What's Inside My (Current) Travel Makeup Pouch

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Hey guys!!!

How's everybody doing? I've been very busy having fun with my family at Jakarta :D, we even went to Star Trek's exhibition earlier today *LOL*. I'd be the first to admit that we're the biggest nerds out there, but we're not exactly Star Trek's fans, still-we'd never let any chance to geek out pass us by :P. That's not what i'm going to yap about today (i snapped a truckload of pics and would be dedicating a whole blog post for the exhibition!) though, i have no way to import the pictures from our cameras to my Ipad and yes, i am attempting to do a full blog post entirely from my mini Ipad! (All the pictures in this blog post's also taken by my Ipad for convenience sake, so please excuse the quality!)

One of my fave reads in beauty blogs is the "What's inside my makeup pouch" kind of stuffs (no idea why, probably because i am simply a nosey person in general :p) and i've been doing that type of posts more than a few times myself, especially the "Beauty stuffs i bring to my travels" ones-but since what i am bringing on my travels mostly always changes, i think it's always interesting to make a new one on (almost) every travel *LOL*. I sure hope most of you are as nosey as me, that is!
Those are the makeup pouches i brought with me in this 2014's family summer holiday (yezzz, i like to put a title on everything, sue me!)-but that's not all, i still have one more makeup organizer that i used mainly to store my skin cares. Not going to show you that other pouch here though coz i'm focusing on the makeups right now, i'd probably make another post for skin cares (if i'm not too lazy. Told ya i left my glasses in Surabaya and as comfortable as my contacts are, i do not like to use them for much longer than absolutely necessary, my poor eyes!) since i have anxiety for leaving this blog dormant for too long (damn #Undecided for not writing at all since i left! Please don't abandon me, readers!!! *dramatic*).

Anyway. Let's see what's inside pouch #1, shall we?
But first, let me take a selfie... Errrr, no, i mean let me tell you a little bit about that pretty and elegant looking (meaning : totally un-me.. LOLOLOLOL, i'm all about pinky, rainbow, cupcakes and unicorn, remember? Not a single classy bone in me!) pouch... I actually got it from attending Shiseido/Grand Palace event last August (i'd normally link the blog post up but i don't think it's possible to do via ipad zzzz) but never found the right ocassion to use it yet, until now :D. So yes, the pouch is brand new, i just took it out from the plastic wrap before we left... And so are around 50% of the content! (oh, i take that back, only 25%'s new!)
Yup, those are the stuffs inside, and i also cannot write captions on the pictures. ZZZ. Travel-blogging is definitely not convenient.

I actually forgot to feature 1 item, because i chucked it in my makeup organizer (yes, i am messy, whatever. You can discuss about my messiness or general ickiness with my mum and you'd be talking to her for a month), and that is :
Wah, so blurry ah. LOL, sorry. Anyway, turned out not 1 but 2, eh? But they're the same product, Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream-both travel sized (pretty big, not the sad sad tiny ones) deluxe sample i got from beauty boxes (which we have no more zzz, RIP Indonesian' beauty boxes!!!). I wore it in Hong Kong (and Bali) and now throughout the Bandung/Jakarta trip (and i haven't even finished one, so 1 tiny tube's more than enough for one month of daily usage!) It's quite nice! I will do a more thorough review on them sometime in the (you guessed it) future.
Nothing new or exciting here, just my must have item : concealers. My usual DHC Medicated Acne Care concealer that's on its last leg (i wear it everyday here because my face is a hot mess right now, combination of monthly business with travels and my allergic to Jakarta super polluted air.. Sigh. Lots of red dots on my chin right now, driving me insane. NEED. FACIAL. NOW) and Etude House's Surprise Essence Concealer for my under eyes.

Tiny Hello Kitty brush set (which i hardly use because i rarely wear more than one color on my lid and i prefer to use my fingers when i only use one, shimmery color hehe) and bow brush that i use to apply finishing powder all over my face (bought it in Sasa).
I brought my cute (and tiny) Kluge by Sophie Martin's compact powder and it turned out to be 1 or 2 shades too dark (and yellow WTF, i look like i got jaundice or something whenever i put it on hahahaha) even though i chose the lightest shade available. And yes, i am one of those crazy people who puts on new makeups on d-day without trying it on before, don't judge me. That's why i also brought along my Esprique face powder which doubles up as both a finishing powder and a highlighter (when i wear powders that are way too dark for me, i like to apply crazy amount of light highlighter all over my face to neutralize the color, not the crazy shimmery ones of course, i have no desire to cosplay as a disco ball...), I feel naked without a streak of pearly white sheen on my nose bridge now WTH...

