Lip-Talk 30 : Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick (SPONSORED)

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Helllooooo :D!

So hunny (who was just playing on his PS4 as usual) suddenly commented "Wow, why is the lips so big?" while i was editing the photos for this post and i was like -___- this is called lips swatch, dude. I thought he'd know by now, having a wife who blogs for almost 5 years now!

Anyway, very exciting post today! I'm going to guide you to get to know all about Odessa Cosmetic's Matte Lipstick and swatch all 12 shades that are available in this line!
Me, beaming over these awesome lippies :D
So the name Odessa Cosmetics might not be too familiar for you yet, but if i tell you that you can easily find them in Eternally Beauty's counters in stores like Matahari Department Store or Transmart, then you might actually know them (or at least seen/passed by their counters before). So both Odessa Cosmetics and Eternally Beauty are under a company called Ascoco Beauty, Eternally Beauty is their older brand that i've known for years while Odessa Cosmetics is their newer, dare i say hipper, brand. Btw, Odessa Cosmetics is a local brand and all of their products are made in Indonesia. 

This month Ascoco Beauty and Surabaya Beauty Blogger are teaming up to give you full reviews on Odessa Cosmetics lippies. This first round i will be sharing all about Odessa Cosmetics' Matte Lipstick and later in this month i will also share about Odessa Cosmetics' Matte Lip Cream ^^.
Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick
Since it's no secret that i am a huge lipstick junkie, you can imagine how excited i was to receive the huge PR sample with super generous amount of lippies from Odessa Cosmetics, thank you so much!
Yeah. Totally worth the backache i got after taking the photos :))
So all of Odessa Cosmetics' Matte Lipstick comes in a matte white and black cardboard box, they're all also sealed with plastic sheets.
I quite like their box' design, and i know that lots of people thinks it looks a bit like a trendy, international reality show star's cosmetic's brand haha
Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick
On the side of the box, you ca find their social media handle, website and also the information about the name. Love that they name all of their lippies!
All the claims... Are all quite accurate in my opinion! I spent more than 2 weeks testing every single shade, i wear each shade for hours (some even up to 12 hours) so i KNOW what i am talking about
Ingredient list, i only took one pic because all of the ingredient are quite similar except for some colorings. As you can see from the imprint, each lipstick contains only 2g worth of product, that's really not that much but i prefer this as i'm never able to finish a whole lipstick anyway so i like smaller lipsticks (a reason to get more shades!)
On the top of the box you will find it sealed with a white sticker with the shade's number and name
The actual lipstick is slim and not super tall either. It is made from a black, light weight plastic-super compact and convenient to bring for touch ups. I can bring multiple shades without weighing on my pouch or making it too bulky. On the cap there's the word Odessa printed in white
There's a sticker on the bottom with the shade's name and number which you have to tip to check which shade you are holding if you have multiple of them (or in my case, all of them!)
It's the tall, slim type of lipstick that in all honestly, not my fave (i personally gravitate towards the classic lipstick bullet shape) but i also don't mind it at all
FYI, i really REALLY like this lippies. I know i say this a lot (i hope this doesn't mean i'm too easy to please!), but really... I totally enjoy these little darlings!
In my experience, most of the 12 shades that i tried are pretty similar in consistency and pigmentation with the exception of two shades (706 and 708). I find them quite pigmented (you need to warm it up when you first use it so don't be alarmed if very sheer shade comes out at first, you just need to swipe it a few time on your lips/hand, then it'll be good to use), glides easily without dragging (which tends to be a problem with most matte lipsticks) and they last VERY long. I wear them for hours without fading except when i have a heavy meal and wipe my lips afterwards, then i would definitely need to reapply. Most of the shades also stains my lips (this is something that i like), but not the lighter, nude shades.

