Review : Bangkok Face Gem Fruit Pudding Cream & Lotus Sparkling Mask (Sponsored)

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Hellow hellow :D...

We all know that Asians (and even non Asian as well, i notice Westerner are starting to take notice of Asian cosmetic and skin cares now!) are crazy about Korean cosmetics, now there's a new Asian country contender in the beauty scene which has been making a buzz in beauty community lately, that is our close neighboring country : Thailand!

I saw more and more Thai cosmetic brands flooding our market and thought it was interesting (plus i saw many bloggers raved about them) but since i am not exactly adventurous when it comes to my skin care (or rather, don't pay that much attention...), i never took my interests further than just inspecting them. Then Bangkok Face Indonesia contacted me and asked me if i'm interested to try their product, of course i jumped to the chance :D!

I told the owner that i would only review a skin care product after trying them on for at least 2 weeks, and that i was leaving for a holiday to Bandung and Jakarta so she quickly sent the products so i actually received them three days before i left to Bandung (exactly two days after they contacted me, talk about speedy!) so i could try them right away and brought them with me on holiday!
Sorry my face looked so dark because i was going for a tanned look and wore powder that was around 3 shades too dark for me *LOL*
Like you can see in the pic above, they kindly sent me two products that goes hand in hand for a brighter, clearer, firmer skin!
Gem Fruit Pudding Cream and Lotus Sparkling Mask
Let's talk about them one by one, shall we? *Rubs hands excitedly*

Do you know that my most favorite word in the world is gellee? Jelly lah, but i like it even more when it's spelt like that. Why, i also dunno, i just found the word super cute and makes me feel gleeful whenever i see/write/say it *LOL*. Well, my second favorite word would be pudding *i am weird, but we all know that already* so i was instantly in love with the product based on the name alone LOLOLOL.

Let's talk packaging first... Both products actually come with the exact same packaging. The outer box' made from carton with white and hot pink colors dominating them. To be completely honest, i found the packaging to be quite meh (especially after i learnt about their prices later!) and (sorry, sorry...) cheap looking. But! It's what's inside that matters right? Especially for skin care! So i totally overlook the packaging and focus on the product inside :D! Let's take a detailed look on the box first though (i took lots of pics :p).
Explanation on why they are using pomegranate (Thai pome, to be exact) as their main ingredient
It's an all-day all-night cream, totally convenient and economical coz you don't need to buy two separate creams anymore!
The ingredients... Please take a look for yourself, you know i'm horrible and don't pay attention to such things. The owner informed me that Bangkok Face's products are made from all organic ingredients, 100% safe and free from harmful stuffs (they have a certificate from TDSA to declare so uploaded on their Instagram)
The box is sealed with stickers to ensure that it's a brand new product
Manufactured just this May, very fresh product!
The product's placed in a plastic jar and sealed with plastic. The jar itself is made from a pretty sturdy looking plastic and while it doesn't look particularly fancy or expensive, it looks quite fine in my opinion :).
Once you open the twist top, you'll find a clear plastic lid ensuring your product to stay put and don't spill everywhere even if you accidentally place them upside down or anything :P (this only works on the pudding cream though, read on to know why i say that)
Now, i can hear germ phobics gasps in horror when i mention the jar packaging *LOL*, i know it can be not super hygienic, but there's always other ways to dispense the product out if you do not want to use your hand *even though i feel a clean, just washed finger works just fine but that's just me*, you can use fresh cotton buds every time to dip in and got some products out, or a spatula. It shouldn't be an issue...
The gem fruit pudding cream  is peachy in color (it shocked and scared me a little at first, i am not used to colored creams you see, most creams i've used in the past were white or cream at most! But now that i think about it, the color make sense since their main ingredient IS pomegranate! Silly me!) and the texture truly makes me happy *LOL*. It's so strange! Pudding like, kinda solid and very thick but once you got some on your fingers it melts slightly. I never seen anything like this before and the little girl in me is very very giddy with happiness to have such a cute product *LOL*.