I don't think i'd be reviewing this Kluge compact powder (coz i dunno if they still sell it? Sophie Martin tends to change up some of their products as Oriflame and Korean brands...), mainly because i forgot to take pictures before using it (and turned it from uber cute to uber dirty and fugly *LOL*) and also because i planned to use it just for touch up purposes-that's before i realize that it's way too dark for me so it won't ever work for touch ups!) so lemme summarize it quickly here : it has a surprisingly good coverage (i'd say it's medium coverage), pretty great oil control (i only need to blot my face like once or twice in a whole day), very powdery (as in lots of fallouts when i swipe the puff on it) therefore making the case absolutely messy, has a strange-floral but not very pleasant-old lady smell. It comes in a super cute packaging and very cheap price (don't ask me how much). Unfortunately since it's pretty thick, it has the possibility to clog up your skin, i think it's making my whiteheads problem worsened zzzz. But it should be okay if you use it like, 3- 4 times a week, i personally think it's unhealthy to wear compact powder every single day anyway, but that's just my opinion! It performs much better than i thought it'd ever be, now if only they have a lighter color choices...
I (always) only bring one eyeshadow in my travels because i mainly just use one (very light and preferably shimmery) shade all over my lid and be done with it, but since my OCD makes me feel like it's a must to bring new makeups everytime and i ran out of (new) single eyeshadows, i brought out this Ishine eyeshadow trio (in Smokey Diamond) that i also got from a beauty box (Vanity Trove! *so proud that i actually remembered LOLOLOL*) from my stash. Been wearing the very pale grey color everyday and since we're staying in our own apartment (and always have plenty of time to get ready) in Jakarta, i've also been using the other colors the last couple of days. Yes, i've also added it in my (miles long) "to review" list. So far so good.
E.l.f eye primer because i want my eyeshadow color to lasts all day long and Mai Doll liquid eyeliner duo (bought in Sasa). I thought i'd want to use the black one (still sealed) sometime, but i haven't even used it once *LOL*. I'm definitely not adventurous when it comes to eyeliners, i just stick to one eyeliner until it runs out! Yes, almost everything in this blog post i plan to review :p, ambitious right?
The Face Shop Color My Eye Brow that i often forgot to wear haha, my bangs' covering my brows anyway :p... I plan to get them shaped in Browhaus soon, can't wait to get my unruly, crazy brows in shape again!!!
My old but pretty Etude blush on (told ya it's becoming my traveling blush on hahaha, it's very pretty on pictures too ^^) coz i can't go out without putting at least some blush on, and a spare Clear & Clear Oil Control Film in case i run out of my current one..

That's all that i got inside my big, black (okay i have the urge to roll around laughing at this, i hope some of you get what i mean so i don't feel like the dirtiest girl on the planet :p) makeup pouch, moving on to the small one that i brought out with me everyday in this trip :
I wrote once that i almost never bought any makeup pouch (i am very very stingy when it comes to stuffs that you can't see immediately :p, you should see the state of my underwears...)  and this one's no exception, this was a gift from LL when she went to Bali like, a few years ago. It's all dirty and ugly now coz i've used it for so long, and the zipper's kinda broken but it's the perfect size for my tiny bag...
My current bag (that's already very stained and fugly on the backside *sobs uncontrollably*, and it's brand newwww... That's why i don't wear expensive bags when i'm traveling! Sometimes i feel the urge to dump it to the trash once i get back from the trip zzzz) is a very flat and small Christian Siriano for Payless purse, and the round Eos lipbalm must even be stored outside the pouch to maintain a good shape for the pouch *LOL*.
Betadine Antiseptic band aid because i often have problems with my shoes so i think it's wise to have some band aids ready on my purse at all time, and of course, the one product that i have to bring whenever i go out : oil blotters (currently using Clean & Clear, mostly because they go on promo all the time hehe).
My usual Anna Sui inspired (bought in Stroberi WTH LOLOLOL) mirror+comb for my stupid fringe..
I usually only bring one lipstick+one lipgloss on my travels (i am not one of those "Life is too short to wear one shade of lipstick in one day" type of girl, i'm too OCD! I stick to one color per day that's why i hate wearing lippies from palettes because i can't really lug a huge makeup palette around, can't i???) but since i'm going to two different cities, i decided to bring two (brand new) lipsticks. Coz you can't argue with a weirdo like me, that's why.

