Maria Elizabeth Tour and Facial Review (SPONSORED)

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Hi guys!

Today's post is dedicated to a one stop beauty centre in Surabaya called Maria Elizabeth!

Fun squad at Maria Elizabeth Beauty Blogger Gathering last Saturday, organized by WomanBlitz!
If you live in Surabaya, you might want to ask you mom or aunt if they know Maria Elizabeth? Maria Elizabeth is actually a very well known beauty centre back in the day, they were the "it" place to be-i personally checked out this theory and asked MY mum-sure enough, she knew quite a lot about this place!

Even though they are a senior in their field, the younger generation (well, i'm not that young but i think i am pretty young compared to your mothers *LOL*) might not be familiar with them - Maria Elizabeth now has the mission to re-introduce and rejuvenate their image *applaud for that!*, and in conjunction with that they held a fun, intimate and super comfortable beauty blogger gathering at their place last Saturday with Surabaya Beauty Blogger so we get to know Maria Elizabeth better. 

Maria Elizabeth is located in a huge location and they have four separate buildings to form the beauty center (that's why they are a one stop beauty center coz you can get all your beauty needs here!). I will take you to each and every one of the building and take a peek inside, but first... Onto the main building where the event took place.
 Maria Elizabeth Clinic 
Jl. Ambengan No. 19-21 Surabaya 60272(+62) 31-5484936
Sorry for the extra dude, couldn't shoo him off the sofa :))
Since the event was organized by WomanBlitz, ofc it was opened by our beloved Lilies
The lovely dr. Tya (the only resident doctor in Maria Elizabeth, btw)
After dr. Tya welcomed us and tells us a bit of Maria Elizabeth's background, we were then taken to visit the other buildings.
This is the Maria Elizabeth bridal
You can order or rent wedding gowns and party gowns here
The makeup station. Their package prices are super affordable too, you can rent their wedding gown starting from IDR 5mill!
Then next to it is the hair salon, according to my mum their hair salon was very famous back in the day.
Spacious place, very homey and comfy!
We were told that they have various types of treatments too here, even filler for hair! So even though Maria Elizabeth salon is errr, a senior *LOL* - they actually keep up with the latest trend in the beauty world!
Last building before returning to the clinic is the gym (the actual gym is to the right of this studio btw)
Crazy affordable prices! I wish they are closer to my home because i would definitely join :))
Then we returned to the clinic and continue chit chatting. Dr. Tya told us about the various treatments they have in Maria Elizabeth, they actually have the same treatments other (younger) aesthetic clinics have. From the basics like facials, to PRP (even the Vampire PRP), RF, and even botox and thread lifting! 

Oh yeah, they don't only deal with your face, but you can also take care of your body here! Maria Elizabeth also has spa and massages services!

They also provided this super pretty sweet corner that is too pretty not to share here :
I didn't take the sweet corner's photos, my stupid camera couldn't make it in the low lighting (or maybe i just dunno how to set it hahaha), it was taken by one of the bloggers present and kind enough to share in our LINE group. It was probably Teph...
Not only that, Maria Elizabeth also prepares treatment vouchers for us all. They have different treatment vouchers for each one of us (so you have to check out every single blogger's post if you want to know all about their treatments coz we all get different treatments! If you check them all out you can get reviews on their laser treatment, RF, body spa, reflexology, even hair cut!). I was dying for a facial (my skin went crazy with whiteheads after our cruise trip T.T i dunno whyyyy) so i adamantly asked for one!

I actually went to for the facial just today anddd... I forgot to bring my camera with me >.<. So i had to take pictures using my Oppo - which also isn't very good for dim lighting :)))...
This is one of their private facial rooms, it's pretty plain and basic
Oh, hello there
I got the basic (ME, which probably stands for medical) facial and the sections are as follow :
Followed by scrub. The beautician smeared the scrub (which has... very strange scent... But works very well so i'm not complaining hahaha) all over my face then leave it for a few minutes. Meanwhile she gave me a very nice back and shoulder massage that almost put me to sleep... Next up is steam (that i couldn't take a pic of because my eyes were closed with some cotton pads)
After the relaxing steps... I crashed back to reality because the next step was extraction *LOL*. They use a combination of tissue paper, extraction tool and brand new, sanitized needle if needed. Pain level? It's pretty painful y'all, but most extractions are no walk in the park - and it was bearable. I would endure that for a clear, white and black heads free complexion T.T
And the final step : mask!
A basic facial like this would cost you IDR 175.000, which is a very good price point in my opinion. The facial itself is quite nice (except the extraction ofc, but what can we do... This is probably the most important step *LOL*) and thorough, i went home feeling very light and clean :). And even though the extraction was not actually fun, my face actually isn't swollen or super red like how i tend to be after facials - i look fairly normal and that's a total bonus!

Overall i would definitely not hesitate to recommend their basic facials, for the pretty affordable price point, they definitely deliver and i am very pleased with the result.

Thank you Maria Elizabeth for having me and my SBB squad, don't forget to check out my fellow bloggers' reviews once they aired to get to know more about Maria Elizabeth and their services!

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