Unboxing : Style Korean Goodies

11:28:00 PM

Hey guyssss...

I really been meaning to blog earlier, but my schedule is still quite crazy (fasting month is coming soon though so i think i'm gonna have a more mellow time soon) >.<. I really want to start blogging about my travels again!

Anyway, today i'm going to "unbox" (they actually come in a paper bag tho :p) some goodies from Stylekorean.com!
Sooo much goodiesss ^^...
If you're a K-beauty fan (i'm not a K-Pop or K-drama fan but everybody knows i love K-makeups and skin cares!) then i'm pretty sure you've heard of Style Korean before? It's one of the most popular Korean webstore which ships directly from Korea in Indonesia (i mean not only to Indonesia ofc, they ship to other countries as well). 

The reason why i got those lovely goodies is because i got the honor to meet Style Korean team while they were visiting Jakarta a few weeks ago ^^.
Bella-Cynthian (thank you for introducing us to Style Korean and also inviting us along!)-moi-Stella1-Stella2-Jesslyn and Julie ^^
They were super kind and treated us to a lovely brunch and drinks-AND still given us this generous goodie bag filled to the brim with stuffs that makes hardcore K-Beauty fan swoon :D
I am especially excited because inside of the goodie bag, there are a lot of new brands that i've never tried before! Let's take a look on them closer one by one :D!
COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pad-COSRX is definitely a K-Beauty brand that i've been hearing of a LOT lately, it's like the hottest babe in skin care right now! Super excited to try out this pimple clear pad especially when it's nearing my period time-you know, when my skin goes all crazy and hormonal like meself :p
Also from COSRX there's a cute pouch with the funniest stickers (that bearded guy pampering himself cartoon is hilarious) and a pack of samples
There are also a couple of Maison de Blanc Whitening Ampoule Mask. I don't think i've ever used anything from this brand before and sheet masks are always come in handy!
Huxley Secret of Sahara Essence : Grab Water. Yet another brand that i've never heard of before, either Style Korean stocks millions of brands from Korea or i need to up my K-Beauty knowlege!
Benton Shea Butter and Coconut Hand Cream. OMG, i read the "coconut" and i went gaga. I don't if you know this, but i am a sucker for anything coconut scented. It's probably one of my fave scents ever! And i really appreciate hand creams now, i can't believe i used to never use one. Now i have to have a few around me in case my hands get dry!
Alive:Lab Centella Dressing Powder. I actually had no idea what this product is all about until i peek into Stylekorean website, apparently it's a dressing powder that you can mix with toner, moisturizer or cream to fight acne! So unique, i've never had any product like this before, very curious to give it a try!
Coringco Lovely Pink Heart Multi Volume Brush a.k.a the butt brush! No, it's actually heart shaped ofc, but they really remind me of butts! LOL. So so SO CUTE
Fave item(s) because i'm a lippie ho : Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in RD 01. This brand took the beauty scene on fire a while back with its cute wine themed products. Definitely a brand that i am looking forward to explore more in the future!
And those are all the products i got from them! I really wanted to blog about them before i use them (for picture taking purposes *LOL*) so now i am going to play with all of them! I will try to review them, but if i don't then just stay tuned in my Instagram because i will definitely give mini reviews there!

Some bonus pictures with the double Stellas :
Stella #1, who's Korean
And Stella #2, who's Indonesian but currently working and staying in Korea ^^
Thank you Style Korean for the generous goodies, and i hope to meet both Stella again sometime soon!



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