Japan Trip 2016 Part 4 : Tokyo SkyTree and Onsen

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Heyyloow yellow :D!

I'm really enjoying blogging about our Japan Trip, i can't help it-i just keep on wanting to continue (and forgetting about all those other things that i need to blog about T.T), it's making me feel the itch to travel again badly though, i don't think i can wait until December  T.T..

So, continuing our Day 2 : we're going to Tokyo SkyTree next!

Crazy wefie with the tip of the tower hahaha
This is also most possibly where i lost my stupid Blackberry phone... It's either i left it at the store where we bought Gudetama doll that can immitate dan shake (stupid thing broke before i even took a video of T.T so darn sad. I thought Japanese made products should be superior #bitter . I am thinking of lugging it back to Japan and demand them to fix it *LOLOLOL*) or in the bathroom because i thought i was still logging in our spending to my note (if you don't know yet, i keep very close eye on our spending and i pretty much write down every single thing that we spend on. That's why my finance's so good *LOL*) while sitting at the benches near the bathroom T.T (if i remember correctly, that is). 

But at that time i was still blissfully unaware so i was having the time of our lives -___-.

Our first stop at Tokyo Sky Tree was at a little Tokyo Banana store (i tried Tokyo Banana before, and i don't get the big fuss. I mean, i love banana and i love banana cakes-but Tokyo Banana's nothing special for me. Plus my sis kinda forced a whole box down our throat a while back and i kinda feel like i have enough Tokyo Banana for a lifetime -___-) with a Sanrio store close by. While the others went to buy Tokyo Banana, i made a mad dash to the Sanrio store to buy Hello Kitty souvenirs, as you do!

One of the cutest thing i saw there was this crazy immitating Hello Kitty :
Which i would definitely buy if only i have a daughter-but i have a son, so i bought the stupid Gudetama instead.
Btw, almost all of the pictures in this blog post were taken using my Iphone because it's a mall and i find it a bit embarrassing to flip out my camera in the stores, plus i might get told off. Same thing about the Onsen so i thought the safest bet is to just use my phone camera, it's pretty good anyway haha
Whenever there's a sign indicating that we're in Tokyo-i just have to snap a pic #notshy
I think Stella was getting frustated a bit in this point LOL (FHL), because we kept on stopping for pictures and buying things even though she already told us that we need to go to the perfect spot for the tower before it gets dark. Btw, we passed by a Gudetama pop up cafe too, too bad we had no time to drop by!
Tokyo Sky Tree observation tower
It's so high you need to lean back very far to take in the whole thing. Better yet, crouch!
Silv was definitely crouching when she took this pic hahaha
Group shot, get in!
After the group shot, we were given a few hours to roam around Tokyo Sky Tree. You could get in the observation tower if you want, but the queue was quite insane and i personally am not into observation towers (i've been to KLCC's, Macau's and Paris'-those are the ones that i can remember. They were more than enough for me) so we decided just to explore the stores. 

There's this HUGE store selling all kawaii, anime products called Tree Village. Seeing the pictures get me a bit worried about bringing my son there. Will he go nutz? Coz hunny went batshit a bit nutz -___-.
The place was seriously HUGE and there were endless kawaiii-ness
I have never seen so many Gachapon in one place... And there were quite a lot in Singapore Toys R Us and Taipei (Taiwanese are crazy about gachapon that they have special stores selling only gachapons). I went a bit nuts here coz i just loveeee gachapons!
The super "in" character : Gudetama. Hunny is a huge fan of Gudetama. I love it too, but not as much as he does
There were a lot of other kawaii spots which i did not dare to snap pics of. You know, whenever i see a store attendant i would hide my phone, like an idiot. I seriously have no idea if photo taking is ok there *LOL*.

