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Yesss, the day has finally came for #Pink to review another eyeshadow! Only the second time ever in the whole 5 years i've run this blog *LOL*, it's been a string of lippie review after lippie review, i am finally getting (a little) sick of them >.<, so i decided to mix it up a little bit!

And the eyeshadow that is honored to be reviewed (yes lah, i so rarely review eyeshadows this should be an honor :p) is from the brand Ultima II.
Holding and wearing Ultima II Wonder Wear Eye Posh Color Quad :D
The brand Ultima II itself is super familiar for me (and so for you, i'm pretty sure) because they are quite a senior brand (i just checked out the history section of their brand they've been around since 1959!) and i remember my mum using their products when i was little. 

Ever since i started getting more and more interested in makeups and beauty (this is precisely when i started becoming a beauty blogger :)), i turned from liking makeup to a total maniac for makeup) i've been wanting to try out their products - and i finally got the chance when i was gifted a few products from the when i attended their event a few months back.

As i am huge fan of decorative makeups, the product that stood out the most from the goodie bag was understandably, the eyeshadow quad. This eyeshadow quad is from their latest line, the Wonder Wear (love when older brands refuse to be out of date and keep up with the modern world - and Ultima II surely does that, always coming up with new lines and stuffs)
Ultima II Wonder Wear Eye Posh Color Quad
Both the box and the actual palette are metallic and very reflective, i had the hardest time to photograph them so i apologize if the images are not my best!
Ultima II Wonder Wear Eye Posh Color Quad comes in a small rectangular metallic carton box
Thet contains collagen - which we all know are great for the skin
Ultima II products for Indonesia are made locally already, with formulation and technology from USA ofc
There's a white sticker with the shade name on it 
The actual palette is quite small, (9x5cm, to be exact), small enough to fit into the palm of my hand. It's made of gunmetal colored metallic plastic, which is lightweight but not flimsy or fragile. The size is perfect for traveling, and i did brought it to my cruise trip last month, they were really convenient

The backside
There's a nice size mirror (which actually wide enough for me to apply my eye makeup with during travels with ease) inside, it also comes with a dual ended applicator - which are not the worst applicator that comes with a product, but i don't use them coz i prefer my brushes. It also comes with a plastic protector
This little quad contains 4g worth of products inside
As it is called an eyeshadow quad, obviously it comes with four shades *LOL*. All four shades are shimmery (which i personally don't mind, but if you are someone who prefers a very polished, "made" eye look, you'd definitely need some other matte shades to work with it so it's not exactly that convenient in this case), two shades are light colored and the other two quite deep
I am not gonna lie to you, as i am drawn to bright, rainbow colors, when i first opened it up my first reaction to the shades was "meh" *LOL*. But on second thought, all four shades are very neutral and easy to wear, and weirdly i don't really own a lot of neutral colored shades (because of the reason i just told you, i am not drawn to them!) SO they are actually something i need >.<.

For some reasons, the shades (like the packaging) are VERY HARD to photograph, maybe because they are very metallic and shimmery (not glittery), my camera couldn't pick up the shades without blurring them. Fortunately my Oppo did the job :
So in the True quad (which is one of the two most neutral quads in the collection) has a light gold shade, shimmery pale peach, shimmery bronzy brown and shimmery khaki shade
All four shades has decent pigmentation, i don't have to press hard to pick up the shade. They feel quite hard on the pan (i don't understand why they claim to be creamy because for me, they totally are not) but they are not too powdery and i don't tend to get a lot of fall off when applying them.

They apply easily on the eyes, they also are very easy to blend, but i think they are a little too blendable and because the shades are quite light (even the darker shades are not that deep. I mean, they are quite pigmented, but not opaque, if you know what i mean?), when i wear only the four shades without introducing other, matte shades, they pretty much blend into (almost) one shade.
Please excuse the stray eyebrows, i was growing them because i had to endorse an eyebrow threading services :p
I actually did use all four shades for this eye look. I used the peach shade all over my eyelid, the khaki green on the outer half of the lid (blending up and in), the bronzy one to deepen my crease and the gold to highlight the inner part of the lid
The result is very natural and wearable for every day look (none of the four shades are that buildable either). As my makeup leans towards Japanese/Korean style that use a lot of shimmer and natural shades on the lids (i like to play with colored eye shadows too, but most of them time i focus more on my lips, as i'm sure you already know), i am not that bothered with the fact that all four shades are shimmery and not super pigmented.
The staying power of these eyeshadows are very good, they last all day no matter the condition (whether i am sweating like crazy or having those frequent leaking days when my eyes won't stop watering) until i take them off. No creasing nor fading, just like they promised.

I personally do get a lot of use out of them  and this is the type of eyeshadow that i love to bring on my travels. When i travel, i prefer everything to be simple and easy. These eyeshadows are definitely easy, they apply quickly and blend easily so i never had to spend more than a few minutes on my eye makeup with them.

If you are someone who loves to experiment with your eye makeup or demands superb pigmentation on your eyeshadows, i would not recommend these eye quads, especially not this shade. They do have other, more daring shades in the line - which i cannot comment on because i have not tried them yet.

But for this particular shade, i would recommend this only to those who are into very natural, shimmery, easy eye looks. 

Retailing at around IDR 190k each, i personally think the price tag is a little too steep for my liking. You can easily find Ultima II products in local department stores or online (here's one site where you can buy them from. I am not sponsored by either Ultima II *but i did receive this product inside a goodie bag so i did not purchase it myself* nor the online shop, i am just linking it up if any you are interested in purchasing it).

Overall, i do enjoy using this product (and will continue using them), i am not jumping up and down in joy or anything, but  it is a nice, decent product.

I don't necessarily think that i would purchase them myself, nor that i am that interested in trying out the other shades, but i am interested in Ultima II as a brand and i really want to try out their blush ons (which are pretty famous for their fabulousness) and lipsticks.

What about you? Have you ever tried anything from Ultima II and is there anything from this brand that you think are outstanding and i should give them a try? Do share your thoughts on the comment box below!

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