Lip-Talk 22 : Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream in 01 Reddicted

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Hey guys...

Does anyone enjoy my lip products' reviews? If you do, then you're in luck because that's what i'm gonna be doing today!

It is yet another local product (i've really been loving local brands lately, i don't even think of buying imported cosmetics unless they're super cute/on a huge sale-i just don't feel the need!)
Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream in 01 Red-dicted
Wardah is definitely a very well known (Halal) cosmetic brand in Indonesia (i think they're also available in several other SEA countries), they're affordable, easy to find and have high quality products. I personally had tried some of their other products before and they did not disappoint.

Liquid lipsticks has been the "it" product in local beauty scenes as of late, Wardah's quite quick to jump in the bandwagon and came up with their own version. It's still relatively new (to a point that they haven't even put this product in their website. This gets me thinking, why local brands neglect their websites? LOL) but it's quick to become their best seller product. I heard that they keep on selling out and witness first hand how my fellow beauty bloggers hunt this product high and low because which beauty addict can resist the temptation of trying out a new, highly raved gem.

I am lucky enough because without even having to hunt for it, i still get to try one because they gave one to us in the goodie bag from their Soiree event. Thank you, Wardah Surabaya for that ^^.
Ofc, we must start with packaging. Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream comes in a silver cardboard box with green wording. Here you can see that this lippie's formulation is velvet matte, i think that indicates that it doesn't have a dead matte finish?
Ingredient list
A little hole in the bottom to peek in and make sure the shade inside matches the outside
The lip cream itself is housed in a nice clear chubby tube so you can see the lip cream colors directly with silver cap. Packaging wise, it's simple but looks exclusive and nice
The wand is definitely quite long (because the body of the tube is quite long too)
With this longish applicator
Now, i don't really know if the long wand makes it harder to apply (i personally find it easier to control shorter wands) or if it's just my very limited skill, but i do find this product (in this particular shade. I can't comment on the others because i have not tried them yet) to be a bit tricky to apply.

It's definitely not the formula's problem because the formula is gorgeous. It's SUPER pigmented, it glides on like a dream and opaque from the very first swipe, it is not drying (this is the least drying matte-ish lip product i've ever tried. Keep in mind that i have only tried a handful since i am not the biggest fan of matte lippies) and i feel quite comfortable wearing it. That's why i think it's the wand that makes it a bit harder to control application.

Like i said, it might be my own horrible skill, but i usually fare a lot better *LOL* than that! I always mess up applying this product and you can hear me swearing and cursing whenever i attempt to >.<, i need makeup remover and concealer around me anytime i want to wear this out! Since the product is so pigmented, it makes it that much more unforgiving if you can't apply it precisely.

The only thing that i dislike about this product is the scent. It has a weird, paint-like scent, not very appealing at all *LOL*, but it disappears pretty much immediately so it never really bothers me.

Like i mentioned earlier, it stated to be a "velvet matte", it does dry out to look velvety and smooth but i don't think it even dries down completely to a dead matte. It looks matte on the lips, but not like SUPER matte, and it transfers. Despite the fact that it transfers, it still has an amazing staying power! I literally wore it for more than 8 hours (from morning until night) and had multiple meals throughout the day, when i flipped out my hand mirror expecting the color to at least fade-i was super pleasantly surprised when i see it looks pretty much the same! If i wear moisturizing lip balm underneath, i do find the inner rim to fade, all i needed to do is add a tiny bit and it's all good!

Here's a short video of me swatching it on my lips. You can also see how it's crazily pigmented from the very first swipe.
I can safely say that i am in love with this lippie and as hard as it is for me to apply (i don't suggest you to apply this in a moving car... or if you're in a hurry... Unless you're a pro! But for the rest of us, better apply it in the convenience of our home so we can take our time to apply as neatly as possible), i just keep on reaching for it when i want my lip to really pop.
The color looks dark red in the tube, but your skin tone definitely can effect the result. On my fair skin with pink undertone, this red lippie seems to have a lot of pink tone in it. The same shade looks very red on my darker skinned friend.
I always wear it with simple makeup for the rest of the face because the lips are definitely statement enough
It looks gorgeous for both day time and night time, IMO
I just realized that all of the selfies i took with hunny's phone makes the lippie looks really red (it's depending on the lighting too) but here's one taken using my camera where it's closer to how it looks IRL.
This is my makeup for Little O's 9th birthday party and even #Undecided (who's not into makeup) raves on how gorgeous the shade is!
FYI, i heard from my beauty blogger friends that not all of the colors from this line has the same consistency and staying power as Red-dicted, they even said that Red-dicted has the best formulation out of the 6 colors that's already out (it first came out with 3 colors, then 3 more were added to the collection. And i they told us at the event that they have many more colors coming up, how exciting!). I can't really confirm this since i have yet to try out the other shades (except for a quick swatch during the event, really can't judge it from a quick swatch on my hand!) but do keep in mind that the lighter shades are supposedly a lot more streaky and can be patchy.

They don't even have an official pic of the line available online, only on their catalogue so here's a very dodgy pic i borrowed from an online seller (imma link it ofc) :
Since it's so hard to find the lip cream on the counters, your best bet is purchasing them online. I noticed a lot of seller jack up the price crazily (i think the official price is IDR 58.000), but this seller whose pic i borrowed sells them for IDR 55.900 (before shipping, ofc)
I would highly recommend this product for you who are looking for affordable, pigmented (i'm talking about this shade strictly), comfortable and long lasting lip cream. Not recommending it for people who are looking for a dead matte and non-transferring lip product.

Would i purchase it with my own money? Yes, i would! That's a first for a matte lippie! I have my eyes of 02 Fuschionately and 06 Feeling Red! 
Have you tried this matte lip cream? Did you try them in other shade? How do you like it?


PS : On a different, very sad note, i want take sometime to honor my blogging friend Yessy Suwandi who passed away earlier this morning. I was so shocked when Kathy called me to tell me the news and my eyes keep on watering whenever i am reminded again of this unbearable reality. I just met her last month at an event, i simply cannot believe that she is no longer with us. Yessy was such a lovely, lively and friendly girl, i feel like we've known each other forever since the very first time we met. She is such a kind soul and a devoted Christian, i know she is already in heaven. Please spare sometime to say a little prayer for the family she left behind, especially her husband and 10 month old daughter. My heart goes out to them and i definitely will keep them in my prayers.
Sleep well, my sweet Yessy. I will see you on the other side. Please keep a place for me in heaven too ^^. I miss you already

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