Another highlight of our visit is this ice cream store :
Specializing in Fresh Milk ice cream
#coupleicecream *LOL*
I don't really like to drink milk that much, but i LOVE the taste of milk-flavored things. Am i weird? I even prefer to buy milk-flavored snacks for my dog even though i clearly don't eat them. I just love the idea as well *LOL*. So i LOVEEEEEEEEEE this ice cream!!! It's so milky, so fresh... So YUMMEH!!! Btw, if you buy ice cream here, you cannot wander around bringing it. You can only consume it as far as the front of the store because they do not want you to have any accident such as dropping your ice cream on the floor or bumping into people. They also sell fresh milk where you have to finish at a little spot inside the store!
So pretty, no?
The star haired girl was apparently Tokyo Sky Tree's mascot
When it gets dark outside, their garden was lit up with beautiful lights
How's our attempt to do post-wedding style pic? HAHAHAHA
#OOTD , shrug my coat back on ASAP because it was FREEZING!
Before we move on, here's a selfie of Lily and i that i forgot to include in the previous post :p
Our next destination is an onsen located quite far away!
I won't even pretend that i remember the area's name, or that i know what the onsen's named
Do you see the smaller building on the right? Guess what that is? A DOG spa. Seriously.
This onsen was full of anime decors btw, i wonder if it's a promo of a certain anime or something, because the onsen itself looks pretty traditionally-decorated
There's even animatrons
You can see the lockers there
First, you need to get your Yukata here. You can choose your size based on your height and then you get to choose the patterns. It's pretty obvious that i went for the pink one, yes? From here you change in the locker room (not the one outside, it's for your shoes!) inside. Unlike Korean jimjilbang where all of the Korean women seem to be super comfortable in their naked skin (to a point where i find it a bit exhibitionist *LOL*. I mean, it's good that they're so comfortable and confident, i however, come from South East Asia and it's just not our culture to flaunt our nakedness in public, even if there are only other women around) Japanese ladies are a lot more discreet. They seem to be okay about being naked but most of them still cover whatever they can with towels and they don't stay around naked in front the vanity while applying makeup
First thing i saw when we get inside from the changing room, a kid's spot! I wonder if Japanese are more lenient to little kids in their public onsens because last time in Korea there's an age limit of 8 and above
I've only ever been to Spaland in Busan before, this onsen is similar (as in you get to dip yourself in extra hot water in various degrees *LOL*) but also very different. You are first lead to this massive dining hall/foodcourt and they have a LOT of different stalls selling different kind of food.
I was with the other married ladies in our tour group and we couldn't find our husbands! After spending sometimes fruitlessly trying to locate them, we decided to just eat *LOL*
But not before taking photos in this spots. This lady's not someone we know btw, she just happened to be standing there when i tried to snap a pic of the tower
The lighting made it very hard to take a decent pic, but you can see my kawaii pink yukata here
One with Viny
And one with Silv. If you notice how pale (and a bit different) i look in this pic, is that because we took this LATER after we had our time in the actual onsen and took a shower while the previous pics were taken before. FYI, i seriously did not plan to go in the hot pools (coz i had enough of being naked around strangers in Busan. It's not something i can get used to-except if i live there and do it on a daily basis of course), i was just going to wait and hang out at the cafetaria but Silv has never been to this kind of place before and she forced asked me to accompany her -___-. It was still as traumatizing as the first time, and the damn towel in Japan is just as small as the one in Korea WTF. We were being insane and even decided to dip in the OUTDOOR pool (it was like, 2 degrees outside?). NAKED. A group of grown women, trying not to slip while hurrying in the middle of winter into the pool. NAKED, i repeat.
When we were finally reunited with the boys, we can finally take group pics
The laydeez
And a pic of me having yummy ramen earlier. I am seriously not a fan of ramen outside Japan
Ofc, this one's yummy too
We kinda lost track of time especially after we found our hubbies that we were super late, apologies to the rest of the group :(. 

And that is the end of Day 2 for us! Day 3 is a special one because we get to try Harajuku hairstyle and went to Alice in Wonderland (possibly one of my fave fairy tale) cafe! Don't miss the next post ^^!

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