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Hello hello!!!

So this post should be up a while ago but... Life has been crazy, you know? And i am still down with a horrible case of flu FML. Alas, i was determined to make this post happen before January ends at least :))

Like i promised in my last Lip Talk series, i have a full review of Odessa Lip Cream Matte (to learn more about Odessa Cosmetics, you can check out my Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick review) to share with y'all :
Odessa Cosmetics Lip Matte Cream
I think it's no secret that i didn't use to like matte lip creams at all, and i still prefer regular lipsticks in a bullet in general - BUT after trying out so many matte lip creams (they're such a hype in the last couple of years it's impossible to escape them!), i am warming out to them and i know now what i like and dislike from them. There are formulas that i can tolerate,then there are also formulas that makes me want to stay far far away from them *LOL* - and after wearing Odessa's Lip Matte Cream a LOT in the past month i can safely say that i really LIKE them a LOT!
At the moment Odessa has five shades in their Lip Matte Cream line, two are in the pinky family, one nude and two reds
As usual, let's talk packaging first :
Odessa Cosmetics Lip Matte Cream comes in a white box with a little window to see the shade that you have inside
Even though boxes are very extra and not exactly necessary, i still can't help but like products that comes with boxes because it just feels more luxurious (even though they are actually very affordable, like this one!). I also really like the melted lip cream design on the box, reminding us to that international brand by the reality show star once again haha
Each tube contains 4g worth of product. In the box you can also find information of the shade
And there's also this little sticker to indicate the shade's number and name
Yeah, again, agree with the claims mostly!
Ingredient list
The product itself is housed in a simple transparent plastic tube (in which you can see the shade easily) with a black top. Very simple but nice enough
Before we talk in detail about the lippies, here are the swatches first:
L-R : Pink Up Line, Mauvely in Love, Bare Bear, EnamouRed, Always Red You
Also let me tell you first how much i appreciate those creative, cheeky names! They are not playin', y'all!
I hear ya Odessa Cosmetics, and i like what i hear!
The wand is medium length and it has a slanted applicator, it's pretty easy to use and manouver with
So from the five shades that they have, three are soft, lighter shades and two are loud, bright reds. I find the consistency of the three lighter ones slightly differ from the two reds somehow.

So Pink Me Up, Mauvely in Love and Bare Bear are all lighter in consistency, they are creamy but neither too thick nor runny - this is the consistency that i like because application is a breeze, it's pretty impossible to mess up and they are all very very comfortable for me. I really don't like super dry, dead matte lip mattes that grabs to your lips and hugs it tightly, Odessa Lip Matte Cream (especially these three lighter shades) sits comfortably on my lips without drying it out or making me feel like my lips are getting crunchy as time passed *LOL*. I also am not usually a fan of light pink lippies (i love fuchsia and neons) or nudes, but all three from Odessa are very pretty and wearable! I kept on reaching out to them on a daily basis lately.

As for EnamouRed and Always Red You for some reasons mine have slightly different consistency than the other three. The two reds are much thicker, making application a tad harder and the end result a little bit patchy. But it can be fixed with a second layer. Thankfully a second layer won't shift, crack, or leave bald patches (this happens sometimes with thicker consistency lip creams). The two reds are really gorgeous though so all of their shortcomings are forgiven :p.

Other than that, all five lip creams are quite consistent. They are all very pigmented, smell pleasant (for me, this is depending on taste and preference okay. They all have artificial cake scent, probably vanilla, and i love cake/fruit scents on my lippies), last very very long but not transfer proof so after a heavy meal you'd have to reapply, they stain a lot (this is a plus for me but might be a minus for some of you) especially the reds and they are very comfortable (due to the consistency, the reds feel more heavy but still quite comfortable for me) to wear for even long hours. I never have any problem with dry lips after using them. They have velvet matte finish so definitely not dead matte (this is probably why they are so comfortable), so if you're a fan of dead matte - they are probably not for you, but if you want a comfortable soft matte and don't mind that they transfer, they're a must have. 

Let's get a closer look at the colors :
OMC901 Pink Up Line
Pink Me Up looks almost nude pink on the tube but translate to a beautiful light pink shade on my naturally pale pink lips. This is a very sweet shade that is highly wearable because it's not too Barbie-ish
I like Pink Up Line a lot despite the fact that i don't really like wearing pink lipsticks, but this one is very wearable and easy to pair with any eye makeup and clothing
OMC902 Mauvely in Love

Although it's called mauve, i personally think that it looks more dusty pink with a hint of salmon in real life (in this pic it does look a little purplish)
Mauvely in Love is even more wearable than Pink Up Line, most light pinks usually wash me out but this one makes me look fresh and lively even when i wear very little other makeup
OMC903 Bare Bear

Bare Bear is a beautiful nude shade, looks almost greige on the tube but on the lips it's translates into a MLBB kind of shade for me
I usually have a pretty hard time finding nude shades that works for my complexion (most of them makes me look dead...) but Bare Bear is gorgeous and i would even say that it's one of my favorite nude shade lippies so far!
OMC904 EnamouRed

EnamouRed is a universally flattering red shade which has a pink undertone. Like i mentioned earlier, the reds are harder to apply and it bleeds a bit in the lip swatch >.<
But color wise, EnamouRed is probably my fave (followed strongly by Bare Bear) because it's the type of red that makes you look super polished even when you're wearing very minimal makeup
OMG905 Always Red You

Always Red You is very similar to EnamouRed (in the tubes they look pretty much identical) except that Always Red You is more Orange toned. This one also bleeds a bit because the reds are a bit hard to control 
I quite like Always Red You but i still prefer EnamouRed and since they're so similar, i don't think you need to have both in your collection
Color wise, they are all very pretty but the pinks are very similar to each other and so are the reds, so maybe if you don't want to buy too many of them, you can pick one from each color family. I really like these lip creams so i do hope that Odessa would sooner come up with more shades (maybe purples and browns? That'd be awesomeeee).

Odessa Cosmetics Lip Matte Cream retails for IDR 50.000 each, which is a very good price point and you can find the closest counter in their Where to Find Eternally Beauty section.

If you are looking for gorgeous, basic colored, comfortable and affordable lip creams, i would highly suggest you to check Odessa Cosmetics Lip Matte Cream out. I would not recommend this if you want a dead matte, transferproof lip creams or are looking for more daring shades.

I personally love my experience with Odessa Cosmetics so far and i can't wait for them to come out with more products!

Thank you Odessa and Surabaya Beauty Blogger for the chance to try out these awesome lippies!


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  1. Mauvely in love is suit you very well!


  2. each shade looks good on ya deary! aku miss ato km udh tulis ya? harganya brp ya rangenya?hihi

    1. Thank you :D! Udah aq tulis kok dear hehe, it's 50k each

  3. Odessa akhir" ini lagy hype banget ya di kalangan blogger... PErsonally aku belum pernah coba. Odessa ini setelah ngeset di bibir kerasa sticky atau gak yah?

    1. kalo menurut aku ngga sticky, dia comfortable tp transfer banget sih hehe