Eye Stories 16 : Absolute New York Starry Eyed Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner in ASE01 Lunar

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Heyyo guys!

How ya doin! I'm still in half-zombie state after our crazy KL work-cation but i am also very alert and ready to work, i guess change of scenery and vibe is always a good thing! (Note : This is a drafted post, if the first line cause any confusion ^^)

For today's post i have a review for Absolute New York's newest product : Starry Eyed Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner - a very trendy product indeed since metallic/glitter eyeliners are very in right now
Absolute New York Starry Eyed Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner
Absolute New York is not a new name for me as i've been to a few of their events and even reviewed their single eyeshadows before (read my review on Absolute New York Eye Artiste Eyeshadow), i already know that their products are quite exciting and have nice qualities so i was quite excited to try out this product.

So some of my Surabaya Beauty Blogger fellows and i were invited to their launch event a while back and we were allowed to choose one Starry Eyed (we were also given a voucher to get another item but i will talk about it some other time, maybe in my Instagram), there actually eight shades available but sadly when we were there, there were very limited items available so we kinda had to have a bit of a Hunger Game moment to fight for the shade we want *LOLOLOL* and some shades are not even available.

I don't understand why that happened because this is actually a disadvantage for Absolute New York as not everybody get the shade they want therefore the review might not be as good as if they get the shade that they actually like. Right? Hope they don't mind me saying this, constructive criticism should be well accepted right :p, especially since i have quite a few in mind about their management haha. 

Anyway, to be completely honest i don't really play with colored eyeliner much so i didn't really know what shade i wanted - but i decided to get something neutral colored (read : not blue or green) so that i would get more use out of it. I like wearing very bling white/silver in my inner water line for that wide eyed, anime like look so in the end i chose 01 Lunar which is basically silvery, pearly white.
Absolute New York Starry Eyed Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner in ASE01 Lunar
The eyeliner comes in a small black carton box with the eyeliner's shade coordinated into the packaging

Ingredient list
The actual eyeliner comes in a tube that is also coordinated with the eyeliner's shade (so mine's pearly white) with black cap
I am not going to sugarcoat things so i will say it right out : i hate the applicator -___-. LOL. I have no idea why they come up with this type of plasticy applicator, it's not flexible (like how it is stated in the box), it's very stiff (it can bend if you push hard enough, but why would your do that to your delicate eyelid??) and the point is very shard and painful to use. But i honestly really really love the formula, i just hate the applicator!
I personally don't think it swatch nicely on my hand, it just looks patchy and uneven but i also think this is due to the applicator. 
Because when applied directly on the eyelid it looks super solid and beautiful!

I am actually very good with eyeliners, i can make precise puppy/cat eye line within seconds, but since the applicator is so hard to maneuver T.T, it ended up being super messy and i even almost couldn't apply the upper eyeliner on the right side! The eyeliner just wouldn't appear until a few tries -___-
I love how it makes my eyes look super kawaii!

So formula wise, i love it. It's super pigmented and i get full opacity with one simple swipe, the shade is BEAUTIFUL and it makes my eyes sparkle like nobody's business. If you have very sensitive eyes like me then you might find some liquid eyeliners to sting, especially the colored/metallic ones. I have this problem for sure, and at times Starry Eyed can sting too (when my eyes are super watery and i don't get enough sleep) but it's very mild, and most of it doesn't sting. It dries very fast and it stays on pretty much all day long. 

I had experiences with a few metallic eyeliners before, and even though most of them look beautiful when first applied, they tend to feel tight and would start crumbling after a few hours. I am super delighted that this doesn't happen with Starry Eyed! It stay put all day long even on my most watery eyed days, it doesn't crumble at all and even if it's fading a bit, it fades in the most flattering way. So you can say that yes, i am in love with the fomula - too bad about the applicator.

I don't think my little review would make them consider changing the applicator (seriously, what is this applicator. They have the same type of applicator for the pastel colored ones -___-), but i really do hope that they would improve it in the future, this could be such a wonderful eyeliner that i would recommend to every one that would listen to me *LOL* but since the applicator is such a pain, i would only recommend it for those of you who want to use it on your waterline only (drawing with it is almost impossible especially if you're not an expert 0-0) because i personally think that is the only area that you can *almost* use it without hurting yourself hahaha.

I also don't remember the exact price but i think it's around IDR 135.000, not bad for the beautiful formula. If you can use another brush to apply it, i think you should consider it if you want a beautiful, pigmented, comfortable, long lasting and bright as the stars (FYI this is strictly for Lunar as i have never tried the other 7 shades). I personally wear it a lot on my waterline as i love the effect it gives my eyes but i would never use it in any other parts of my eyes.

Thank you Absolute New York and i hope you won't hate me for my super honest review!

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