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It's a week into November and this is my first post *sigh*, i ran out of excuses so let's just get on with it :)).

Aaight, so as you might already know-last month i went to South Korea with hunny, my parents (it's almost a miracle that my mom finally made it after repeatedly threatening not to go *LOL*, mom is deadly afraid of flying!), KC and CL for almost 3 weeks (spent most of the time in Busan because my niece Au is studying there-and i am so glad for this because i like Busan 10x more than Seoul!).

One of the highlights of our trip is that we got to spend a day wearing traditional hanboks, thanks to One Day Hanbok!
CL, Au, moi and mommy wearing hanboks from One Day Hanbok
So... a long time ago One Day Hanbok reached out to me (i actually got contacted by multiple hanbok rentals for collabs prior to our trip, which i find totally strange coz i never announced anywhere i was going to South Korea) for a collaboration, i told them i would contact them if i ever go back to South Korea-and the rest is history! Shout out for Sangjun who patiently answered my never ending emails and frantic questions :)). 

Now, let's go to One Day Hanbok!
One Day Hanbok
2nd Floor, 4 Bukchonro5-gil, Jongno-gu
It's located on the second floor (below is a mini market which we ended up shopping for when we returned the hanboks hahaha). I am very bad with direction so it was not super easy for us to find, but you can follow the direction to get to One Day Hanbok here
The entrance is also kinda tricky, you need to go to the backside of the building to get in.
Until you see this!
Once you got up the stairs, you're gonna need to remove all your footwear in the shelves before you can get in the actual rental area.
Reception area
Hm, i think they have a purikura machine there, i can't remember :))
In One Day Hanbok, they have staffs that speak English and Mandarin so... A total relief!!! Because sometimes it's very hard to communicate in Korea >.<, but this problem would not occur in One Day Hanbok. The staff are quite friendly and accommodating too. 

All you gotta do is tell the receptionist your name (i think it's much better to make appointments beforehand, especially if it's high season. Apparently it was high season in Korea when we were Seoul because it was the Chuseok week) and they would appoint a staff to wait on you.

Next the staff would lead you to store your belongings so you can choose your Hanbok without hassle (and also so you would not be tempted to slip in a hanbok or two in your bags HAHAHAHA, i wonder if this ever happens) and proceed on explaining that you are allowed to choose two sets of Hanboks to try on (this might only be for the ladies tho because the dude was made to wear whatever they chose the first time) and make a choice afterwards. 

They have two aisles, one is for the smaller sizes hanboks (which are catered for tiny ladies, really) and another aisles for Medium and up. Ofc we all ended up in the latter section (even skinny Au because she's pretty tall and tall girls are generally wider... Except for Cynthian :)), if you've ever met her then you'd know she's as thin as a leaf despite being the exact same height as me). Then they would let you take your time to take your pick.
The latest trend in Hanboks i believe to be those modern, pastel colored ones. At least when i look at One Day Hanbok's Instagram page, i am bombarded and entranced by girls wearing ethereal looking hanboks in soft, pretty pastels. Unfortunately, like i was already informed before-it was a high season for Hanbok renting and we got there pretty late (around 1 PM), it seems like most of the prettiest pastel hanboks have unfortunately been picked up (because later on when we returned the hanboks i saw a lot of pretty pastel hanboks strewn around -___-). Alas,  there were a few left that i could pick from.
Ofc, if you have a more mature taste than me (i am forever a juvenile at heart i guess), there are a lot of other shades of hanboks available for you to pick from
I personally don't see the appeal in these reds and darker shades tho >.<
I ended up picking a baby blue and a baby pink hanboks to try out.
Eh, ignore the meh face :))
Most of the hanboks are consisted of two pieces, a dress and  an outer
I put on the baby blue hanbok and immediately felt like a princess (and i got endless princess comments in my social medias all day long :)) which is a good thing ofc) in it. I also tried out the pink one but i wasn't feeling it (i thought i took a pic with the pink one too, but i can't find the pic so i guess i didn't) so i quickly went back to the blue one as my final pick!
My mom who didn't want to wear the Hanbok at first -___-, she's so fussy i can't even
Don't they look super cute tho??
KC and hunny
After we're dressed in the hanboks, we were told to pick our own head accessories and hand bag in the next aisle. If i can give a little criticism for One Day Hanbok, that would be this area. I noticed that lots of the flower crown are falling apart :(, i spent a long time trying to find a decent one on the pile but i couldn't... So finally i gave up and picked a butterfly headband (which i ended up loving and wanting *LOL*, i tried to find a similar one at stores but i had to settle to a diffent style :(...) Hopefully One Day Hanbok would renew the head accessories section? It'd be great if they also cater for hair styling service like the kimono rental we went to in Japan.
I wanted a dreamy, mirror reflection photo as i am trying out the head accessories. It's totally predictable that i ended up having an argument with hunny because for some reasons he hates taking my photos and this is what i do for a living for goodness sake!!! This is the behind the scene i would say :))
Okay, this one not so bad
Now, that's more like it... To achieve this photo i had to get upset first -____-. This is why i much prefer my girlfriends (especially fellow bloggers) to take my pics!!!
Head accessories and belt also available for the boys but you're gonna have to pay extra KRW 2,000 for these (ladies hand bag and hair accessories are free) for them.
The square thingy are belts!
We made hunny put on a hat LOLOLOLOLOL
Seriously no offence to Korean traditional clothing ofc, but i think it'd take a very particular person to be able to pull off this hat :))
We also forced my dad to wear a hat and take a pic with it despite his protests *LOLOLOL*
After we're all dressed to the nines, we went for lunch and then to Gyeongbokgung Palace (i didn't know this before, but you get free entrance to Gyeongbokgung Palace if you are wearing Hanbok! There are other places with free entrance when you wear hanboks and you can check it here) to take photos. 

As i am writing this i just realized that i wore hanbok only last month and i am already blogging about it while i wore kimono in January and i haven't gotten round to blog it >.<. In comparison to kimono, i find hanboks to be totally comfortable (i would have no problem to wear it all day long) and sooo pretty!!!) and Princessy. Even my mum (who is not very generous with her compliments for her kids) exclaimed at how pretty i was when i wore the hanbok hahaha. 

I will be posting photos of me wearing hanbok in different places in another post (because i took so many pics and i really like them so i totally want to dedicate an entire blog post for them) so i can focus on the One Day Hanbok service in this blog post.

Overall i find One Day Hanbok to be a very good choice if you want to wear a hanbok for a day (which i would recommend, i never really gave it much thoughts at first but after actually doing it, i'm super glad we did! It definitely gives you a different experience and feeling of your day. It might be typical or touristy, but it's still super fun! And i think i am addicted because if i ever go to South Korea with my girl friends, i would definitely want to play dress up again with them and take tons of pics!!!). 

Their hanbok choices are quite vast (be sure to come early if you want fresh picks of the day!), the quality and condition quite good, they throw in some freebies to complete your look, the staffs are pretty friendly and helpful (and they speak English!) and the rental fee is very reasonable too : KRW 15,000 for 4 hours or KRW 28,000 for 24 hours (additional hourly fee is KRW 4,500)-you also need to pay some deposit (i can't remember how much tho) and leave a passport for them to hold on to which all will be returned once you return the hanboks in good condition. We were asked to return the hanbok before they close at 7 PM, which is plenty of time!

My (as well as my parents' and hunny's) hanbok is sponsored as i stated in the title, but as usual all of my review are honest and unbiased okay!

Thank you One Day Hanbok and Sangjun for making me feel like a Princess for a day!


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