Odessa Matte Lipstick have a lovely Vanilla scent that i really enjoy on my lippies, the scent is pretty strong tho so if you're not a fan of scents on your lippies-this is something to consider. The end result of this matte lipstick is not dead matte, at all. In fact, i find it more velvety than matte. I personally really REALLY like it, it feels creamy and non drying at all on my lips, plus they are pretty easy to remove if you wear a lip balm underneath (the shades stains more when worn alone), they leave no dry bits of trace when you wipe them off so reapplication is easy and hassle free. 

Some shades are creamier than other, and i find the ones that are too creamy, after using them a few hours i would find they clump and cake a little bit. It's easy to take care by applying a lip gloss on top (voila, fresh lip color!) but if you don't like glossy lips then you might have to totally remove and reapply a few times if you are wearing it long hours-even when you're not eating because the clumping and caking is not a good look. This only happen to a few shades (mostly the reds) while the others stay in their original look until i take them off. 

They do feel a little drying (like most lippies) if like me, you wear them for a very long time and you tend to forget to drink *LOL*, but they do not make my lips actually dry out so after wearing them the whole day, when i take them off at the end of the day my lips are totally fine. 

They are velvety and comfortable on the lips, and they do transfer (quite a lot actually, especially when you wear lip balm underneath, but even if you don't they still transfer) so i personally find these lippies to be totally awesome, but like i already mentioned earlier - they are actually more velvety than matte so there's a bit of sheen on them when you first apply them, nothing major ofc.

Here are the shades swatched on my hand (i always admit that i am not all that good at swatching, so please don't judge my swatches *LOL*! I Also don't edit any of my swatches coz i don't know how to!) :
L-R : 701 Valentine, 702 Love, 703 Redwood, 704 Burgundy, 705 French Kiss, 706 Sweetheart
L-R : 707 Cordovan, 708 Elegance, 709 Sunshine, 710 Forever, 711 Party Pop,, 712 Nude
If there's one thing that i am not entirely happy about this line is probably just the color selection. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy every single shade and i feel that i look good with all shades, but i personally think that a lot of the shades are similar to each other. All the red are pretty similar, and so are the nudes and the oranges. I do hope Odessa Cosmetics will come up with more selection and more adventurous shades to choose from because i do love the lippie itself!

Now, let's get to know the shades closer!
Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 701 Valentine
Valentine is a gorgeous universal red with orange undertone
The type of shade that would be pretty on every skin tone and instantly brighten up your face
I like how Valentine looks on me, but it's just not a shade that i naturally would grab mostly

Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 702 Love

On the bullet Love looks super similar to Valentine, but applied on the lips it gives a totally different tone and vibe as it is a bright red with strong pink undertone
It looks so pink in the photos, in real life it's redder and i really love how it looks on my pale skin
Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 703 Redwood
Redwood is a pale nude shade

Not the biggest fan of this shade because i'm not into pale nudes. This shade is very creamy as i am sure you can see how it seeps into the lines of my lips
Sorry for the super white face, i promise in real life i don't look so kabuki-ish, i have a new ringlight that my BFFs bought as my bday pressie and i am still adjusting to it >.<, some powders and foundie looks crazy white under the super bright light. Anyway, Redwood is not super pale that it totally washes me out or anything, still i need a lot of makeup to make this shade work for me or else just look sick like this photo *LOL*
Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 704 Burgundy

I love deep berry tones the best so i guess it should come out as no surprise that this is my fave shade in the entire line 
The name is totally straight forward, burgundy is well... burgundy. It reflects the light a little to strongly so it looks light, but it's actually a pretty deep wine shade
I dunno, i just feel sexy when fierce when i wear this type of shades *LOL*
Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 705 French Kiss

French Kiss is like if Love and Valentine have a baby together
It's a pretty shade, but i find it too similar to Love that i don't need both in my collection
It is still a pretty color tho
Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 706 Sweet Heart

