Experiencing Intradermal Botox Facial Theraphy at Euro Skin Lab

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I know a lot of you keep on asking why am i not back to Indonesia yet :)), i will be going back the day after tomorrow and then blogging hopefully would resume to normal "schedule" (as if i have a real schedule when it comes to blogging *LOL*). Meanwhile, i am still in Busan and i'm dead tired but this post has been delayed for far too long, no more postponing!

Today i'm gonna share about a private event which is an afternoon soiree with Euro Skin Lab
Have you ever heard of Euro Skin Lab before? I'm guessing some of you should, since they are a pretty well known high end aesthetic clinic that's already established and all.
Thank you my SBB ladies for supporting me ^^
This event is another collaboration with WomanBlitz, so ofc our MC of the day was our fave : Lilies from WomanBlitz :D
Lilies opening the soiree and introducing the doctor from Euro Skin Lab
Welcome speech ^^
Next is a brief presentation from Dr. Chen (who also performs the demo that day) about their new, breakthrough treatment : Intraderma Botox Facial Theraphy
In a nutshell, Intradermal Botox Facial Theraphy is the first botox treatment without using any needle or injections! FYI, as i am officially in my mid 30s already (i turned 34 last week), i've been very interested in botox for quite a while but since i'm the biggest chicken when it comes to injections (i almost never agreed to get any injections unless it's not a choice pretty much all my life), botox is quite out of the questions for me before-but when i heard about this new technology, i pretty much jumped at the chance when i was asked if i would like to be one of the models for the demo that day! 

Intradermal Botox Facial Theraphy uses two different serums (one would e Botox serum (for the first treatment)/Compound D (for 2-6th treatments) and the other one would be a serum that's suitable for your skin needs, it might be acne fighting serum, or brightening, etc. The doctor at ESL would diagnose and give advise on this, ofc) combined with a very special machine that's FDA approved called DermaElectroPoration that can make the serum penetrate your skin as if they are injected under your skin, but without using any needle whatsover! 

The result for IBFT can be seen right after the treatment, it is without any down time and pain at all and last for 2-4 months! 
Result of 1x IBFT treatment
Another result that shows instant lifting and dramatic skin improvement with just one treatment!
After the presentation, we were treated to a lovely lunch before moving on to the next agenda, clinic tour and IBFT demo.
ESL treatment rooms are simple, cozy and very clean - which are everything i am looking for in an aesthetic clinic
A little more explanation of ESL, IBFT and the steps
I honestly felt very self conscious being surrounded by SBB girls from the other side >.<
Since it's not possible for me to take photos of myself while getting the treatment, all of the treatment photos were taken by Olin, thank you again Olin!
I don't really have any wrinkles yet, but i do have a slight smile lines and fine lines under my eyes
The beautician started the treatment with some relaxing aromatherapy (which truly helped me feel more relaxed immediately). Oh yeah, since i am pretty chubby, i never look good from any angle when i lie down :)) so please try to ignore the excess fat and lack of neck, just focus on the steps, alright?
The beautician is totally awesome, she has the steadiest, firm hands that gives such good massages. The massage actually goes down to your back, but i was not about to strip down to the tube dress when i was watched and photographed by so many eyes!
First step was cleansing
Before IBFT, my skin has been quite crazy lately and i've been quite cruel to them too *LOL* so i had some marks on my face from extractions 
Next : Microdermabration
Next is the only ouchie part of the whole process : extraction. Because this is IBFT and not facial, they only extract my black heads, but even from just this i can tell how thorough, fast and professional the beautician is! My nose was so clean after this and it lasts much longer than it usually does. We got a free facial voucher from this event and i am looking forward to use it when it get back because i have a feeling that their facial would be satisfying haha
Next is the infusion of the serum cocktails using the DEP machine, this was performed by Dr. Chen as this step would only be performed by an ESL doctor and not the beautician
How does the DEP machine feels? Soothing. It vibrates soothingly and it actually made me feel sleepy if anything
Zero pain!
Final step : mask application
After IBFT, i have sensitive skin so my skin always looks a bit swollen and very red after extractions
I don't know if you can tell  from the photos, but the girls who were still waiting for me at the end of the treatment all commented (very excitedly) on how my skin looks so lifted and my face appear smaller because of that, instantly! I can also see and feel how my skin becomes plumper, more fuwa-fuwa and my smile lines become fainter! All with just one treatment, it's no lie!

Obviously i am very happy with the result (and the fact that it actually lasts because my skin is still as good now-i haven't feel the need to edit my face in my photos when i used to edit it to make it smaller and less all over the place) and can honestly recommend this treatment for all of you who wants younger, plumper, tighter skin but doesn't want to involve any needles in the process! Botox without any pain, IBFT is the the answer to that very prayer!

Thank you Euro Skin Lab for having us and for this opportunity ^^.
#Pink (who was very, very red)

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