As you know, i am quite fussy with scents so the first thing i did was sniff the jar :p. At first i didn't really like the scent, it has a sweet, kinda artificial fruit pudding (really!) scent, but after continuous usage, the scent actually grew on me and now i really like the scent!
As you can see, the cream is very pudding-like and thick, it's not the easiest thing to scoop them out lightly. But you can also see how it starts to melt already on my finger! It's actually quite easy to spread and got absorbed super fast on our skin.

What i found even stranger than the texture was how smooth it made my skin feels immediately once applied. Like, super smooth and silky! I couldn't stop touching my skin after i applied the cream, really! It also left no greasy trails behind, in fact it makes my skin feels very matte but super soft and fuwa fuwa (i mean, fluffy)! It made me scratch my head in confusion! I was initially a bit worried that it might drain out my natural skin's oil and turn my skin to super dry, but of course it didn't happen haha. It does makes my skin feels a bit tight after a few minutes, i believe it's the LIFTING effect! I woke up the next day with an oily face though, and i am relieved because that means this cream is moisturizing enough despite the matte, tight feeling it gave.

I have a very oily but not sensitive and not acne prone skin, my original skin condition is well... pretty well in the first place. That's why i also put it on religiously on my hunny's super dry and sensitive skin, and it does wonders!!! Just like my skin, upon first application his skin immediately softened and became very silky smooth and supple. I am delighted to say that this cream definitely works on both oily and dry skin!

We've been using this cream (along with the mask) for almost 3 weeks (although i never wear day creams because they make my skin crazy oily so i only use this at night, and i also only remember to put this on hunny before we go to sleep hehe) now and we definitely in love (with them both)! I will show you the before and after picture on my hunny's skin later because i think it's more dramatic on him. 

Like i said, my skin's already *ahem* very clear in the first place so in general i don't see many changes but it definitely keeps my skin in tip top condition despite the fact that i went traveling during my PMS and that i went to Jakarta. My skin never loves Jakarta's air and i usually get one or two zits whenever i go there for longer than a few days (i was in Jakarta for around 2 weeks) and by using this cream religiously not only it kept my skin from breaking out (except some redness that i caused by myself by poking and squeezing on some whiteheads endlessly because i can't stand them), it also reduce the redness on the red dots i had from old acnes (i very rarely get zits, but once i do it takes pretty long to fade, and since i am very pale, the dots stood out like a red light on my face zzz).

Here's a (very) close up look on my cheek :
This cream claims to whitens (i believe by whitens they meant brightens), lifts and minimize pores. From the picture above, i totally agree that it does minimize my pores although not like, super dramatically. As for brightens, i see it on my hunny's skin! His skin's healthier than ever, very supple and bouncy! The lifting part i can feel, but since our skin's still very firm (ahem), i don't think it's something you can see with naked eyes but that we can definitely FEEL.
LOVE this! And as you can see from the condition of my pinkie finger, this picture's taken today after i voted :D
Since the mask is a complement to the cream and we used them alternatively, i believe the end result is definitely the work of both products. That's why i will show you the before and after photo of my hunny's skin later after we talk about the mask, okay?
Lotus Sparkling Mask is actually a sleeping mask since you're supposed to use it for 2-3 times every week before bed without washing it off. I have always had a fear for sleeping masks because, well... Even cream moisturizers that are too rich could give me whiteheads and even small pimple at times, let alone a sleeping mask! But i am glad to find out that this mask's quite friendly with my skin!
It comes in an exactly the same packaging as the pudding cream

As you can see, the product came totally sealed in plastic to ensure that it is a brand new product
However when i removed the lid, the inner lid was already shifted like this (due to the very watery and slippery texture of the mask) and the rim of the jar was quite messy :(
I've already mentioned the texture of this mask earlier, it is very runny and watery. It's pale orangey-yellow colored (it reminds me of mango yogurt!) and has a soft floral scent that turns a bit sour when you get some on your finger. I hate sour smelling face products, but as the scent disappears once you applied the mask on your face and totally unnoticeable, it doesn't bother me.

