Japan Trip 2017 : Part 5 (Osaka Castle)

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Helloooo guyssss :DDDD.

Yes, i am still struggling to finish my Japan Trip posts from LAST YEAR, but i will persevere because there is not quitting in my dictionary! Besides, i am a bit blue because we didn't exactly go anywhere interesting last holiday (although i did enjoy my time in Bandung and Jakarta like i said) and i like to relive my more interesting times by sharing the stories.

Continuing on to Osaka Castle now!
Happy day in Osaka Castle, we need to travel again soon!
Although it was pretty much the middle of winter, there were some greens left
There's a certain beauty in bare branches...
The place was huge!
And quintessentially Japan
There were a lot of different sections in this place
Your typical Chinese in Japan whenever we see water that seems to be suppose to bring good luck/fortune/whatever good to our lives, we stopped and wet or hands or something :))
Really huge stones!
In comparison to my hunny and Little O
Okay my brain really is rusty, but from that i can remember this is... old hospital? And it burnt down at some point? Don't quote me on that but it sure looks creepy
Is it just me but Japan Castles are so nice but humble? Compared to flashy castles like in China or something
Seriously what is that building,if anyone knows please lemme know in the comment section below because it's driving me crazy and i cannot find any info on it in the net!
I have no idea what everybody hopes to see down there, clearly it's very deep and there's nothing to see right :))
Touristy pic is a must
Then we entered the main building (eh, i assume it's the main building lah, i admit that my knowlege for this site is very sad please don't mind me...) which is now serves as a museum. Loads of dioramas there so Little O was very interested. I suffered from an ingrown nail on my toe most of this trip (one of the many things that made this trip a little miserable for me :(...) so majority of our time there i was in pain when i stood or walk too much (until i cut my already very short toe nails' sides aggressively when i was desperate, thankfully it did help!) so i decided to not even bother checking out the highest level and rest my poor toes instead. I also personally love museums but the ones with mostly old artefacts, the ones that focuses on tiny diorama is just not my cup of tea...
Too many small writings clustered together made me too lazy to read also...
To make matter worse, i met one of the scariest obasan that i ever encountered in Japan (this is one of the few not-nice Japanese people i met during our trips that makes me realize that Japanese are humans too, there are nice Japanese and not so nice Japanese, like the rest of the world. Honestly i think i read too much Japan-worshipping blogs like Cheesie or Stella Lee that made me expect all Japanese to be exceptionally nice and polite, but that's really not the reality that i encounter *LOL). 

So the obasan is one of the staffs working there and i obviously polite to her because she is (a lot) older and it's her territory. But i was very surprised when she barked at me when i took the wrong staircase >.<. So there are different staircases for going up and down, you are supposed to strictly use the one designated for each purpose, but they are so similar so i got a bit confused and almost tried to go down on the staircase made for going up, she got super angry that i was very shocked because... Well, i am not used to be yelled at for taking a step on the wrong side of the stairs :)). I mean, i know she is just doing her job and i respect their rules, but surely a confused tourist can be forgiven to made such a minor mistake (there were nobody in that staircase hence my confusion), it's not like i tired to steal or broke anything in the museum...
Anyway, i console myself by renting these Japanese armor suits to take cute pics of my son before he's too old to follow my demands
I just realized that he likes dressing up tho (he requests costumes for Halloween, if only we have somewhere to go to hahaha)
Made hunny the highly overpriced costume too*LOL*
One more because we paid quite a lot for them so i'm not just gonna take one pic and leave!
I laugh whenever i see his pics now. Oline told me he looks 10 years younger without his glasses (if you are confused by this statement then go to my first post of 2018 to understand what i mean)
After we're done with the museum (which i honestly am not the biggest fan of. Is there any museum in Japan that is recommended? I dunno why because i love Japan and i love a lot of their places, but weirdly museums seems not be their strongest suit? Or is it because i haven't been to the ones that are good? For example, i like museums that tells a lot of stories and brings you back to a specific time and place like the War Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I could spend hours and be engrossed there. Or even Singapore's Images of Singapore in Sentosa Island, which is essentially is a wax museum in which you learn about Singapore, their people and their culture), we feasts :)).
With this group of people, it's definitely a never ending feast!
Eh. A croquette, i assume
I am actually a huge fan of Takoyaki  but for some reasons almost never eat any in Japan (too busy eating other food i guess)
And just outiside the castle, we found yakisoba seller
LOL this dude...
Not a fan of yakisoba but any food would be nice if it's hot and the temperature is very low!
And that marks the end of our visit to Osaka Castle! The day was long from over, but imma share the stories of the next destination on the next post so... stay tuned!


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