Lipgloss is... bought in Sasa from a brand that i cannot detect *LOLOL*, but it's a Japanese brand :p. There's a website written in the tube, i'd probably try to open the website when i'm not too lazy, that'd be... approximately 10 years from now HAHAHAHAHAHA) Fuschia Ristra (Indonesian brand) lipstick also from Vanity Trove, and a soft pink (i kept on postponing trying it out because it look so pale on the tube, and i haven't been loving pale lips in a long long time since i discover my love for dark and bright lip colors, but it turned out to be not so pale, it's actually a "my lips but better" lippie on my pale pink lips!) travel sized Shiseido lipstick (that i also got from the same event where i got the black pouch from). Been loving all three a lot, all very comfortable and pretty! Yes yes, review (not too) soon...
Vision by Oriflame eyeliner duo, which i brought EVERYWHERE already until it became so fugly already hehe. So convenient, the black side for the outer half of my waterline and the white side for the other half, opens up my eyes make them look dolly immediately. Another product that i probably would not review, but it's actually pretty good. I know most people don't have the best impression about Oriflame products (at least in Indonesia), but this eyeliner's actually pretty decent. Pigmented, quite smooth and creamy. The black one smudges, yes, but not as bad as most pencil liners. I actually love Vision's colorful, metallic eyeliners, very pretty and lasts all day long!
Last item : L'Occitane Pivione Flora hand cream, another deluxe sample from a former beauty box (BTI?). You know how i always too lazy to apply hand cream and struggle to finish even sample sized ones, but i'm running out of this L'Occitane one now, mostly because my hands are super dry lately from washing bloody undies (LOLOLOLOL, sorry :P TMI) with Biore shower gels. Geez, i really cannot touch Biore shower gels (and most probably Lux's too) now :(...
Okayyy, i almost totally forgot about this cute little egg-shaped lipbalm, although lipbalm is definitely one of the must bring item no matter where i go (basically i can live without certian items in a trip, even glasses LOL, but if i forgot to bring a lipbalm then i'd have to purchase one immediately, my priority's pretty messed up, eh?) and this time round i have with me an Eos lipbalm, the violet colored one-it was  part of a duo package (tropical/summer fruit series? Though none of the two smell taste even remotely like a tropical fruit or any fruit at all (i dislike their scents >.<, but i love the cute shape and the function).

And that's all of the makeup (and more) products i got in my current travel makeup pouch! This post turned out to be much longer than i planned, my contacts are drying up like crazy from staring at this Ipad for too long, must take them out now! Hope you enjoy this post, should i make a blog post about the skincares too?
(picture taken from my IG : MGirl83, do follow me if you're interested to see what we're up to daily :D, i post my hauls faster there too, and more complete haha)

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    1. Thank you, it's kinda dirty and fugly in real life though hahaha

  2. Lucu make up pouchnya yah jd pengen..
    btw ko blm folback dear.. folback aku yah tq :)


    1. Hi dear, thank you for following me, i really appreciate it-tapi aq pengennya readers aq follow blog aq krn suka sama blog nya, bukan utk follow2an, sorry banget yah... Kalo mau di unfollow aq ngerti koq, makasih utk pengertiannya :)

  3. Betadin sampe ada di makeup pouch ya haha~

    btw first time read your blog post.
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Iyah nis, sering mendadak lecet kakinya >.<! Thx for reading :D

  4. Woah! So many things inside of your traveling bag ^_^. It's my first time stumbling upon your blog and it's so cute! Sending you lots of love from wordpress!

    xoxo, Diana.

    1. Is it a lot? They're mostly sample/travel size though :D.. Thank you so much, you made my day!

  5. The black bag is nice. Even though it`s see-through, it`s black so the products inside won`t be too visible.


  6. i basically have the same type of products in my makeup pouch as well! hand cream and lippies are a must.