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Happy New Year guyssss!!!

Isn't it crazy that it's 2018 already??? I am psyching myself to blink and be in 2020 already >.<! Btw, yes it's a week into 2018 and i only got the time to sit down and wish you a happy new year because we've been busy holidaying :)).
Happy New Year from us!!!
Sooo.. You might already know that we celebrated the new year at Bandung (for those who are curious, i didn't really want to go. We all know how crazy Bandung gets during holidays, and new year holiday's one of the worst! But i am a good *amazing, actually* daughter -___-, my mum adamantly wanted to go to Bandung so we go. Also for those busy bodies, we paid for everything *except for most food haha* and endure my mum's endless complaints. So next time you think that you're the "best child of the family", keep in mind that the real good ones keeps quiet about the "sacrifices" we make because that's how it's supposed to be! The world doesn't need to know how much you give you parents, i am just writing this down because i keep too quiet and people thinks i never spend any money or even using my parents money WTF, just because you don't know doesn't mean it didn't happen so keep your judgments and needs to boast to yourselves!!!).

Before the new year we...
Had a fun day at Lembang, despite the crowd and the fact that hunny and i gets quite ill. I was already falling sick before we even reached Bandung and hunny got really ill on the second day, and when he is sick he's very extra okay.
Farm House's version of Hobbiton is not bad y'all, lots of cute spots to take photos and the house is well maintained (you're not allowed to wear footwear and touch most things. There are staffs throughout the house to keep an eye for the guests to make sure they don't destroy things-which i totally approve)
Trying to raid Saug's treasures
Suddenly forgot if we're supposed to be in LOTR or Harry Potter (FYI, lots of people in my IG went to England for the holiday and i had a major case of envy!!! Hopefully i can go there for next Christmas!)
We also...
Made friends with some cute sheeps
Fed baby cows...
Take pics at miniature building exactly Little O's size
Went to the Floating Market (i feel superior to the actual floating market because we gave the real thing back in Banjarmasin hahaha, if only they are well maintained like the ones in Lembang - or better yet, Thailand!)
Spent time with family and relatives (the people in this pic are mainly my cousin L's and her husband's family btw)
Now this one consists of my family haha
Admiring how Indonesian can actually make good looking tourist destination if done right, but sadly there's always the element of "half-heartedly done", which is something that you will find in most modern man made attractions in Indonesia
Like how the boat and canoes are not made with the perfect safety measures and seem to be already falling apart. This is also where all the drama started because L got super upset here coz her scaredy cat husband refused to go on any of the water ride due to fear *LOLOLOL*, and how hunny's jeans got soaked because of the malfunctions of the boat or the rower (told ya it's not made with the right safety measurements) and he started to get really ill afterwards (we both got throat infections so we actually took same antibiotics in this trip WTF)
Wanted to go to Tangkuban Perahu next but the street going in that direction was totally packed that we're gonna be spending hours to get there (and the place would be closed by then) so we had to reroute to Dusun Bambu (i already wrote a full blog post for this place sometime ago, you can read about Dusun Bambu here), they had a little play ground called Rabbitland (like Alice's Wonderland) where you can feed and play with the rabbits, except that since the place was totally packed the whole day, the rabbits were so full most of them refused to accept out carrots hahaha
I was quite surprised at how happy Little O was and how he enjoyed playing with the rabbits because normally he's not very interested in pet type of animals (he loves going to zoo/safari because he likes exotic animals, but tame pets are not usually his gist)
Spent majority of the my time there with L because both of our husbands were being spoilsports... Well, can hardly blame hunny coz he was sick (but i did anyway...)
Then we spent new year's eve and the new year mainly chilling at out hotel (which is a boutique hotel that equals 3 starred hotels, it's a pretty nice hotel except for the very bad lighting in the rooms, and the fact that they need to repaint the rooms' walls and replace the linens because for a pretty pricey hotel, the linens did not meet the standard). Celebrated the turn of the new year at the hotel too, they had a pretty big but chilled celebration that went on for five hours with home-style entertainments and pretty good, non stop flow of food.
The only pic i took of the hotel (i did Instastoried a lot while i was there, give me a follow in my IG @MGirl83 if you want to be updated when i travel/just my more interesting everyday life) because i literally just chill there and be a total coach potato. I actually took off my contact lenses and wipe off my (already very minimal) makeup for the new year's eve, that's how chill i was!
Little O's first old skool rainbow ice (which is just shaved ice with milk and syrups), he wasn't a fan :))
Then after the new year we returned to Jakarta (we are still here, heading back to Surabaya tomorrow) and the only interesting thing we did (because mostly we just go to malls here *LOL*, what else) is visit Faunaland (our apartment in Jakarta is located in Ancol, so going to  Taman Impian Jaya Ancol literally takes us 5 minutes if there's not traffic.
This dude poses better than i do...
Hunny (who's 100% well again by the time) actually asked me to take this pic
Fed some donkeys and ponies... Also lions actually!
Touch giant tortoises for good luck because we're superstitious Chinese :)), btw this big dude loves to be petted  
KW river safari
This is the epitome of not where we go or what we do but who we are with because altough it's very low key and all, we still had fun
Last happy pic because after this, i tried to get off the boat (i hate boats btw, i'm very bad with getting on and off unstable boats, but i do love cruises as you know hahahah) and somehow knocked his glasses off to the bottom (of the 3 meters deep) of the river T.T.... I didn't know what happen or how it happen, but i made him half blind in an instant so ofc i felt guilty :(... He is wearing contact lenses now because getting a new glasses (with his high prescriptions) would take a few days and he cannot afford to go around half-blind like that for days! 
And that's how we spent our new year holiday! Very low key, maybe the chillest one we had in years, but surprisingly fun and i actually feel rejuvenated (instead of tired and in need for further rest to recover from the holiday!) - that doesn't mean i don't want a more festive holiday for the next new year eve!

How's your new year going?


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