Event Report : 3D Nail Art Workshop with Me-Nail

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Hey everybody!

How ya doin? I'm in an awesome mood here :D! Going for a mini holiday with my little family tomorrow for some R&R, it's been a while since we've done it (the last time was probably last year when we went to Hong Kong? Ever since we've been on big group's trips only!) so i'm quite excited even though it's just to Batu haha. 

Anyway! I am here to tell you all about the fun event i went to last Saturday, 3D Nail Art Workshop by Me-Nail!
Look at me and Sabsab posing happily while the others worked diligently :D, bloggers will always be bloggers, right?
Right! First thing first! I was dragged invited by Me-Nail's lady boss, my cousin L as usual when they planned up this bigger scale workshop (than the usual one-on-one in their training center in Klampis) :
Since there were only 10 spaces, they could only invite one more blogger. I did a little giveaway for bloggers only and the winner was Sabsab, obviously ^^!

I'm not so sure if i remember this correctly, but i think this was their first time holding a workshop outside their training centre and it was held in a charming little patisserie called Too Too Moo :
Errr, say hi to Silvi hehehe
I planned to come earlier to take pictures of the set up and all, but you know i'm depending on my hunny (because i gave up on learning to drive when my driving lesson went quite disastrously a few years ago *LOL*, i can't even tell left from right, how do you expect me to drive? Sometimes i do wish we live in a country where i can use public transportation easily like Singapore! But maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea as well because i might never be home then hahaha) and he's one of the most 'lax person EVER so i was running late instead zzzz!

I arrived around 10.30 (and i planned to arrive before 10!), the workshop's already in full blown by then hahaha (but still in the first step, thankfully). I met Silvi at the entrance because she was late as well :p. Oh yeah, i forgot to introduce you to her, Silvi's #Undecided and i's yoga buddy and she's a nail enthusiast so she happily signed up when i BM-ed about this workshop haha. Thanks again for joining, Sil!

Since i was already late anyway, i took my time snapping pictures around the place. It was the second time i was there because i accompanied L the week before to drop by but we only stayed like, 5 minutes last time! Too Too Moo's located in a very vintage looking old house but with extra cute decor.
Hunny didn't have breakfast yet (plus like me, he likes to try out new places and since we've never eaten here of course he had to order stuffs haha) so here he is placing his order
I read in some cafes' foursquare sthere are people (quite unreasonably, IMO) protesting that they were not informed if they have to order in the cashier and were expecting the waiter/waitress to take their order in the table so they waited for a very long time before they realized what they should've done -___-. Personally i think Surabaya people are simply spoilt *LOL*. If it's a small cafe/coffee shop with this kind of display, i think it's easy to assume that it's a self-service kind of place!
You can easily see their drink station from the cashier area, very homey!
The lady in blue on the sofa is Kiki's mom! She's kinda hilarious hihi
Whimsical cake tower wall stickers? I approve! LOL
I like how the decor's cute but very simple and minimalistic so the place looked bigger, very spacious and not cluttered
Okay, now that we've taken a look of the venue, let's see how the workshop's going!
Like i said, it's in full swing already!
Me-Nail's display, i am in love with Morgan Taylor nail polishes and definitely adding them on my wishlist (well, i gotta clear out the never ending queue of brand new nail polishes on my stash first -___-)
Goodie bags they've prepared for participants and beauty bloggers ^^. Those cute colorful thing in cubes on the left are Lulla knot hair ties because Lulla's also this event's sponsor ^^
This corner was booked for the workshop ^^
Participants busy applying gel polishes (they had the option to do it on the false nails provided or their own nails-obviously it's harder on your real nails!)
Sabsab painted her pinkie finger haha. Do you know that she's a doctor-to-be (i think she's still an intern now? CMIIW!) cannot have their nails painted? So sad :(. Sab had to remove the gel polish by the end of the workshop!
L and Kiki were the trainers of the day, accompanied by two of their assistants
Plentiful gel polishes, UV lamps, and other tools provided for all participants to play with
Silvi being all serious. You can tell when someone's really into something, right? Sigh. I wish i could say that i was being as serious as her, but FYI i kept on being scolded by Kiki for spacing off/running away/getting bored *LOLOLOL*
Ohhh, double chin alert (L's so going to kill me hihihi)
Silvi continuing with the second step, applying gel polish
Kiki showing Sabsab how to buff the fake nail correctly
Because everybody was busy, i escaped for a bit :p and went to hunny's table.
He ordered Mochaccino Rum (or something like that coz his memory's 10x worse than mine :p)
It was yummy! Almost like an ice cream in liquid form ^^. Hunny also ordered Mac & Cheese which sadly, wasn't good. He said it was sour and weird. I guess one should stick to the pastries and cakes in Too Too Moo!
Anyway, it wasn't long before i was "captured" and forced to sit on the long workshop table *LOL*. I honestly would've been happy to observe and take pictures, but of course they wouldn't accept that. I had to learn to do it too *sigh*. Glad i did *although i am embarrassed at how horrible i am at nail arts* so now at least i know how to do it! New knowledge should always be embraced, yes?
First i was given a nail buffer and a false nail. I was supposed to buff the surface until all the shine was gone as a preparation for the gel polish
I gotta be honest, even buffing baffles me. Kiki had to help me to buff properly *LOL*
I used the One Step Gel, which is a new type of gel polish that only needs one step (obviously, doh) to be done. Applying gel polish just became an even faster process!
Must be dried on the UV lamp, of course
Pinkkkk and blingy looking nail art brush. LOL, even a brush would excite me if it's pink
3D Gel/carved glue to make the 3D nail art. Rather than using the usual acrylic powder (that smells kinda horrible) which you have to work super swift with, in this workshop we're using the gel instead, it won't set before you dry it with UV lamp so you can do more details and spend as much time perfecting your art as you'd like
Kiki helped me prepping the polished fake nail with the cleanser
Ta dah, two coats of one stop gel polish! I personally prefer the traditional gel polish though coz they're more shiny with the top coat and all :p
Kiki explaining how to use the 3D gel
Silvi immediately started practicing
Okay, this was the first time EVER in my whole 31 years holding a nail art brush, so please understand why my result sucks *LOL*
In the meantime, the drink and snacks for break time was prepared so i ran off to snap some pics first (hey, that's why i was there, right!)
Love love love the cute and colorful mugs!
The cakes, which i didn't try because i'm not much of a cake person/it was too early for sweets
Love the quiche though, very nice! The tuna sandwich was quite nice too
Refreshing beverage
L showing me how to use the 3D gel. Take a dollop
Put it on your fake nail
Then using the nail art brush (and cleanser to dip it in) mold it in any shape you want-or in my case, any shape i can 8__8. I asked L to teach me the most basic and easiest shape she can think of (but even that wasn't that easy for me zzz) and she said okay let's try doing a daisy (or was it some other flower? Haih, even that i cannot remember WTH)
Kiki passed her own masterpieces for inspiration. That's excessively ambitious, don't you think?
Coz i sure as hell would never be able to make this! LOL
Acting serious
Errr, i tried, okay!
But even trying to do the most simple display made me thirsty so i better get myself some refreshment first *LOL*
Asked L to snap this pic
This shot is definitely posed *LOL*. Anyway, i made one very odd looking, oversized and lopsided flower and thought i could run away already, but no, L told me to do a series of it *bawl*
LOL. Don't laugh! First attempt okay! The nicer petals on top were done by L *LOLOLOL FML*. Ended up looking more like hibiscus on some Hawaii shorts somehow *sigh* (this pic's taken from my IG because i somehow forgot to snap with Marshmallow, i guess i was THAT embarrassed with the result!)
Here's Sabsab's result, i think she did better than me haha :
Sabsab's lollipop
I learned belatedly (halfway in the stupid flower) that you can try making candies too, i mean... It should be simpler, no? Just a round shape for the middle and triangles on the sides. Or maybe i'm underestimating candies *LOL*. I would try to do one if i ever get my hands of 3D nail art equipments again, but i'm not making any promises okay hahaha.

