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Are you ready for more matte lip creams review??? I am sooo excited with the fact that more and more Indonesian cosmetics brands are following hip and happening trends because guys, gone are the days when we feel ashamed wearing local made products-instead we have to be super proud and flaunt them! I know i do!

Honestly this review is very backdated, it's at least a month late :(... Life and schedule just had been totally bonkers, as the Brits would say! I hope i am forgiven because it's better to be late than to be sorry right???

And ofc first i want to thank QL Cosmetic for sending me the full range of their QL Lip Cream Matte!

Currently they have 8 shades in the line, but i sure hope that they would add more shades in the future!
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte
L-R : 21 Peach Angel, 22 Pink Me, 24 Nudy Classic, 25 Nude Brown, 26 Flaming Rose, 27 Exotic Red, 28 Apple Berry, 29 Sugar Plum
And here are the swatches (i am pretty bad at watching on my hand, don't judge >.<). Please note that for some reasons, they are harder to swatch on my hands than on the lips because i don't really have hard times with applications but it doesn't translate well on the hand swatches. Don't be alarmed if they look a bit dodgy on the hand swatches coz they are actually quite awesome! Do keep reading and check out the lip swatches too down below.
L-R : 21 Peach Angel, 22 Pink Me, 24 Nudy Classic, 25 Nude Brown
L-R : 26 Flaming Rose, 27 Exotic Red, 28 Apple Berry, 29 Sugar Plum
Some shades hadn't dried out completely when i took the photos (although i did wait a bit and they look pretty dry on naked eyes but with the strong lighting and camera lens being less forgiving...).

Now, let's talk about the lip cream as a whole line first before going through the shade one by one. First of all : packaging. All of the QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte come in a cylindrical chubby tube made of clear (so you can see the shades easily although i actually had hard times separating a few shades from each other in the tube while the difference is pretty clear when swatched) and black plastic. The tubes are pretty thick and sturdy with black caps. They all have medium length doe foot applicator (OMG -___- i forgot to take pics of the applicator! I will try to remember to update this) which is pretty easy to work with. Packaging wise, they are very simple and generic looking.

Generally they have pretty consistent (with slight difference between the darker and lighter shades, which is totally common with lip creams) consistency, they all are on the thinner, runnier side. As they are pretty thin, first layer can be a bit uneven and sometimes patchy, but they are easy to work with and build up. I would say most shades need one time wand re-dipping for a fully opaque application, but if you like a lighter, more natural look then you can get away without re-dipping the wand in the tube (just don't forget to blend)

Honestly, they are not the most pigmented lip creams in the world, but they are very beginner friendly, i would say. It's easy to mess up lip cream application with super pigmented ones and once they stain your skin, you might be already ruining your whole makeup. I find it easy to avoid with these lip creams as they are less pigmented, therefore gives you more room to work them on your lips.

QL Cosmetic lip cream has a very matte finish, even when i wear lip balms underneath (which is always), they would dry out matte. As the consistency is very light (i would say that it's one of the lightest lip creams i've ever tried so far-or even, the lightest one yet!), i find them to be very comfortable on the lips-sometimes i would feel like i am not wearing anything! Unfortunately, with that also comes a con-the lip creams totally hugs your lips and it gives no mercy, if you have any dry patch or whatever on your lips, it  will show! So make sure you take good care of your lips, use a lip scrub and lip balm before putting them on because i made a mistake of trying to put one on while my lips were very dry, it won't blend and clung to every dry bits... Not a good look! This is especially more so with the lightest shades. I had to remove the shade, scrub my lips and apply a darker color that day because my lips were just not in the best condition that day!

Scent wise, i just gave all 8 a sniff and i am a little confused *LOL*. The darker shades all have artificially fruity scent (not bad), while some of the lightest shades just smell... of chemicals. It's not super strong or anything, i would notice that (and i didn't notice it before, i just realize how they all have different scents when i tried sniffing them super close to my nose) for sure - but i still need to point that out.

Overall, for the IDR 36.000/tube (this is the price on their website, prices may vary in different stores) i would say that these lip creams are totally worth every penny! I like them a lot (and i would not hesitate to recommend them), i just have to avoid them when my lips are super dry and chapped!

They all have decent staying power, the darker shades stain my lips (which i like, but if it's something that you dislike then you might take this into consideration before giving them a try) and leave pretty tint when worn out (i like to revive the shade by applying a lip gloss on top, but if you want everything to stay matte then you can leave them alone/reapply)-but the lighter shades would need a reapplication after a heavy meal.

