to use, but the toner is a bit problematic for me. Since toner is in liquid form, the opening is way too big for it that i ended up spilling too much of it every time *sigh*. I do hope Zia might consider replacing the cap with the traditional twist off with small opening hole in the future 
Zia Skin Care Milk Cleanser
I am no stranger to milk cleansers, it used to be the only cleanser type that i use to remove my makeup before i started to use cleansing oil or cleansing gel. Zia Skin Care's Milk Cleanser for Normal Skin looks and feels like most traditional milk cleanser-it's opaque white, rich and creamy in consistency. The thick lotion melts my makeup nicely when massaged to my skin-ofc you need to avoid eye area and use separate eye makeup remover for that (i do this with all types of cleansers though).

It does work nicely to remove my makeup, but like all traditional milk cleansers-when i wear heavier makeup (using foundation and TWC) i would definitely need to use the cleanser twice to make sure every trace of makeup is gone. It feels lovely to my skin, moisturizing and gentle-without leaving too much stickiness or greasiness on my skin. I always triple cleanse so i would always wash my face with facial wash afterwards (i would highly recommend doing this whenever you're wearing makeups), but if you choose not to then it doesn't feel crazily sticky or greasy either.

This milk cleanser works nicely for me, i am not much of a milk cleanser kind of person (because of my skin type, i like cleansing oil/gel better) but for people with normal or dry skin, i would highly recommend this milk cleanser since it works well but still leave your skin moisturized and not stripped.
Zia Skin Care Facial Wash for Normal Skin (100ml)
Zia Skin Care Facial Wash for Normal Skin is pearly white in color and it is quite runny
It doesn't lather much-which is not a bad thing since we all know most lather creator contains a lot of detergent that is not good for your skin, it does took a while to get used to and i tend to use quite a lot to make me feel like i am using enough to cleanse my face
The facial wash is pretty good too, it totally cleanse my skin off any dirt and oil, leaving my skin feels super clean and refreshed. I do feel a teeny tiny feeling of that stretched, sparkling clean feeling after usage-but i always continue with the toner and day cream, problem solved. I would definitely not suggest you to only wash your face then go to bed, that's a no no (just slightly better than not washing your face at all, actually)-you need to always follow your cleansing routine with a proper toning and moisturizing steps.
Zia Skin Care Toner for Normal Skin (100ml)
The toner looks and feels like water, only slightly thicker. It is completely transparent
As you can see from the ingredient list, Ethyl Alcohol is listed pretty high on the ingredient list-so if you are sensitive to alcohol you might want to pay attention to that. My skin is normally not that senstive, but on the first few usage of this toner, i did experience  tender feeling. It's not exactly stinging sensation or anything, but it did make my skin feels a bit tender and i that never happened to me before. Since it was nothing major (and i didn't suffer from any other side effects) i decided to continue using it, after a while my skin get used to it or something so i no longer feel the tenderness anymore.

Zia Skin Care Toner for Normal Skin is a pretty good toner, it does its job-make sure no trace of makeup is left (although we all know that's not really what toner is supposed to be doing) and prepping my skin for moisturizing step.
Zia Skin Care Day Cream for Normal Skin (10gr)
The Day Cream comes in a square cardboard box
It doesn't say anything about SPF but it does state that it contains sun screen
Ingredient list
The Day Cream comes in a round white plastic jar with pink cap
There's also an inner cap to prevent your cream from spilling everywhere and making a mess
The Day Cream is slightly yellowish, has a scent that reminds me of dermatologists' creams (which means it's probably the ingredient's scent, i don't sense any added perfume)
Texture of the day cream is pretty thick, i only need to use a little bit for my entire face and it does require a bit of work to blend it in due to its texture. It does feel a little heavy, and it makes my face super oily in a couple of hours (again i must remind you that i have very oily skin in the first place so if you have normal skin then i don't think it'd be that oily for you)-but it totally moisturizes my skin really really well and only after a short time of using it i feel that my skin feels a lot suppler than usual.

I've been using Zia skin care for about two weeks now and i can sincerely say that i like it! My skin is not very sensitive but its known to repel skin cares (i have no problem with makeups, but some skin cares would be too rich for me and i'd develop white heads all over my skin) and it didn't happen with Zia Skin Care. I did not suffer any break out and i feel they really make my skin more moisturized and supple. I would definitely recommend Zia Skin Care's products, they are lovely, affordable and they work (well, on my skin. You know when it comes to skin care it's all about hit and miss, what works on one skin might not work for others-and vice versa). 

If i have any criticism that would be... Why is there no Night Cream for the Normal Series? I am a big believer that no matter what your skin type is (even if it's super oily like mine) you still need the right moisturizer to use every morning and night. I use my own night cream during my time trying out Zia Skin Care.

Like i mentioned earlier, other than the Normal Skin series that i already talked in great detail about, Zia Skin Care also have different lines :
Zia Skin Care Whitening Series
Zia Skin Care Acne Series
Btw, Zia is currently having a photography contest in Instagram! Show them you healthy skin using Zia Skin Care or take a pic of your favorite Zia products, tag @ziaskincare and use #ZiaSkinCare #BeautyForEveryone and #ZiaPhotographyContest. Don't forget to follow their account first! The grand prize is worth up to IDR 2mill!
Zia Skin Care tagline is #BeautyForEveryone, and their mission is to provide quality products with affordable prices (their price range is IDR 25.000-70.000 only!) so that everybody can have access to have naturally healthy skin. A cause close to my own heart! Now you don't have any excuse to use those scary, unsafe products with dodgy pictures circulating on the web!

PS : This post is a collaboration between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Zia Skin Care

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