Most of the participants were seasoned nail enthusiasts and nail artists so obviously they did better than me hahaha!
Like Silvi
Her result, on her own nail some more! Awesome!
A little tip for you, if you're as clueless as me, make sure that your 3D gel jar's not too close to your UV lamp! The UV lamp near me was on all the time and i had my jar in front of me, by the end of the workshop the gel inside of the jar was almost mostly solid -___- sorry L! You should've told me earlier *LOL*. But i think if you're working on your nail art in your home/client then you'd have more space than i did so you can make sure your jar's not too close to the lamp!
Of course, selfie is in order!
One with Silvi
Group pic with the other participants
The goodie bag i got from the workshop
I didn't realize that this pic turned out blur zzz. Anyway, it's filled to the brim with nail stuffs (and a cube of Lulla). I feel very pressured seeing them *LOLOLOL*, i really should start dipping my toe on nail arts, eh? Okay okay, i'll try. Scroll down to see them closer
UK Flag false nails. Very very cute, but i'm not sure how i feel about having them on. I can't even stand nail extension! I'll try them though *promise*
Nail buffers (i think it's a nail buffer, right??? Geez, i'm not even sure about that *LOL*, how hopeless am i!). Love the floral design!
Jars of velvet dust and glitter. Velvet manicures fascinated me but i am so lazy when it comes to nail arts that i never even think of getting them. I have one now, so at least i should try them out, yes?
Super cute fimos! Look at the paste cupcake one!!! See previous pic's caption *LOL*
Nail stickers and feather. Again, something that i plan to try. Geez, i sound so ambitious, i hope i will follow through for realz hahaha
And of course, a cube of Lulla hair ties. I think this is their Hello Valentine collection ^^
Kiki also very kindly gave me an extra cube of Lulla ^^, the Colorful Lace. It's currently on a 50% off, so grab yours now! (FYI, i've been using Lulla hair ties for sometime now, in fact i pretty much tie my hair up with them everyday at home when i need to get my hair out of my face. You can read my previous review of Lulla hair ties here, i will review these two too so stay tuned!)
It was a fun, friendly and obviously educational event-thank you Me-Nail for having me ^^. Looking forward to more events with you!

Follow Me-Nail's social medias for information on ongoing promotion and future events!

 Me-Nail Nail Salon Supplies and Training Centre
Ruko Klampis Jaya 33D Surabaya
Phone : 031-2882 333
BB Pin : 22D7C1DF
Website : www.me-nail.com
Instagram : @menail_shop
Signing off with a picture of me and the lady boss, L haha. I was wearing Lulla as arm candies too!

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  1. Waw seru banget ce XD kayaknya asikk belajar hal baru..
    aku cm hopeless bgt soal nail art.. ga bakal bs se-master kiki ma lina T_T wkwk.

  2. Aiih jadi cakeep kukunya. Itu makanannya enak2 bener yak, glek *telen ludah

  3. The place is really charming with cute decors everywhere. Cake tower stickers looked like robots to me from afar. And oh, I love the clock design with spoon and fork! Isn't the gel nail polish very hard to remove? Creating 3D nail art will challenge your creativity. :P Sabsab's lollipop is like a flower hehe.