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Hey guysss :D...

Guess what, it's another blog post from my mini Ipad, boy am i productive or what??? Three blog posts all written fully while i'm on a holiday *proud* *taps own shoulder*. It's going to be this holiday's last Ipad-written post though, we're flying back to Surabaya tomorrow (having a resting day today haha). I don't suffer from pre-post holiday blues though (yes, there IS such a thing alright!!! I only suffer from them when we're holidaying overseas though, especially to very lovely places. I started feeling sad halfway through our Europe trip last year WTF, i just didn't want it to end...).

In fact, i cannot wait to go home. I've checked all the list of places i wanted to visit in Jakarta (yes, 90% are malls of course, what do you expect?), bought everything i wanted (well, almost. I bought this super cute violet organza skirt at MKG and was eyeing the baby pink one but there was no fitting room so i didn't want to risk buying more than one in case they don't fit! I went home, tried it on immediately and not only it fitted-it was also super princessy and cute! When CL told me we're having Au's sweet sixteen on the 11th and the dresscode's mint, pink and white-i immediately pictured myself in that super pretty baby pink skirt with a white lace top. I can LITERALLY see myself in them! Of course, when i get back to buy them last night-only the baby pink one was sold out. WTF) and now all i wanna do is go back to Surabaya, hang out with my friends, blog normally and enjoy normal life (which i would be sick of in less than 2 months and be needing another vacay. But i do have another trip lined up for later next month so it shouldn't be an issuee, teehee!).

Ah, i hope you don't mind my usual long ramblings before i get to the point of this blog post (coz i have no plan to change my writing style, like... ever) :p. Anyway! The blog post about what's inside my current travel makeup pouch got so many love (big number on the hits hahaha) so i decided to go on and blog about the skin cares (think of it as th second part of that previous post!) that i brought with me in this trip. Like my makeup, i like to bring samples and travel sized products on my travels (mainly because i don't have sensitive skin so trying put new stuffs usually would not do anything crazy on my skin) but i change it up less often because i always try to finish those samples before putting anything new inside.
Yes, that's beauty related pouch number 3 *LOL*. I got this purple cosmetic organizer from disdus in a delusional hope that i would be able to fit everything inside it. Actually it's not a delusion lahh, it's just that i am forever worrying that my new eyeshadow and lippies would be broken or get out of shape if i chuck it into my checked-in luggage so i prefer to bring them on a separate pouch and hand  carry it. Bad experiences with broken newly purchased powders and stuffs, i am trying to learn from my mistakes!
The cosmetic organizer that looks sturdier than it really is zzzz. I mean, it's plushy but firm enough to cushion the products inside from being crushed and all, but the mesh compartment inside... I overestimated their strength and zipped them up with force (bulging with products) and shred them within seconds, in like.. my 3rd or 4th time traveling with it. HUH!

Now let's inspect what i have inside!
Just before we left for Bandung, Bangkok Face Indonesia kindly sent me these Lotus Sparkling Mask and Gem Fruit Pudding Cream to try and i have been using them on myself and hunny ever since. I am going to write a full review on them once i get back to Surabaya and resume blogging normally, but for now all i can say is they work really really well on me, and even better on hunny! Love them!
I also brought these Etude House Collagen Moistfull trial set (i've finished up the eye cream and moisturizer so they're all that's left now hehe) that i've been bringing to many trips and still got plenty in them. I truly love the eye cream (for myself) and moisturizer (on hunny) but i cannot be bothered with so  MANY steps! And if i chuck them all on my face i get loads of whiteheads since they're too rich for my oily face. In this trip i use the First Essence as my toner (it's pretty wonderful) and the Facial Freshener as a make up primer (coz i am easily suggested and read a review on how it makes a great primer :p. Hopefully i am not biased after reading that review because i feel like i agree in almost everything the reviewer said!) and the emulsion... well, it's just standing there because i haven't been using it much (or at all in this trip hehe).
Skin Food Gold Caviar Eye Serum that i got from (yes, you know) a former beauty box. It's quite decent even though it's no miracle worker. More information when i actually review it hehe (I KNOW, i keep on making promises!!!).
Well of course, you should always bring cotton pads (to use with your makeup remover and toner) and cotton buds to correct any makeup application mistakes..
Nextcare Acne Care patches, i find acne patches works really well whenever i got a zit (and especially to stop myself from touching them, which i find impossible to do!) so now i always bring some on my travels. This type i got from Taiwan, but Nextcare acne patches are easy to get locally from plenty of supermarkets and drugstores.

