Japan Trips 2107 : Part 6 (Dotonburi, Kobe)

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Hallooooo :D

This post will be relatively short because it's about the latter part of the day after our visit Osaka Castle (btw i forgot to mention that we actually made a mannequin challenge earlier that day in a park nearby the place we stayed in *i already forgot what kind of place we stayed in to be honest with you @.@ usually a hostel. I can remember the hostel we stayed in Tokyo and Kyoto vividly... but not Osaka! Why is this...* in the middle of bitter winter wind and being stared at a lot of confused Japanese...)

(edit : i suddenly remember... I think we stayed in a traditional Japanese house in Osaka, it's very traditional looking, quite spooky and cold AF! KC got very angry and hoisted up his family to stay in a hotel on the last day *LOL*. He's so effing extra i can't...)


Let's continue our journey in Osaka! 
The important landmark of Dotonburi
I was ill most of the time in Japan this time round so i was not as energized as the last trip and a lot details of also become blurry in my mind T.T.
Lively Dotonburi at dusk
It was my first time in Osaka but since this place is very famous, it looks super familiar somehow
Almost as famous as the Glico man i think, the Kani Doraku sign 
Failed family selfie hahaha. Btw i notice how much my face shape changes after i routinely do RF treatment @.@ i don't think i can stop doing them now WTF i love the result so much
Being super touristy and soaked in the environment
This place also had the dirtiest toilet in Japan that i've ever been in @.@, toilets in Japan are usually very clean alright... But this is a very busy tourist area and there were a lot of Chinese tourist so... Well... And i really HAD to go so it's not like i had any choice!
I would really like to return to Osaka when i'm fully healthy and coherent hahaha
With more humane schedule so i wouldn't be so miserable!
This area is well known for the food to so we did had a few snacks...
The wind in Osaka was sooooo soooo cold back then, we had to buy face masks to protect our faces from the bitter wind (okay lah, compared to Holland *in spring!* and Jeju Island, it's not that bad... But still bad enough!) 
This photo pretty much sums up my relationship with my older brother, he'd find silly things and i would rush in to take pics :)))
If my memory is not that broken, i think this gyoza place was recommended by a friend
Poor Little O is down with sore throat today (and i scolded him for skipping extra curricular last Monday because i thought he was just being lazy @.@)
Yummy Gyoza.... I don't like dumplings in general (but i ate a lot of dumplings in Taiwan because food in Taiwan are in another level of goodness) but i think these gyoza were quite nice because i think i had a few.
What is this... It's probably... Miso soup in a can? I'm still amazed whenever i see savory soups in a ready to drink cans like these
After Dotonburi we decided to venture to Kobe... Just for the Kobe beef :)). I would not do this normally if i travel alone with hunny and Little O, but CL and HR are foodies so they would hunt high and low for a new culinary experience (i don't really care about them, seriously you can tell me to eat at Japanese combini for bfast, lunch and dinner for 3 weeks straight and i will be FINE), that's sad for hunny because he is quite a foodie and his wife is very cheap when it comes to food HAHAHA - but whenever we travel with foodies, i give him a chance to explore his foodie-ness lah.
It didn't take us long to arrive at Kobe

We had dinner at Steakland
The place is very vintage looking, quite humble with a bit of a European touch, and very very crowded.
The meat are served Teppanyaki style so... be prepared to smell of beef after dinner hahahaha
Like i mentioned in a previous post, hunny was suffering from an unknown allergic reaction (probably to the cold, but we've been in colder temp before in South Korea so i don't really know what prompted this. Maybe because we were all very under he weather and unfit so we get weird sickness left and right hahaha) all over his face (it went right away once we're back in tropical weather)
We decided to order two Kobe beef sets to split between the three of us
The coveted Kobe beef *LOL*
I am huge meat lover so naturally my mouth starts to water as i am looking at this pic hahahahaha (and i might nag hunny to go for steak tomorrow *sigh*)
What i think of the Kobe Beef? They are certainly yummy, but i am definitely not a foodie and i don't really understand what is super special about them :)). Don't get me wrong, it really was lovely and a great experience, but i personally won't be spending so much money of a beef (not in a regular basis anyway). You don't really get that much meat (i told, i love me some meat) for the pretty high price tag (i'm not too sure but i think we paid 800, 900k for two meal sets?)
Last pic to hopefully make your mouth water as bad as mine does :))
What about you? Are you #teamfoodie that wouldn't mind splurging on food (especially during travels) or are you #teamshopping like me that would be happier to spend your money on things that you can hoard and never use ?

Btw, in the next post imma share about our visit to the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine (we moved to Kyoto already) ^^!


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  1. #teamfoodie and #teamshopping!!!! bokek makanya kalo jalan-jalan T___T

  2. di Osaka tidur di apartemen kecil2 itu loh...
    di Kyoto tidur di Sanjo Hostel yang 1 kamar isi 4 bunkbed, terus kita rebutan foto di depan hostel.
    di Tokyo yang tidur di rumah lama, hari ke2 ko chris kabur ke Hotel...