TDF Gift Set from Miracle Aesthetic Clinic

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How's everybody doin'? I'm good, feeling very nauseated (not what you're thinking. I'm having my monthly guest at the moment and weirdly i am always nauseated whenever it comes to visit)-worse when i spilled the very concentrated bathroom refreshener (coffee mocha scented-which is very nice but when it's super strong and spilled all over your hands... It's no longer so nice >.<) earlier *sigh*, but good nonetheless. 

Anyway, today i just want to show you this gift set Miracle Aesthetic Clinic has sent me (and some other bloggers, including our very own #Undecided).
Thank you, Miracle (and Jennie, or course!)
I was unashamedly very excited when Jennie told us she's sending us some gift set and waited impatiently for it to come hahaha. Got even more excited when i saw how pretty the box was!
I saw the other bloggers posted their boxes and they all got different colored boxes, i couldn't be happier that i got the pastel purple one-which is one of my favorite colors!

A very generous gift set consisting of full sized TDF Age Defense Cleansing Gel and TDF Day Rejuvenation Complex SPF 20, plus 5 sachets of TDF Eye Radiance that we've reviewed here. The TDF Eye Radiance worked pretty well for me so i am quite happy that i got those 5 sachets (that i'm going to squeeze all in a cream jar!) samples because i've ran out of the eye serum a while ago!

I've used both the Cleansing Gel and Day Rejuvenation Complex, it's far too early to say anything about them but so far so good! As usual, i'm going to use them all exclusively for the next two weeks before reviewing them. Hunny has also begun using the Cleansing Gel, mostly because i like to see how a product's working for different skin types (i cannot make him use a day cream or else i would make him use the Day Rejuvenation Complex too hahaha) ^^.

I'm very happy with the gifts, Miracle has been nothing but generous to us bloggers and i feel so spoilt! I hope you'll look forward to the reviews!

Don't mind my pale face, i wore very light makeup today and i had no lip product whatsoever in this pic hahaha

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