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Hey guyssss!!!

It's almost another new year, how insane is that??? This December also means that this blog has turned 5 and yes, i didn't even notice >.<, the fact that i used (i should say still) to think of this blog as my baby means i'm probably the worst mom in the world *LOL*.

If you follow me on IG then you'd know that i am currently on a vacay with my family at Bandung, but i am determined to post the movies review (partly because we actually only watched 3 movies on November so it's not that hard *LOL*) before the year changes so here i am, sitting doubled over on top of my hotel room's bed typing this blog post with difficulties because my 3D nail art-ridden nails are super overgrown, with a bad tummy ache (just got my period, on the second day of holiday, how effing awesome) and half high from medication.

Speaking of medication, i'm also on both flu meds and antibiotics because of a horrible sore throat - hunny seems to be catching the same thing and just like those memes of the difference between a woman's flu and a man's flu, while i am still totally functional and can even hike, he seems to be dying. Over the exact same thing. Women really are much stronger than men -____-. Thanks to this big baby, we had to return to the hotel over an hour early -___-, so yeah. I am a bit annoyed at him at the moment (or a lot), especially when i just realized that he didn't bring my mouse (in case you're wondering, he is in charge to pack for all gadget related stuffs and meds while i take care of packing everything else) - my annoyance level just shot to the roof -____-.

I guess i am trying to distract myself (my other option is retail teraphy, which is actually really easy to do because there's a mall linked to the hotel and they have a lot of cute stuffs, i already bought 4 bottoms and a top over the 3 days we are staying here (and still plan to get another bottom which i already bought on a different color *teehee*) and writing my feelings down always helps.

But anyhoo, this is not a heart to heart post *had to remind myself this* but movies review sooo... Okay, let's get reviewing (if you read through all my rambles, thank you. You're a great listener... I mean reader).

I don't know if i should admit this because i know that this might make me look like a freak (i always admit that i am not very normal but i never really elaborate how weird i can really be >.<), but when i first saw the trailer it gave me such a rush because i... do have a thing for flat lining thingies (well, i did share that i do have quite a bit of a morbid curiosity so maybe this does not come as a total surprise) and defib stuffs (oh God, please don't look at me differently now, i think a lot of us have a kinky kick that most of us would never admit *LOLOLOL*, at least applaud me on my courage to actually openly admit this!) excites me, so a movie about a group of crazy doctor-to-bes deliberately stopping their hearts to explore what happens after you die and having their friends bringing them back before its too late... Seems like a movie that i am going to be enjoying. And i did, at the beginning, but sadly i find that the plotline started to lost its  direction halfway through and it never recover since.

Courtney is a med student with a sad past, she lost her little sister on a car accident - and she was driving. She never stops feeling guilty about the accident and she carries it for years. She then has this crazy idea to experiment on experiencing death, she ropes in her peers (that's supposed to be involving only 2 people but ended up adding up another 2) to help her carry her crazy experiment. Not only they succeed, but she seems to be possessing an almost supernatural increase in her intellectual ability. Her friends, seeing her new found strength, couldn't help but want to experience the same thing themselves. Things seems to be okay, even great at first. But soon things take turn for the worst and it seems that they brought something horrible back from the dead, and it wants them dead.

Like i said, the movie seems to be quite interesting and fresh at the beginning, but after the third flat liner.... It has lost its novelty and started to feel repetitive. Plus, this movie couldn't seem to decide if it wants to be a horror movie, scifi, or whatever. The horror angle can potentially make this movie better, but they decided to go to a self-righteous, preaching turn - and i personally thing it's a bad, bad turn. It made me think... What the eff is the point??? If they stayed in track, it could be so much better ... But because it is what it is, i would definitely not feel bad if i never watched it in the first place. It's so so and almost bad towards the end. Such a shame since the trailer is pretty exhilarating.

Yeah yeah yeah, hunny has a thing for Chinese martial arts actors, whatever movie starring Jackie Chan or Donnie Yen he'd most definitely want to watch it. I don't always mind because i do enjoy most of their movies, but like i said many times before-when it comes to Chinese movies, it's either really good or really really bad. This one's actually not THAT bad, but it's pretty bad -___-. I dunno, i just never enjoy triad movies, they are always OTT and crude - i made some research and it's apparently pretty bad even for triad movies (the plot line and stuffs).

The movie is set in 1963, when it's probably the peak of corrupt policeman end other law enforcement in Hong Kong (both the Chinese and British). An illegal immigrant from China named Ho who has both the guts and skills, plunges into the underworld. Ho started as a nice, happy go lucky, kind hearted guy - but after experiencing the harsh underworld, especially after losing his family and eventually became crippled, he turned into a hard, mean person. Under the supervision of Chief Detective Sergeant (played by Andy Lau, and is also super corrupt), he eventually becomes a very powerful drug lord. Their rule is finally threatened when in 1974, an anti corruption agents started to investigate all corrupt law enforcers.

It's so all over the place it made me super confused sometimes :)). If you watch a lot of Chinese gangster movies then you'd understand what i mean with that. I am not saying it's very bad or it's totally unwatchable, if you are into the whole triad thing then you'd probably quite enjoy it-as for me, triad thingy is definitely not my thing and this movie kinda bored me. As much as i can tolerate and even enjoy crime movies now, i still cannot get into the whole gangster/mafia genre, they're simply not for me.

So i didn't like Batman VS Superman too much therefore after hearing that Justice League fell below expectations, i didn't have high expectations going in. In the end i personally don't think it's that bad, i mean... I do prefer Marvel movies than DC but this one's okay for me, i quite enjoyed it and i didn't leave the cinema feeling annoyed or whatever. Certainly not the best movie in 2017 (not even close), but it wasn't THAT bad at all.

The world is still mourning Superman's death (honestly even towards the end of the movie i was still like "Did Superman really die? Surely not?"), which reactivate Mother Boxes (there are three of them which were used by Steppenwolf to attempt to conquer the earth but was managed to be stopped by the united strength of the Amazonians, Atlanteans, Olympian Gods, mankind and the Green Lantern Corps) which are all separated and each hidden by mankinds, Amazonians and Atlanteans. Batman, who never ceased feeling guilty for Superman's death, with the help of Diana (the Wonder Woman, ofc) tries to unite metahumans to fight off Steppenwolf who returns to earth and collecting Mother Boxes.

The characters (other than Batman. Yes, i am one of the many who thinks they could cast better actor than Ben Affleck to be Batman. I don't hate Ben Affleck, mind you, i just don't care for him as Batman) are pretty awesome, The Flash is funny and Ezra Miller is really good as the Flash, and Jason Momoa... Well, i don't think we can ask for a sexier Aquaman (yes, i am also one of those hot blooded women who lust after him and his manliness okay. Ofc lots of guys are unhappy about this, i don't understand why. A friend of hunny complained that they make Aquaman emerges from the water in slow motion, oh well you guys all drooled over Wonder Woman in slow motion, why can't we do the same thing is confusing to me). Overall, i quite enjoy the movie although i do admit they overdid the slow motions (too.damn.much), but other than that i think it's pretty good! I love how they inject more funny scenes (thanks to the Flash and Aquaman, ofc) to the usually super intense, full of brooding DC movies.

Well, that's all for November movies! Just 3 movies and most of them are so so for me haha. Did you watch any of these and how do you feel about them?

This is my last post for 2017, i truly plan to be a lot more productive in 2018.

Happy almost new year guys!


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