Even though the sparkling mask comes in exactly the same jar packaging as the pudding cream, they have polar opposite texture so when the packaging works well for the cream, it fails miserably for the mask. Not only it was already messy when i first received it, i also brought it for holiday (still stored inside the box) and when i opened it again in Surabaya, it became even more messy! Even though i only apply this twice a week (but you can count it as 4 applications since i wear it with hunny), due to spillage there's less than half a jar left while the cream (which i use more often, 5x a week times two) still got a lot more than half a jar! (That means the packaging is very un-travel friendly but if you just store them at home then there'd be no problem whatsoever)

Packaging aside, the mask itself works pretty nicely on both mine and hunny's skin. It spread very nicely and got absorbed fast, it does leave my skin extremely oily but not unbearably so. Even though it's very moisturizing, it doesn't cause whiteheads to pop out onto my face or cause zit to appear. As for my hunny, it works hand in hand with the pudding cream to make his skin super soft and supple!
Hunny's skin before : dull, dry, patchy and "bleh" hahaha
After almost 3 weeks of using Fruit Pudding Cream and Lotus Sparkling Mask : super soft, supple, healthy and brighter! Dull no more!
My bare face after almost 3 weeks of using both products too :)
Cam-whoring with the product is a must :D
In summary, i find both products to work really really well on me and even better on hunny! It totally delivers, i can see great and significant results within only weeks! It really brightens, softens, minimize pores, lightens up acne scars (although admittedly both of us has very little of them), helps my oily skin to be more bearable too as well as hydrates my hunny's super dry skin so well! I highly recommend these two products (coz they work best together) to practically everybody since it works on both male and female with polar opposite kind of skins :D. These products really makes me want to try more Thai beauty products coz they're so niceeee >.<!

Price wise, each products retails around IDR 229.000-most retailers might have package price if you buy two, Bangkok Face Indonesia is an authorized first distributor in Jakarta and they're not selling the products for retail so they can only inform me the suggested price which is IDR 429.000 for both (so you're interested to try them you can check if the shop's price's reasonable by comparing them to these suggested prices). Yes, they're not very cheap (compared to local products or some Korean brands') but after trying them, i actually believe they're worth every penny! If you only have a limited budget, i suggest you to at least get the pudding cream (it works like a dream!), of course it'd be better if you get both, but the pudding cream itself already work really well on its own for us :D!

Again, i want to thank Bangkok Face Indonesia for giving me a chance to try out these awesome products! Here's some information on Bangkok Face Indonesia (where you can get more information on their products) :

Bangkok Face Indonesia (
Authorized First Distributor Jakarta 
Line ID : kimmykhoe 
WA / SMS : +628989239441 
BBM : 74EF8B94 
Email :


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  1. Dicobain jg ke hubby ya ce? XD nice idea haha
    Aku jg nyobain cream thailand yg kudapet ke BF :p smoga manjur

    1. Hehe iya, kulitnya hubby kering kerontang jd kalo ada brg baru wajib di cobain ke dia juga :D kalo cocok di dia pass dry skin test deh!

  2. lengkap banget ce reviewnya
    mind to follback?


  3. Nice Review Mindy, salam kenal yaaa

  4. The product sounds very good by ur review.. wish we got it here.. thanks fr sharing :)

    1. It's pretty nice :). It's probably available online but i know how inconvenient international shipping can be!

  5. I didn't think the packaging was any cheap-looking. It looks fair! Hehe anyway, it's my first time to see that peach colored cream as well. The scent must be good as a fruit pudding.

    1. Haha yeah, i actually meant compared to the price (it's around USD 20), the packaging can look a bit nicer. If i am to judge the price by the packaging alone i'd guess only half of the price >.<... Actually the smell is like a pudding but very artificially so, do i make any sense? It grows on me though!