Okay, now that weve established their overall performance as a line, let's take a look of the shades!
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 21 Peach Angel
The shade is called Peach Angel but on me, i honestly cannot detect any peachy-ness whatsoever with this shade! I dunno, maybe on darker, yellow/olive toned skin it might look peachy? But on me, it looks almost pale neon pink!
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 21 Peach Angel
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 21 Peach Angel. This shade is the lightest shade on the line, it is also one of the worst one to be applied on a dry lips. It's slightly patchy, as you can see from this pic how they seem darker on the outer part of my lower lips and won't blend into the inner part. This is the shade that i struggle with the most

On the plus side, most pale lipstick usually wash me out like crazy but this one still looks pretty good and refreshing on me. I can only wear it on very healthy lips days tho. This is my least fave shade
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 22 Pink Me
Peach Angel and Pink Me look similar on the tube (with Pink Me being darker), but on the lips they are very different. Pink Me is so much more wearable for me.
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 22 Pink Me. You can see on this pic how it exaggerate the deep line on my lips and dry flakes >.<, my skin was totally dehydrated on those days when i took the lip swatches, i apologize for the state of my skin!!! They are much better now
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 22 Pink Me is a pretty, medium toned pink that can work nicely with medium and light skin tone
Like i mentioned in previous posts, i am not a fan of pink lip colors but this type of medium pink i don't mind wearing
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 24 Nudy Classic
This shade is called Nudy Classic and i would say that it can be a very pretty nude with peach undertone for medium and dark skin tones, on my pale skin it looks pretty bright tho.

QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 24 Nudy Classic
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 24 Nudy Classic on me is a very easy, darker coral shade that is not necessarily my fave but never fails to make me feel fresh and pretty!

If i am working on a conservative work place i would probably use this shade mostly
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 25 Nude Brown

Again, the shade name kinda threw me off because it's called Nude Brown but on me... It looks nothing like a brown! It's more like a true coral shade. On the tube, Nude Brown and Nudy Classic almost identical, but they are pretty different when worn.
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 25 Nude Brown
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 25 Nude Brown, which for me should be called medium coral haha

It doesn't look bad on me, but i am just never a fan of orange toned anything....
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 26 Flaming Rose

Now we're getting to the reds and berries, which are more my kind of shades!
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 26 Flaming Rose. Apology for the different lighting! I took it at night with a selfie ring light
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 26 Flaming Rose, which is a classic red. Not a shade i naturally reach for but never fails to makes me feel stunning whenever i do. Is it just me or the red just look more moisturizing than the previous shades?
Stunning, classy red shade. A staple in a woman's makeup kit!
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 27 Exotic Red

Again, Exotic Red looks identical to Flaming Rose in the tube (do we see a pattern here?), but ofc-they are sisters and not twins haha. Exotic Red is more of a cherry red with pink undertone (please note that your skin color and natural lip color also play a part on how a shade might looks on you. I am very pale and i have naturally pale pink lips and this is how they show up on me).
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 27 Exotic Red

QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 27 Exotic Red. Again, a very easy shade for me to wear, and somehow i think the reds in this line are the most pigmented, non-patchy, smooth of the lot, and they also don't cling to dry patches!
I like this line as a general, but if i am to recommend the shades-i think i would recommend the reds because they perform the best. I think Exotic Red is fab!
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 28 Apple Berry

Apple Berry is BEAUTIFUL. It's a deep, dark red with purple hint in it and i LOVE the shade. It's actually the second hardest shade to apply (after Peach Angel which i find to be the hardest to work with) because it's a bit patchy (you can see how patchy a layer look on my hand swatch) BUT, a second layer and a few secs working it in is worth the final result, in my opinion.
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 28 Apple Berry
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 28 Apple Berry is definitely my fave type of shades and it's just perfect for current season (although we have no Fall season and the temperature has been crazy high in Surabaya lately)
I have only used the other shades once or twice, but i keep on reaching for this shades! It's def my fave shade in this entire collection!
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 29 Sugar Plum

Hmmmm i even like the name so much! Sugar Plum is such a fairy-like name and it looks equally stunning! It's a wearable purple with pink tint! It's my second fave shade ^^.
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 29 Sugar Plum is a perfect purple lippie, IMO
QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte in 29 Sugar Plum simply complement my pale skin nicely!
I also reach for the shade more often than the others because it's just stunning!
And those are all the shades of QL Cosmetic Lip Cream Matte! I like them, but they seem to be missing some true nudes for paler skin and also true browns? I would say that this line is more suitable for those of you who are more into daring shades (like me, i am not much of a nude kind of person but i know a lot of you are so for your sake, let's hope QL does add more shades in the future, okay?).

What do you think? Which shades do you like the best? Have you tried these lip creams and how do you like them? Don't forget so share your thoughts on the comment section below!

Thank you QL Cosmetic for sending these babies to me!

You can follow their Instagram for informations on new products, promos and events!


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