The skin care products are pretty much covered up there, but i still got a few extra things inside :
Sharpener in case any of my eyeliner suddenly needs to be sharpened. Eyelash curler and Lancome mini mascara, again just in case i suddenly feel the need to apply any mascara during the trip, which is very unlikely because applying mascara is the part which makes my can-be-done-in-20-minutes-or-less makeup routine become an-hour-or-more *LOL* and i have decided a few trips ago that i don't need the extra hassle and my eyeliners do they job to open up my eyes enough. And true, i never even touched them in the last 2 weeks hehe. The last item is Revlon makeup corrector which is wonderful when i make mistakes with my eyeliners so it's always comes in handy!
I cannot live without my contacts, obviously. I would be blind as a bat without them and glasses makes me groggy! I wore the super comfortable ones i got in Taiwan at the moment but i also brought the eye enlarging, super cute but also ultra uncomfortable one just in case (i know i use that phrase a lot in this post WTF) i want to look extra dolly sometime during the trip. It didn't happen, comforts definitely trumps dolly eyes on trips, obvi. And i begun lugging eye drops (there was a phase when getting eyedrops for contacts was harder than finding needle in the haystack locally, thankfully it has passed!) ever since i start using that ultra uncomfortable contacts.
Last two items : his and her's perfumes! I do own a lot of Oriflame products (told ya i cannot resist pretty, glossy catalogs and affordable prices) and i can definitely vouch that my fave products from them are their perfumes. They have plenty of very nice smelling perfumes with superb staying power. Nice smell, check. Great staying power, check. Affordable price (especially when they're on promo, dont buy anything full price from Oriflame!), check. These two were my latest perfume purchase from Oriflame, they have the scratch and sniff thing on their catalog and i liked what i smelt, plus they were having a promotion, only IDR 199.000 for a pair so i immediately got them. They are also small enough to lug on travels comfortably. We both been loving these two for sure!

Andddd... that's it! I could prolong the series with the bath stuffs *LOL* but i mostly ran out of them already and threw the packaging out so i think i'm not gonna do it (this time). Hope you enjoy reading this! What stuffs do you have in your travel beauty pouches? If you have similar posts in you blog do leave a link on the comment box below, i'd love to check them out!

PS : I finally watched The Fault in Our Stars yesterday (we watched 4 movies in Jakarta alone haha), it made me cry so hard and i love it as much as i love the book. I'm thinking of dedicating a ufull blog post on it...

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  1. Ditunggu review bangkok facenya ce ^^
    jd penasaran pengen coba nexcarenya jg :p

    1. Barusan udah aq post review nya Shel :D... Nextcare cocok2 an, tp buat aq ok banget hehe

  2. awww ur sunglasses so cute and i wan to try the bangkok look so good......hahha u so hardworking to blog during holiday!!good job dear...when im in holiday i wont blog at all!!jus post pictures on instagram!

    1. It's from Claire's and i lurveee it hehe :D. Yes, those Bangkok Face products are really nice :D! Hahaha most of the time i wouldn't blog either when i'm on a holiday, but this trip was like 3 weeks long and we're staying at our own apartment so i had lots of free time!

  3. How high is your eye grade? I also wear contacts now every day. How often do you change your contacts container? It's to cute (yellow one)! :)

    1. -7 each >.<! I prefer to wear glasses at home though! I change them at least every time i change my contacts, i know i should change more often but i tend to forget!

  4. I loved you necessaire! It's so cute!