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Is there any medication i can take for short term memory loss? ZZZ.

I know i said i would mash January and February movies together because according to my (clearly unreliable) note, we only watched two movies in January. Writing a post for two movies makes me a bit (okay, a lot) lazy so i thought i'll just add the two movies to February Movies. But then i realized there are more movies that we watched than the ones on my list,. if i insist on adding them to Feb movies-the post would be too long and i'd be even lazier to write WTF. So here i am, writing about January movies at the end of February *sigh*.
We actually watched 5 movies on January. If i don't forget any other, that is!
Without further ado, let's just start, for goodness sake.
I liked Alvin's first movie, i thought it was funny, cute and endearing-but the quality got worse and worse in each movie, i thought the third one was quite bad. I didn't find that one to be funny, the jokes too forced and it was boring. So i wasn't excited at all for the fourth one, but since i have a young son who loves to watch movies in the cinema as much as his parents do, whenever there's an age-appropriate movie playing i'd offer him to watch it, and he wanted to watch this so... We did.

Dave (their "dad") is finally on a serious (new) relationship, when the boys saw a diamond ring, they immediately presumed that he was going to propose to the woman. They have no problem with her, but her son (who's a total troublemaker and became their enemy FTL) is. They also thought they'd get dumped if Dave marry her once he get himself a real family, so they made it a mission (alongside Miles, the son of Dave's girlfriend) to stop the proposal-getting into a LOT of troubles all the way (obviously).

It was actually not that bad! Not super fantastic or anything, but it was quite funny and touching (much better than the last one)! I didn't find myself getting bored, and i quite enjoyed the movie! It's not a must see of course, but it's not entirely horrible either. Totally watchable!

2.The Forest
We just got back from Japan (and wanting desperately to go back hahaha) when The Forest played in the cinema, i was immediately drawn to it when i read the synopsis of the movie taking place at the well known suicide forest, Aokigahara. The reviews were not very favorable, but i think the background itself is too interesting to pass so we went to watch it anyway.

Sara has a troubled twin sister (who always make a mess of her life, and Sara always has to clean it up for her) named Jess. Jess lives in Japan and teaches English at a local school. One day during a school trip, Jess was seen entering Aokigahara alone-that usually means hte person doing it wants to commit a suicide-and never got out. Sara is certain that Jess is still alive, so she went to Japan to look for her. She finally entered Aokigahara alongside a reporter named Aiden and is warned to stay on the path (among a list of don'ts), but there's a sinister power in that very forest that plays with people's minds, especially those who has a sadness in their hearts, and things started getting more and more weird.

It began rather promising, i really like the background (errr yeah, i became obsessed with Aokigahara and browsed about it for hours. I also developed an obsession to go there, not to kill myself of course *LOL*, just to see it. As i definitely have no sadness or any intention to die, i'm sure i'll be alright hahaha), the storyline is also not that bad really, but i think the movie's totally underdeveloped. And the ending was so unsastisfactory, it was annoying. Still, i don't think it's as bad as people made it out to be, it's not a must watch, but die hard horror movies might not necessarily think it's a total waste of time. 

They need to explore Aokigahara more and make better horror movies there, i mean... the place's perfect for one! Make a scarier one please (this one's not scary at all)!

3.The 5th Wave
I guess i don't follow movie news much because i didn't even hear about The 5th Wave before, and even when it starts playing, i wasn't interested in it. Even after i heard good things about it, still i had my doubts because... well, it's an alien movie. And i really don't like alien stuffs *yeah yeah, i believe in ghosts but not aliens. Sue me*, but i really really like Chloe Moretz *LOL* and that's reason enough to go watch it.

Cassie is a normal teenage girl, with a normal life, normal family and normal teenage problems. One day her world (and the entire world, actually) turned upside down when a series of alien attacks starts happening. Her family members dies one by one except for her and her younger brother who then got separated from her. Cassie will do anything and everything to reunite with him. Along the way, she meets a (n insanely hot) young man named Evan Walker. Together they try to find Sam and survive the fifth attack of the aliens.

