Event Report : Disney Indonesia x Emina Cosmetic Blogger Movie Screening & Tea Party

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Hellowww hellowww...

I am back with yet another super fun event report!
With my fellow beauty and lifestyle bloggers+Miss Monique from Emina (she also represents Make Over, in case you think she looks familiar haha)
So we were invited to a slightly different kind of event by Emina Cosmetics 
I've been invited to movie screenings before, but never by a beauty brand-so this was a first! We watched Alice Through the Looking Glass (second time for me coz i've watched it with my hunny and Little O like a week before. I didn't mind tho coz i love the movie! I prefer this kind of adventure fantasy movie rather than the usual Princessy ones haha) and continued with a tea party! Well, not really a tea party, but close enough hahaha. More about that later!
With my dear Nessya and Lily. You've seen a lot of Lily in this blog lately coz we went to Japan together earlier this year, she's in town for a family wedding and i dragged her to join the event hehe
Group photo at XXI after the movie
Then we were taken for a short tour to Emina Cosmetic's uber cute store. I've been here a few times myself and i love how they decorate the store so nicely, people might mistaken it for Korean cosmetic store if they don't know better. This is why Emina is my fave Indonesian cosmetics brand (i know it's aimed more for the youngsters, but i'm forever young at heart :p). Love how local brands are upping their game nowadays!
Since there were sooo many of us there (plus some Emina customers... A few who actually went up to me to ask for photos >.< *LOL*, it's the costume you guys), it was a bit chaotic and hard to take nice pics 
Coz any pics would be bombarded by people. Lots of them. I tried my best guys... Anyway, this is their latest range Sugar Rush, super cute and tempting! I especially am eyeing the Sugar Rush lipsticks set (a set of four for under IDR 100k!!!), i restrained myself from purchasing because i'm still hoping Sociolla would restock them. I have some beauty points from my commission that i want to spend on them!
Lily happily swatching the Sugar Rush lipsticks
All very pigmented and pretty!
Kinda makes you feel like going for a picnic, don't they?
Their older range... I have both the chubby lippie (you can read the review of Emina My Favorite Thing Lip Color Balm in 06 Socialite Queen) and the normal lipstick
I also own one of their eyeshadow palettes (i have two now, thanks to the goodie bag from this event hehe), and i also recently got the compact powder from Sociolla
I have yet to try them though
I also have the uber cute mini lipstick (read my review of Emina Oh So Kissable Lipstick in 05 Cherry pie)
They also have skin care and other stuffs!
Dreamy pictures were taken by Nessya
Photo-bombed by Wulan Wu :p
Dressed up as Princess Mirana from the movie that day, check out the details on the look here
After spending sometime checking out their cute store and products, we were led to Dessert Time-a cute well, dessert place haha.
Bloggers gotta be bloggers, busy snapping pics as soon as we arrived on the venue
Look at what's waiting for each and every one of us in the table GYAAAAA. Emina Cosmetic is definitely the first Indonesian brand to collaborate with a movie (or anything at all, now that i think about it), EVER! They partnered up with Disney Indonesia for their special Alice Through the Looking Glass packages. We got the Chesire Cat package
Lily busy snapping pics
They also provided a bunch of products in the table for us to play with
Because they have a recreate Alice Through the Looking Glass characters makeup challenge next!
Everybody busy with their makeup
Unfortunately they do not have Princess Mirana/White Queen character selection so i had to go for Mad Hatter so i didn't have to wipe all of my existing makeup off and just deepen them instead (coz like, their Alice has very subtle and clean makeup, and White Rabbit mostly plays with pastel and white...)
The lighting was yellow so it was a real challenge to put the makeup on.. We all probably looked like Wayang once we stepped out of Dessert Time hahaha. The winner of the challenge is Wulan btw. Now that i think about it, Wulan also won Make Over's challenge last time. Guess they just love Wulan Wu hahaha
My dessert of choice, so yum and refreshing! Especially love the taro balls!
Thank you Emina Cosmetics for having us! It was such a fun event!
A closer look on the Chesire Cat packaging
What's inside
I think... i have about enough Emina products to do a One Brand Tutorial now, i don't have brow products and eyeliners but i can work without them. Should i do it???


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  1. Weh cepet banget ce wes di post event report e, aku baruu wae mau bikin videone *procastinator bgt*
    Btw, itu aku bingung kita dapet set yang mana, soalnya aku check di sociolla ga ada set yang lippienya "Emma's nude". Di web emina sama instagramnya juga mereeka ga ngelist adanya set apa aja *o*

    1. Aq dulu event report 2-3 hari lsg up lo Ly, skrg 1-2 minggu gt sek cepet ta? Hahahaha.. Huwe iya ta, aq ga tau jg Ly, pokoke gambare Chesire Cat gt jd ta pikir ya Chesire Cat package hahaha

  2. wahh gemes bangeeet :D

    Ray http://elusive-enigma.blogspot.co.id