Singapore October 2016 : Part 3 (the Rest of the Trip)

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We finally reach the end of the mini Singapore trip series and i can work on my Japan trip finally, yay!

Like you might already know, we only went to Singapore for USS Halloween Horror Nights 6 and we spent the rest of the time just strolling around, lazying at home, eat out and be totally domestic. Mundane, you say? Well, we have been married for 10 years (WTF, as i typed this, i realized we missed our Anniversary. AGAIN. LOLOLOL. This happens a lot! Imma go demanding for my pressie) so we are very comfortable with each other (if you are not comfortable with your spouse after being together for so long i'd say there's something very wrong with your relationship and i strongly suggest a divorce therapy) and i can safely say that we really enjoy each other's company so being mundane is also very enjoyable for us *LOL*.

Speaking about eating out, we did ate at multiple restaurants-which is not very usual for me since i am very stingy. I usually prefer to eat at foodcourts/kopitiams really, it's just that there are so many good offers, even i couldn't resist.

Hunny got a craving for an Asian BBQ (we like both Korean and Japanese ones, it doesn't matter for us either way) and there were a few that we saw at Bugis+. We decided to try out Rocku Yakiniku because they have a pretty fantastic deal for lunch *LOL*.

Rocku Yakiniku

BUGIS+, Singapore  188067

Tel: 6634 3313
Fax: 6634 3303
The restaurant is very spacious, it's also very dimly lit so i apologize for dodgy photos
Their concept is to merge a traditional yakiniku place with edgy Japanese pop culture
They were having a very good lunch promotion, it was... SGD 16.90 per person or something. I can't remember ofc, but it was a lot less than SGD 20 because i remember that it was a very good deal that i agreed to eat Japanese BBQ in the afternoon (usually i would only eat such things in the evening)
There are quite a lot of choices of meat and seafood that you can ask for. They would bring in a first set which i think is mandatory because we wouldn't normally order squid and their friends when having yakiniku
Then you can order as much variant as you want and they would bring it to you. If you need more, just call for them. I think we ordered four times or something, it's a bit embarrassing to keep on calling the waiters (and wonder if they secretly judge us for eating so much HAHAHA), but at the same time it's also a good thing because we couldn't take too much meat for ourselves and then realize that we couldn't eat them
Not gonna lie, i love meself some meat *start salivating*
My personal chef. Ofc, they also have a station of other food (fried stuffs like kaarage, etc. Also rice and fried rice) where you can go mad. I personally prefer to concentrate on the meat LOL*
Nom nom nommy!
Me looking extra witchy with the blue light and my Halloween makeup hahaha
We were so full and sleepy after eating *LOL*, i managed to did some shopping as a bit of exercise :p and it was around the time of the whole Doctor Strange hype so hunny was very happy when we stumbled into this life-sized Doctor Strange figurine.
While we're at the random pictures topic, i found this soap at those boxes store (i don't know how to explain it. It's those store where you can rent a box and sell your stuffs there. It's starting to come to Indonesia too now but it's been around in Singapore for as long as i can remember). This is a soap that claims to make you "magic free" (i'm sure they mean black magic) and from jin (Moslem's demons, i think this is the correct way to translate it)'s disturbances :)). How convenient. Now you don't even have to go all through the troubles to find a Bomoh if a demon is  posessing you, just use this product :)). 
Because i love trolls and yep, i was dead embarrassed but my desire to get a pic with them was bigger than my embarrassment
Random gold brownies we got at Parkway Parade. Hunny loves it, it was a bit too bitter for me. I do not like dark chocolate -___-
And the last thing i want to talk about a bit is the hotel we're staying in Sentosa, Siloso Beach Resort.
Siloso Beach Resort
51 Imbiah Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 099538
Phone: +65 6722 3333
Blurry pic of hunny as we were going to the bus stop *LOL*
The place is quite uniquely built, i was very confused when we arrived and we're already in the mid level. We realized later that our room was at the very bottom near the pool. I don't even know how to explain it, wonder if they're built in a cliff or something
The resort is extremely green, it's expected because it's an eco living resort. They stress on the importance of living greenly and self-sustained. It's very unique and purposeful i think
Another thing that i admired about this place is the fact that they hire a lot of people with disabilities to work there
I find this place to feel very cool and calm, unlike the rest of the island that feels hotter haha
The lobby area is quite hidden
Unfortunately, i forgot to snap pictures of the room. It's quite comfortable, homey and i did have a very good night sleep (partly because i was dead tired and partly because it was very comfortable and the vibe was very positive) there. The room's size's okay, not too cramped but not too big either, quite perfect for a couple. Room rate is around 2mill rupiahs per night, pretty up there-but still the cheapest you can find in Sentosa Island. Staffs are okay and pretty helpful, some are a bit rude but i'm kinda used to that in Singapore *LOL*. Breakfast is very simple and plain, i found it almost like an insult for such a high room rate *LOL*, it was more of something you'd expect from a hostel
I just realized in the morning that they have some interesting environmental related activities and spots like their eco tour and nature walk  so that's totally not something that you can find in other hotels.
I asked for a little photo sesh and he was not too happy about it
I did get some pretty nice pics tho ^^
Very minimal makeup day (just helped by the deep red lipstick to make it look  like i  put on an effort *LOL*) because i was just so tireddd
After that we went back to Vivo City to buy some souvenirs (from Daiso *LOL*. I almost always buy souvenirs from Daiso especially for my employees because they have nice thing and super affordable, ofc). Thanks to the crazy time we had the night before, i pretty much had to start "crawling" again *LOLOLOL*. Still got time to shop for some bargained original toys for Little O some more.
Hunny met another one of his idol
Well, we went back right home and spent most of the time at home. The next day we went to Parkway Parade (again) for some last minute shopping, something stupid happened next. Hunny bought me a bracelet, a pretty pricey one from Lovisa (it was their genuine semi precious stones' one)-and when we arrived back to the condo i asked for it because i was going to pack it. He couldn't find it, freaked out and decided to go back to Lovisa because we thought he left without taking it after paying. We used a Mifi to share and he left it with me so i couldn't even contact him, and time was ticking towards the time that we really should be leaving for the airport. 

It was one of the longest time i felt like (only pales in comparison to when i was waiting for him to look for my Iphone that got stolen on our flight back from Japan FML. Seriously, from now i should only pack things that i am prepared to lose, stuffs that are not very valuable and has no sentimental attachment to me FML), and when he finally came back-he still didn't have it. Then he found it in his back pocket, where it had been the entire time -____-. Us and our crazy stories -___-.

Oh well, this one ended up with a happy ending (seriously, i feel like the end of my second Japan trip kinda ruined the whole thing for me. Very sad coz i had such a good time for the most part) so all's good ^^ and it sure was a very memorable trip for us. My first Halloween Horror Night, woohooo... I really wanna go again ^^.

I'll prep my Japan trip posts, hopefully i can be very productive and finish them before my next trips... Is that even possible... I don't know!
But i'll try!

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