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It's been ages since my last fashion post... Oh wait, it's actually not that long ago, last month? Anyway, didn't even plan to make a blog post for this look (which i am totally loving!) but we took enough photos using Chelshea's magic camera so i decided... This look is totally worth having a blog post dedicated to it!
I feel a little bit like a house lizard, backed up to the wall like this *LOLOLOL*
This is the look that i pulled for House 2 House soft launching event (blog post about the event coming up next!), the dress code was black/gold, i totally forgot where i stuff my gold top (then i found the said top today *story of my life*) but i found this dark gold-borderline bronze glittery top (bought in Japan for ¥5000 which is less than IDR 60 :)), it's from H & M btw) and decided that it's gold enough *LOLOLOL*.

Yeah, you can choose between black and gold obviously, but you know me.  I take dress codes super seriously so i incorporated both colors in my look.
Damn, I just realized that the flap of my bag was open. WTF. Let's ignore that, shall we???

I already knew that i wanted to wear a wide legged pants for this look (i still dream of that perfect palazzo pants... It's just so hard to find locally!), i even bought a chiffon culotte to wear but when it put it on... It didn't give me the look that had in my mind (yes, i plan out looks in detail. Obsessive much?) so i rummaged through my closets of shame coz i remember that i went through a phase of buying wide legged pants for a while (still am, actually. I just LOVE wide legged pants coz they hide my thunder thighs!) there's gotta be a black one. And voila. This pants that i didn't even remember buying >.<.

Ofc, i had to pull a corresponding look  makeup wise.

Again, i have no gold lipstick (i want one tho! But then again i think a pale gold won't be very flattering on my pale skin!) so bronze it is!
The tassel earring is made by lovely friend Silvi, she made me a few different colors and  i LOVE them all! Oops, you can see my bra here. Ma bad!
Products used on my face :
1. MakeOver Corrective Base Makeup in Greenish 02
2. W Lab W-SNow BB Cushion
3. W Lab Sebum Out Finish Powder
4. Max Factor Master Touch All Day Concealer
5. Rivera Compact Powder used as contour
6. Zoya Cosmetics Brown Eyebrow Pencil
7. Rivera Eyeshadow 06 Classic Espresso
8. Canmake Eyeshadow
9. W Lab Clear Finish Gel Liner
10. Biel Lashes 
11. Pixy mascara
12. Color Concept Blush On
13. Wet n Wild Megaglo Illuminating Palette 320 Catwalk Pink
14. Mineral Botanica Ultra Pigment Matte Liquid Lipstick in 012 Dubai
LOL why i look so disgusted. Chelshea (who took all the photos in this blog post, thank you Chelshea!) commented how different my vibe in photos with in real life *LOL*. It's called "pencitraan" Chels, nobody should know the super rowdy #Pink just by looking at my photos!
Btw i just bought the bag a few weeks ago and i am obsessed with it! Oh and the wide obi too! It's def my latest obsession. I didn't want to spend too much on an obi so i search high and low for an appropriately priced on, super happy when i finally did! And now i want more WTF
Honestly the top's material is not my fave, it's kinda itchy (thanks to the glittery thread) and the thin material exaggerate the weird lines on my arms (my arms are huge but also muscular, not the ideal kind of arm for a girl by a mile... And no, i don't need any reminder about it. People who makes fun of other people's insecurity has a special place in hell. And they usually need a big fat mirror coz it's apparent that they forgot how they look like themselves, maybe in their minds they're all Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie. Dream on, b****), but i still like the whole effect so it's forgiven.
I absolutely love choker top and i won't stop wearing them even if they finally go out of season
Outfit Details :
Dark Gold Choker Top : H&M
Corsette Obi : Gaudi
Palazzo pants : La-Fe
Heels : Everbest
Cross Body : Christian Siriano for Payless
Tassel Earrings : handmade by Silvi
This is my favorite photo but there's a photo bomber T.T
Okay. I keep on saying that i want to post more fashion posts but i keep on forgetting to... So i guess my current goal is... Once a month? That should be attainable... I hope!
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