Review : The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel - Part 1 (SPONSORED)

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Hellooo :D!

Welcoming the new month with a blog post *here to more productive me yayyy*, 2018 is speeding like the years before, but i feel like we actually did a LOT already in 4 months!

Anyway, after the (pretty) long wait, i am finally ready to share with you my thoughts about the hotel we're staying at in Kuala Lumpur last month.

As you might already know, me and Aphrodites went to Kuala Lumpur for a work-cation (we worked more than we vacationed, that's one thing for sure *LOL*) and lucky for us, we get to collaborate with this hip, happening boutique hotel at the heart of Kuala Lumpur : The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel
The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel
30, Jalan Beremi, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 3-2110 2211
First of all, let's talk about the location. It's absolutely awesome! It's located at Bukit Bintang, which is arguably one of the most famous tourist destinations in KL, especially if you plan to shop your heart out in this lovely city! It is very close to an MRT station (you would reach it in 3 minutes if you walk briskly like Malaysian/Singaporean, 5 if you walk super leisurely at Indonesian's pace haha), a walking distance to some famous malls (Lot 10 is a shoe throw away, walk a bit more and you would reach our fave - more understated but a must visit fave : Fahrenheit 88 and also super famous Pavillion and Sephora). For the location alone, i should already give it 10 out of 10 :p.
The lobby
This leads to one of their eateries, but imma talk about their eateries in detail later
The lobby is not massive or anything, but it's well lit and comfy. There are not that many seats tho, so if it's a super busy day then you might not get a seat :p
One thing  that you might already realized if you follow my Instagram (it's @mgirl83 in case you are not following me yet!) Is that this hotel is extremely Instagrammable. If you are crazy about selfies or get your photos taken... You might find it hard to leave the hotel because there are so many nooks and crannies to explore and take photos at :)).
OOTD in front of The KL Journal's Instagrammable lobby : CHECK!
Let's go to our rooms! As there are five of us, The KL Journal kindly arranged for us to have one Deluxe Twin where they have one double bed and one single bed, and one Superior Deluxe (which is more spacious but only has one double bed)
This is Oline, Cynthian and i's room, the Deluxe Twin 
All of the rooms has different paintings/photo!
The beds, of the beds... They are super duper comfortable! I am pretty fussy when it comes to beds and pillows, even when i stayed at super expensive 5 star hotels wherever, i often find myself restless because of the uncomfortable bed/pillow. No such thing here! I always had a good night's sleep here all 3 nights that we stayed, that's not something that i can say often...
It took us approximately 5 seconds to fill up this desk with our makeups and accessories after we finished snapping photos. I mean... 5 women (all influencers some more) traveling together, what do you expect right!
I made coffee everyday for myself here ofc
They also provide some comfortable bathrobes. The towels are pretty clean too, i usually bring my own towel when i travel because i don't really like using hotels' towel (i also tend to bring my own blanket :)), yes i am an auntie. Totally inherited it from my mum) but i totally forgot to bring one this time round, fortunately theirs are okay so i wasn't stressed about it :p
There's even an ironing board and iron here, which we initially appreciated. Then Bella had an accident with the iron :(... You can go check out her blog post to learn more about it. I am not going to say a lot about this because it wasn't my experience, but i would encourage their staffs to be more thorough and check the conditions of their stuffs in the rooms to prevent such accidents to happen in the future
The deluxe twin room is pretty spacious, but what's epic is their bathroom! It's super duper spacious!
Can't snap a full pic of the bathroom because of the size
Pretty complete amenities. They also promptly replace everything that we use everyday
The shower is huge too but due to the dim lighting and my questionable photography skill (you know i have my cameras on automatic and have no idea how to adjust it :p), i was unable to snap a proper pic of the shower area zzz. Btw they also have the huge overhead shower (i just googled and apparently it's called rainshower/raindance shower? Feel free to correct me as i am totally clueless :P) that my hunny would definitely go gaga over
Let's have a peek into Bella and Ce Fanny's room, the Superior Deluxe
The superior deluxe has a huge sitting area and is very spacious
So naturally we immediately took tonnes of photos :))

Oh yeah, our rooms has a connecting door that we left open at all times so we can move back and forth easily. 

The rooms have HUGE windows, we like to draw the curtains open during day time for excellent natural lighting because we have to put on full makeups everyday *LOL*
I make coffee and sit facing the window trying to collect my soul here every morning *LOL*
Night view from our room
Thanks to The KL Journal's Instagrammable room and their crips, white bathrobe, we managed to take some cute photos :
LOL at how tiny Olin and her legs are :))))
My thoughts on The KL Journal's rooms? They are spacey, very very comfortable, welcoming and super clean. The bathrooms are very clean too (which is a total must for me personally). I felt super at home and comfortable in our four days staying there, i also think that most of their hotel staffs are super friendly although some seems to be a bit clueless :)), just need some re-training i guess. It's not that i don't think their service is good, because for the most part they are - it's just that their management seems to be a bit all over the place and that's the vibe i got from most of their employees...

For the room my only complain would be the air conditioner, the one in our room (the deluxe twin) was faulty (or needed service/cleaned) and it's very warm (especially compared to the next room). We did ask them to check it out, which they did promptly - it was better afterwards but still quite warm. Fortunately all three of us who stayed in this room cannot stand cold anyway (i shiver and shake whenever i visit the next room -___- dunno why since obviously i have enough fat layers to keep me warm but i feel cold all the time anyway -___-. So what use are those fat i have no clue) so we weren't to bothered, but i can imagine it being a big problem for other guests therefore i really hope they check it and take care of it by now. 

But for the most part, my stay there is definitely enjoyable and i would not hesitate to recommend this hotel to anyone who are visiting Kuala Lumpur and looking for a clean, comfortable hotel with close access to big malls and MRT station (we took Grab everywhere tho because Grab's pretty affordable in KL, especially if you split it in four). In fact, i high sell it to everyone including my mum that she is considering staying there in her upcoming trip :)).

I still have a lot to share about the KL Journal, mainly on their eateries (because sadly their pool area's closed for the time being due to renovation! What a timing -____-. I heard their pool area's also very pretty! Well... There's always next time i guess) but imma share it in another blog post because i simply have too many pictures and you know i am always detailed in my review!

So... Please hang tight for part 2, fingers crossed it won't take long for me to blog it!

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  2. Suka deh sama desain interiornya. Comfy banget, ya :)

  3. hotelnya kelihatan comfy gitu ya, seru banget nginep sama temen2 :D