Eye Stories 17 : Esqido Lashes (SPONSORED)

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Helloo hellooo!!!

I have an exciting product review for you today and it's false eyelashes from Esqido!

I am wearing Esqido Lashes ^^
Yesss, lashes! Gone are the days when they are just sitting in my drawer untouched because i used not to know how to even put them on and was too lazy to learn (not to say that i am now an expert. Out of all beauty steps, i am confident that i am very good when it comes to lips and liner, okay when it comes to brows and pretty good with eyeshadow too but i still think i'm very crappy when it comes to sticking eyelashes on - i do try okay so please refrain from judging me too harshly on my application skill!), now i never go to events without a pair :p.

Btw, even though i reviewed other eyelash brands a few times in the past (and featured a lot more in my Instagram), i think Esqido is the very first international brand that i've tried so it's also the first international false lashes brand that i am reviewing in this blog. Yay!
After months of waiting, i finally got them in the mail! Absolutely in love with their sleek, simple but super luxe packaging
Esqido specializes in luxury mink strip eyelashes  whose lashes have been seen on the Victoria Secret Angels (Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel and Gigi Hadid) as well as on A-list celebs like Rihanna. They now also have the  Unisyn™ , the world's first trye premium synthetic false eyelashes that are made with a blend of ultra-fine synthetic fibres for an ultra natural look. 

So one thing that really sets Esqido's website apart from other eyelash brands' websites is that they actually have an interactive lash guide to help you find the perfect pair for you. It's basically a quiz that would help them determine the lash that would suit you, not only to find the right pair that would suit your eye shape but also suit your lifestyle and preferences. You can go check out Esqido interactive lash guide here.

I took the quiz and was paired with Starlet and Oh So Sweet , i let them know the result of the quiz and they decided to send me Oh So Sweet ^^. Oh, they also sent me their Companion Eyelash Glue
Seriously, how gorgeous are Esqido's packaging? Everything just screams luxe!
I am not kidding when i say that Esqido's box is the most bougie eyelash box i ever seen *LOL*

The box has an semi clear outer sleeve, the actual box is super well made, sturdy and weighty. A mile away from your standard cardboard box!
You can find information on your lashes at the back. They are made in China but i think Esqido is a Canadian brand. Oh yeah, Oh So Sweet is from their mink line and made of 100% premium mink hair
FYI, the box is magnetized! I am never getting rid of the box :))
The inner part of the box is rose gold, seriously on another level rite 
So here's a close up look at the Oh So Sweet lashes (USD 28)
The hair's crisscrossed and i think you can see that they are very fine and fluttery. Now, i don't know if you can tell but the lashband is quite thick-which is probably the only problem that i have with them. Due to my eye shape (i have the typical meaty Asian eyelid), i find it had to stick them on and make them attach prettily. The only way i can stick them on makes them sitting slightly downward
Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue (USD 10)

Ingredient list
It's latex free and dries clear
I really can't with the packaging T.T
It's too pretty! The tube is frosted and the cap is a gorgeous rose gold. It's shaped like a lip gloss with a thin brush that makes the glue application easy and mess free, i hate squeeze tube glues!
Now, Oh So Sweet is super duper light, in the website they categorized it in the medium volume, but i personally would say that it's light volume.

Here's a before and after photo of me with Oh So Sweet :
L-R : Before - AFter
Now, because Oh So Sweet is very light and because i have a smaller sized eyes with thick eyelids, you can't really see that much of a difference from the before and after look. But when you see me in real life, you definitely would know that i am wearing some (very natural lashes). Here's a more close up look so you can see it clearer. 
L is my natural eyelashes with some light coat of mascara and R is with Oh So Sweet on
Oh So Sweet is tapered (which is my personal fave style) and you can see that they are a nice, decent length, suitable for everyday use. You can also see how soft and feathery the hairs are
I think you can kinda see how thick the band is here, it is eyelashes with one of the thickest band that i own and you can see how it sits awkwardly on the corners due to the size of the band. 
If you stand close enough then you'd see that i do have falsies on, but from afar you might think i just have a naturally nice lashes (which i definitely don't hahaha!) or have some natural eyelash extensions on
See how natural but still very pretty they are
You do have to put on black eyeliner on to conceal the thick band tho
Esqido's lashes' (Oh So Sweet in particular because this is the only style that i've tried from them so far) definitely one of the MOST comfortable lashes i ever use. You can also tell that it is very high quality from how sturdy but light and natural they look and feel. I can wear them all day long without actually feel like i have anything on my eyes and they also never irritated my eyes. So far i've re-used it about 3 times and they are still shaped perfectly and not a hair fell off!

Their Companion Eyelash Glue is also pretty spectacular, easy to use, dries fast (i have other lashes that are as strong but it takes forever to dry) but not too fast that you don't have time to adjust your lashes in place, strong without making it hard to remove and very travel friendly due to its shape. It is also very reasonably priced at USD 10, i know there are a lot of eyelash glues that are less in volume and priced a lot higher than this one (they are also nowhere near as pretty as Esqido's!)

Now, i know that Esqido's eyelashes are not very cheap (the mink ones are priced from USD 28-32, some are on promotion right now tho!) but for something so high quality and comfortable (they really are kind to my eyes. My eyes are quite sensitive so scratchy eyelashes can actually irritate them after only a few hours of usage) i do think they are something you can invest on (especially if you plan to wear them a few times and long hours). 

I definitely have a pretty good experience with them, but if you have similar eye shape (especially if you have tapered double eyelids like me with thick meaty lids)  as me then you might want to know that the lashband on this type (i can't speak for all the types) is not the easiest to stick on the corner. And if you want people to actually be able to see your falsies clearly, then you might want to consider other types, but if you are looking for a very natural ones then Oh So Shape is the perfect choice for you.

Thank you Esqido for the chance to try out your products ^^!

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