I'm glad we went to watch it because it's really good!!! First of all, the aliens aren't green and they don't have antennas so that's already a step to the right direction *LOL*. Chloe's acting's all solid and likeable as usual, the storyline is interesting and gripping, the action scenes cool and did i mention Evan Walker is H.O.T?
Alex Roe as Evan Walker
The only thing that bugs me a bit is how the chemistry between Chloe and Alex seems to be very superficial, i just don't think they're in love (in the movie, i mean). Maybe that's how it's supposed to be? Should i read the book? 
Anyway, I can't wait for the second movie!!!

4. The Boy
Ever since i first saw the trailer, i've been waiting impatiently for this movie to play. I mean... a haunted doll made after a dead child??? So up my alley!!! Or so i thought. The movie turned out to be nothing like i expected and i left sorely disappointed. Oh, and please people, stop writing spoilers on your Facebook statuses! Hunny got so annoyed at an acquintance's status about this movie that i have to unfollow them (not unfriend, i just learned that you can unfollow without unfriending people, bliss!) to prevent this from happening again hahaha.

A young American (is it so wrong that i am gleeful that she's described as young? Because the actress playing her is older than me, this makes me feel less ancient hahaha) woman named Greta takes a job as a nanny (at the same time she's also running away from past abusive relationship) in a remote English village. She thought she's going to be a nanny to an 8 year old boy, imagine her surprise when the "boy" turned out to be a life sized doll. It's apparently made in resemblance to the couple's real son who died 20 years ago and they treat him like a living human. They went away on a "trip", leaving the doll to Greta's care with a list of rules that's to be followed strictly. As expected, Greta does opposite of what she's instructed and soon disturbing events starts to happen.

Thanks to the FB status, hunny already knew what the twist is *LOL* #poorhunny but i forced him not to tell me so i could still enjoy the first part of the movie. Once the twist was out... I immediately lost interest WTF zzzz. I don't want to spoil it for those of you who still haven't watch it, but i can say this : if you're looking for a creepy, supernatural horror movie, this is not it hahaha. No wonder i did not get scared for a sec in this movie. I don't like it, skip skip skip! (Having say that, this movie might interest those of you who likes other types of horror movies. It's just not my cup of tea, that's all. It's actually not bad, it was just not what i expected).
I have a thing for Chris Pine (oh well, i know i know, i have a thing for a lot of handsome actors. What can i do) so of course i was excited to watch this movie, which is based on a true story.

It took place in 1952, when a crazy storm splits the SS Pendleton ship in two, the first part sunk and gone while the other part held more than 30 sailors with nowhere to go. Without the captain, the ship's engineer (who knows about the ship more than anyone else) took the leadership in order to try to survive until help can reach them. Meanwhile in the Coast Guard in Chatham, there's a young Guardsman named Bernie (with dramas in his own life, involving a wife-to-be and previous failed rescue attempts that haunts him) is ordered by the chief to do a rescue mission-which most people believe is a mission impossible and practically a suicide.

I usually like rescue movies, especially the ones based on true story-and this one's not bad (rated 7.1 in IMDb, which is quite darn high. It's hard to please those people who give their rates out hahaha) but i dunno... I was a bit disconnected with it. The rescue part was gripping, of course, but the part in between was a bit draggish for me. I dunno what's wrong with me, but i found it to be just okay, nothing to spectacular. I'm also quite surprised that it's a Disney movie (hunny voiced his surprise as well so i am not the only one hahaha). It's pretty good, but personally i find it to not be a must watch *shrug*.

Well, that's it for January movies that almost didn't happen *LOL*. Did you watch any of those movies i listed?

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  1. oh the boy gak serem ya. padahal kirain bakal serem. payah ya.

  2. Pengin nonton the Finest Hour sama 5th wave belum kesampaian...:(

  3. The forest film nya oke banget!! Sukaaaaa walaupun liatnya sambil ngintip2 wkwkwkwkwkwkw. The boy nya gak serem blass endingnya juga sesuatu banget ya ce.

    1. Ngapain ngintip2 gak serem gitu looo hen