For some reasons it photographs pink with the ringlight, this is so strangeeee... It's actually an almost neon orange with a slight pink undertone
The lip swatch really baffles me... Go check the hand swatch, it represents the shade better than this! It's the first one in the collection that i found a little hard to work with. It's so creamy, it won't stick to my lips so when i try to finesse it,  it moves around and leaves patches. I'm not gonna lie, this shade kinda frustrates me, but the shade itself is pretty unique and fun, it's almost like a milk orange popsicle and it's such a pretty shade for summer. Not a fan of orange, but neon pinkish orange is acceptable for me, i prefer to stay clear from true blue oranges :))
The shade makes me look a bit pale tho so i would have to do more eye makeup when i wear it. Excuse my bare brows, now i feel weird seeing them when i wear full makeup coz i'm so used to draw them now *LOL*, i was going to endorse an eyebrow threading so i left my eyebrows bare
Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 707 Cordovan

Cordovan is another nude with orange undertone, it's darker so i find it work better on me although i won't exactly call it nude on me haha
Cordovan is the kind of shade which i would not even give a second glimpse in the tube but actually looks very flattering when i put it on
We come to another dud, consistency wise :
Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 708 Elegance
Elegance is a muted down version of Burgundy
I actually really really like this shade, but mine was a bit hard to work with. Like Sweet Heart, Elegance moves around and leaves patches so i had to apply a LOT of them to make it even. However, my some of my fellow bloggers don't get the same problem with this shade so i am wondering mine is just a dud? Or maybe i should try applying it without lip balm (which i am not comfortable doing coz i love my lip balms too much *LOL*)
Such a pretty shade, too bad mine is so hard to work with -___-
Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 709 Sunshine

Sunshine is a pretty coral shade, i am not a fan of corals but this shade is still a very nice shade, just personally not a shade i gravitate towards
I feel like Sunshine is a very safe shade and it should look nice on most skin tones
Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 710 Forever

Forever is a pretty, milky dusty pink shade
Excuse the annoying messy overdraw on the upper lip, i was in a hurry *LOL* and it looks a lot better in real life if you're not an inch away from my lips hahahaha. Forever is one of the shades with the worst case of piling and caking, you can already tell on this lip swatch how it cakes on certain parts of my lips and you can see little build up of product too. I am quite baffled because it's not hard to apply (unlike Elegance or Sweet Heart), but they look super reptilian-like a few hours in i had to put on a lot of lip gloss to save it
Another safe, pretty, easy to use shade. On me it can be a little pale so i have to be careful with the rest of my makeup
Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 711 Party Pop

Party Pop is such a fun color, like the name! It is a gorgeous, bright neon pink with purple undertone
I don't normally like pink lipsticks but i LOVEEEE Party Pop, probably because of the strong hint of purple. This is my second favorite shade from the line after Burgundy
Andddd we finally come to the final shade!
Odessa Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 712 Nude
Again, Nude is like a cross between Cordovan and Redwood, it's the prettiest of the three tho so if i purchase them myself and i am looking for a nude then i probably would pick this one 
It's actually darker in real life so it's very complimentary to my skin and doesn't wash me out at all. It might be the perfect nude on someone else, one me it's pretty but not THAT nude (if you know what i mean)
I wore this lippies just yesterday and it carried me through two different event, it looks pretty on my casual attire and still elegant enough for my second, formal feminine look. I do like Nude quite a lot!

Anddd those are all the shades from Odessa Cosmetic Matte Lipstick line!

The price point on these little babies are very good, you can get them at only IDR 39.000 each! Super affordable so you can get yourself at least 5 shades without feeling guilty about it *LOL*. You can check their section : where to find Eternally Beauty to find your closest location to their booth (you can also buy them online tho).

Overall i do love this product and i really enjoyed trying them out the past two weeks (i also keeps on recommending them to people i find in real life) and i highly recommend this lippie to anyone who wants a very affordable, comfortable, pretty, long lasting lipsticks. I wouldn't recommend this only if you want a dead matte kind of lippie, because this is not it.

Thank you Ascoco Beauty and especially the Odessa Cosmetics line for the chance to try out your lovely products, i heart you!

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