Woman Trunk 2017 : Behind the Scenes

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So last month (22nd of April, i should be blogging about this earlier but you already know by now how impossible my schedule lately) Surabaya Beauty Blogger and WomanBlitz held our very first Woman Trunk show (it was all over our Instagrams, if you haven't heard about it you're seriously missing a lot *stare*) and it was like a dream come true for all of us-all the forces behind the show. This post is not about the actual event, there's going to be part 2 for that, this time round i'm gonna talk about behind the scenes. All the months leading up to it!
Ellysa (mostly known as my cousin L in this blog, but we shall call her Ellysa from now on because it's no longer a secret and i don't think she'd mind :p), moi, Egie, Lilies and Nancy. All the brains behind the show ^^
If you want to know how it all started, it was from Nancy. She mentioned to Ellysa her desire to do a collaboration show, ofc my ever-so-manipulative cousin remembers me and my connections *LOL*. She contacted me and i immediately contacted the one person that i know can help us make this dream project happen : Lilies. Long story short, all four of us girls connected easily from the first time we met (maybe the fact that we're practically all the same age) so it helps a lot for the process.

Trust me, it was not an easy road until we reached the destination. We were looking for another partner to share the show with and also scrambling around to find sponsors to ease the burden (financially) that is shouldered by solely by our designers. We pitched and pitched, and pitched... We had our hopes up, then shattered (i will never forget that local brand that gave us hope and pulled at the very last minute grrrrr) over and over again *LOL*. This is our first and therefore, it's not easy to find someone who believed in us.

But alas, we decided that the show must go on-and fortunately Lilies (who pretty much handled everything) got in touch with her old friend Egie who's interested to join us. And so, the main stars are complete!

Our first official meeting with Egie was at day when we taped their profiles for the show!
This is Nancy Wong, our couture fashion designer (although currently i am persuading her to start a ready to wear line *LOL*). She's not very comfortable being taped/center of attention so she was super nervous about the taping. Seriously, i thought i was scared of taping, but Nancy is 10x worse >.<
I forced her to add more makeup to avoid looking pale in the photos *LOL*. FYI, Nancy usually only takes orders by clients (as most of her creations are couture dresses) but now she hopes to spread her wings and gets better exposure
And photo shoot
Egie's turn
Some of his designs that he brought that day, i fell in love with the pink and blue floral clutch immediately-of course!
Egie's story is mind blowing. This self-taught bag designer is actually already established in affordable bags category. If you own a cheap but funky bags/clutch you bought from local Instagram stores or bazaars : it's very likely that Egie produces it (check out Tempat Egie). He's now a huge supplier and maintains around 80 employees! He is currently grooming his premium line Egie.Room and he produces both male and female leather goods. 
Now this one needs no more introduction, yes? My cousin Ellysa is so not used to wear lipsticks that she keeps on talking funny and her employees were all freaking out *LOL*. This is the boss lady behind Me-Nail Shop, Me-Nail Salon and Me-Nail academy. She is also a certified nail artist and trainer who always updates her resume by constantly joining workshops to level up *LOL*
Taping for the profiles all over Tunjungan Plaza
Thankfully we weren't thrown out by security guards :p
The videographer definitely has the eye. Well, it is his job i guess :p
Narcissistic bunch haha
Ofc, we did meet up some more but unfortunately i keep on forgetting to document them *LOL*. Anyway, time seems to be flying away and soon it was time for the rehearsal.
Rehearsal was held at the venue, ofc-Primavera at Bumi Surabaya City Resort (which is also one of our main sponsors). Lilies is the person to go to if you need ideas, i don't know where all her inspirations come from, but she seriously has endless ideas. Like how she suddenly proposed having aesthetic doctors to be Nancy's models (and make it a reality!) and how she suddenly managed to convince Nancy (Nancy is also a pianist btw) to persuade her sister to play the piano during the fashion show!
I also want to shout out to Cynthian who were always eager to help out! For some reasons, we needed our official bloggers (those are Bella, Chelshea, Jess Ie, Angel and Devita) to be the models for Egie's bags-i needed one more and she agreed to help out! And then she even agreed to wear one of Ellysa's nail art (it was super long and she couldn't do anything while they were on *LOL*) for the day! Here she is pictured getting her nails fitted (yes, false nails also need fitting, not only clothes do!) by Me-Nail's senior nailist, Ms. Sulis
Last meeting before D-Day after rehearsal at KFC *LOL*. FYI my face was totally bare and swollen because i just had a facial (this happens almost every single time i had facials, but it swells down after a few hours)
We also had a very early live talkshow at Sonora radio (my second time there, definitely less nervous haha. I still don't enjoy talking to a microphone, but at least i stammer less now :p) to promote our show.
Oh, in case you're wondering who the other dude is... It's Egie's business partner
Ellysa was missing because she had some medical problems
And finally... We came to the D-Day! It was quite stressful day, but i can safely say we had a successful show (despite some minor setbacks. My biggest concern was the audio >.<... but it seems to be a huge problem in most shows in Surabaya coz i went to bigger fashion shows and they also had the same problem *LOL*. Still means we need to work on it for future shows tho. And yes, we do totally plan to have more and more Woman Trunk show in the near future!). We're all (me and Lilies especially) running around like headless chickens all day long, i am super grateful for the help of my SBB members who gave their time and energy to be our comittee for the day. Thank you guys (especially to Redha and Gita *kiss kiss)!
Backstage situations
Nancy's seamstress doing last minutes sewing
Our official Makeup Artist Ms. Fanny Blackrose who single handedly turned our medical doctors into stunning runway models! Here she is doing my fave doctor's face ^^. Hello dr. Imelda! Oh ya, Fanny also did choreographing for the doctors!
More of Nancy's staffs making sure all the gowns are flawless
Nancy being made up. For the models and main acts, the makeups were sponsored by LaSalle College!
Most of Ellysa's designs were worked on by her alumnus and students ^^
Busiest person of the day finally got her makeup done
While the ladies were scrambling around trying to get ready, Egie was ready from super early *LOL*
If you see SBB members in black running around, they were the comittees-and if you see SBB + Cynthian+Angel in white, that's because they're going to walk the runway haha. As Egie was generous enough to gift my girls with his clutch each, i asked them to help post photos with his bag in their Instagrams :D
Special shout out and thank you for Mr. Indra who helped with choreographs!
Evelin Wong on the piano!
The media coming early for press conference
As the decision for using influencers for the bag show was a last minute one, they actually could only rehearsed an hour before the show
Ellysa was busy doing interviews with the press and so were the other two designers
This is where the behind the scene ends, so i'm gonna tell you all about the actual event in the next post!

Stay tuned!


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