Elegant Unicorn with ESYE

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Hi ladies!

I just had a two straight days with non-stop event marathons (5 events in 2 days, i am totally spent...) and i am currently staying at #Undecided's place (with my hunny, don't worry. No marital problems to be concerned about) due to a very silly and superstitious reason that i'm not even sure i won't be too embarrassed to reveal here (but hey, i am known to tell even the most embarrassing stories about me, anything for a page view i guess *LOL*) but no matter, i am gonna share this very special look that i put together for our second Soiree at the beginning of December - with an also very special dress by Esye ^^.
#Pink wearing Esye
With the Esye squad  (minus Ce Fanny who came late :p)
So i've heard of Esye for sometime already ofc, they are a pretty well known high end brand (originated from Singapore) and i do enjoy checking out their pretty collections on the displays but as Esye focus more on special wears (clothings for special occasions, they don't really do casual) and they cater to more feminine, mature style i really thought that i wouldn't find a dress that would be suitable for my own style...  I was wrong :)). When we visited their store to choose the outfit for the soiree, i found so many pretty pieces that stole my heart, including this dress that is super feminine, girly and yet still has that unicorn vibe!
The combination of white, baby blue and baby pink just totally scream my name. This dress is also available in black, if you're more into monochromatic style. Oh, it also comes in kid sizes, if i have a daughter then this dress is definitely something that i'd love to wear matchy matchy with her!
Another detail that really stole my attention is the cold shoulder style, it's my ultimate fave type of cutting as i find it to be uber flattering
Other than timeless but up-to-date style, Esye's other strong point is in their usage of high quality materials, you can definitely tell the difference between fast fashion and high end brands like this! The material's just so soft and comfortable
All photos were taken in our 2nd Soiree's location, the newly renovated Pavillion at JW Mariott
I had plans to curl my hair but we were running late and there was just not enough time to do it so i let it au naturale... I think the overall effect's still very fine tho
As the dresscode was "Elegant with a Touch of Gold", so i piled on some gold acessories haha. The blue in my statement necklace matches the blue in my dress perfectly
Threw on some gold obi for some definition on my waist and also a dainty gold bangle
I also wore this dreamy looking golden headband
I'm definitely not a heel person, when i wear heels i prefer the not-so-high ones (5 cm is more than enough for me, as i am already quite tall for an Asian woman), but our resident fashion designer/stylist, Chelshea requested a neutral colored high heels. I thought i didn't have any, but then i realized that its not true -___-. A long while ago i bought a super pair of heels with ice creams on the heels from Melissa (it's their collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld). I bought it only just because i really love the ice cream on the cones (i can never resist a quirky piece!) and i didn't even realized how high the heels are! I already made peace with the idea that i would never wear them (i am fine with just collecting them, weird as it may sound) but alas.. They are actually finally worn
I mean, just how amazing are these heels, with the sparkling ice cream and all!
Felt extra feminine and dainty that day!
I am super happy with how all of my pics turned out that day :)), the beautiful location also helps!
Vania and i were so matchy!
Thank you so much Esye for dressing me in your awesome dress, i really do love it!

Go follow Esye on their Facebook Esye.Indonesia and Instagram @esye_official for updates on their latest collection and promotion ^^.

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