Body-Tale 12 : Marcks' Venus Anti Aging Body Serum (SPONSORED)

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Hello hello!

Wow, it's been a hot (very hot!) minute since the last time i reviewed a body care product, and i have a good and very very affordable one today : Marcks' Venus Anti Aging Body Serum!
Marcks' Venus Anti Aging Body Serum
So i, alongside my fellow Surabaya Beauty Blogger members, attended Venus Cosmetic's Beauty Gathering on April 28th, in this event we get to know more about Venus Cosmetics.
The event was held at Singgasana Hotel in collaboration with Tabloid Bintang
The tables were prettily decorated with Venus' products
Each of us got to bring home this pretty box filled with Venus' products, one of which i am about to review now ^^
As most of you should already know, Venus Cosmetic is the line/sister brand of Marcks - an iconic Indonesian loose powder that is super well known and loved by various generations of Indonesian (including myself, i am a loyal user of Marcks' loose powder, i bake with it all the time!). While Marcks focuses on loose powders, Venus can be called their higher end line and has more products in their line. 

Both Marcks and Venus are products of Kimia Farma, one (if not THE) of the most famous pharmaceutical in Indonesia. It is the first pharmaceutical industry company in Indonesia that was built by  Dutch East Indies in 1817 - and renamed into PT Kimia Farma in 1971 (OMG that's the year that my eldest brother was born :)), and he is old :p). As it is a very old and prestigious company, their products' quality and safety is ofc top notched and should not even be questioned anymore.

I personally did have some experience with Venus Cosmetic's product, i use their compact powder. I quite enjoyed the formula, but i made a mistake of purchasing the wrong shade so i cannot give a fair review on it yet. Anyway, i am not here to talk about their powders today, i am here to share my experience with their newest product : the Anti Aging Body Serum.
Marcks' Venus Anti Aging Body Serum - 100ml 
The packaging is very simple, a generic looking squeeze tube dominated with white color and red accents. It contains Collagen and Red Algae, both are very well known to be good for anti aging. 
Information on the product
Ingredient List
A very nice surprise when i realized that they seal the mouth of the tube, usually Korean beauty products would always be sealed like this to ensure its freshness, hygiene and newness - but i didn't know a lot of local brands who bothers, so this is a total plus already

It has an easy to use flip cap
The first thing that i noticed when i first opened it is of course, the scent. I LOVE the scent! It's very sweet but not cloying, Personally i would say that it smells like candy, very pleasant - it is quite strong though so if you're not a fan of the scent then you might be bothered since the scent is quite long lasting as well.
The serum is pink in color, and somehow i think the color matches the sweet scent perfectly!
The texture of Venus Anti Aging Body Serum is almost like a hybrid of lotion and gel, it is semi opaque and light - it spreads nicely and gets absorbed into the skin very quickly, leaving the skin smooth and silky without any trace of greasiness.

I have been using it non stop ever since i received it so i think i am very ready to share my thoughts on them. I do like it a lot, it is very light, comfortable, smells nice and it does keeps my skin soft. As it is very light, it's perfect for super hot and humid days (like today, or almost everyday in Surabaya hahaha) - we can use it everyday to keep our skin healthy and young without sacrificing comfort and practicality. However, it might not be enough for super dry skin/drier climate due to this.

I have normal skin type (my body, that is. My facial skin is very oily) and it's moisturizing enough for the most part, but i do notice on the certain, drier part of my skin like my elbow, it's slightly too light and that causes my elbow to be a bit dry. I do also use it everyday on my husband who has very dry skin it is working very well on his skin too, but i do need to use a LOT on him. 

As we use a lot every single time i apply this body serum so the 100ml will not last long, i doubt it would even last a month. However, Venus' products are very affordable, their body lotion is sold at IDR 16.000 so i doubt that the body serum would be much more expensive (i don't really know the exact price as it is not yet available - but i head that it's around IDR 22.000) so the fact that we would probably need to repurchase it more often than thicker body lotions should not even be an issue :)).

In conclusion, i really do enjoy this body serum especially on hotter days (i would probably switch to more moisturizing products in colder and drier days) and i would highly recommend this for those of you who are looking for affordable, very light-grease free, non-sticky, pleasant, sweet smelling body care product. I would not recommend it if you have very dry skin (try their body lotion instead, it's the product that i am going to try next) or not a fan of sweet, candy scents.

I personally will continue using it and will give more of Venus Cosmetic's products a try.

Thank you Venus Cosmetic for the chance to try out your lovely product! Keep updated with their products, promotions and events by following their Instagram page : Venus Cosmetic IND

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