Pink X Kiki Coroline GIVEAWAY

11:14:00 PM

Hey guys!!!

If you follow me on Instagram (@MGirl83) then you'd probably already knows that my personal nail designer slash permanent sponsor, Kiki Coroline, are joining forces to present a fabulous giveaway for y'all!

Her masterpieces have been gracing this blog and my IG account very frequently and receives a lot of love, not everybody has the heart to spare a lot of moolah for that dream nail art they have (whatever your dream is, i am 100% sure Kiki can make it a reality for ya!), or maybe your not sure that Kiki's work is worth the price (i assure you, it does!)-whatever the reason preventing you for booking an appointment with her, here's your chance to sample her creation : come and join Pink x Kiki Coroline Giveaway!

The rules are super simple, all you gotta do is post this image on your Instragram :
And use this caption :

Hi #surabaya let's join #Pinkxkikicorolinegiveaway and #win yourself an amazing #free #gelnailart worth IDR 500.000 (there will be 2 winners!) by #naildesigner @kikicoroline   

To enter follow @mgirl83 and @kikicoroline , like any photo in both IG (screen capture it, we'll need the proof!), #repost this photo and use hashtag #pinkxkikicorolinegiveaway
and tag minimum 5 of your friends.
Do not unfollow after the giveaway (or we will block ya 😡😡😡) and the account used must be real account (not giveaway account). Winners must reside in Surabaya or willing to go to Surabaya for the nail art session at Kiki's studio.

#goodluck #giveaway #allaboutnails #nailjunkie #nailaddict #nailartgiveaway #nailartist #blogger #bblogger #indonesianblogger #beautyblogger #indonesiabeautyblogger #surabaya #surabayablogger #surabayabeautyblogger
I think the rules are quite clear from the caption, yea? Follow us both, repost, like a photo, use the hashtag and tag 5 friends. Please read the caption okay, don't just copy-paste it without reading hahaha.

Anyway, the image used on the banner was my Chinese New Year nails and here are what's on the thumbs :
Hello Kitty dressed in monkey costume and lace+3D flower!
In case you need any extra prompting to joing the giveway, let me show you some of Kiki's works that i had the honor to have :
Moroccan style nail art
If you're wondering ig the gold jewels came ready shaped like that and all she had to do is paste them on, THEY'RE NOT! She actually painstakingly added the little round jewels one by one and design it freely!
Uber sweet, innocent and kawaii (the Candy Candy feel is strong!) nail art for my Japan trip

For the quirky like me, Sushi nails!

If you're wondering why my fingers suddenly got so slim and errr wrinkly, that's because that's Trixie's nails hahaha. An example of sweet and feminine style that suit practically everybody
And here's a dream nail art of my friend LL that Kiki made reality :
Chinese doll nail art
And here's a fresh new nail art design that she made today :
I specifically asked her to use Pantone's color of the year 2016 Rose Quartz and Serenity!
So... What are you waiting for? Looking forward for your participation!


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  1. Bentuk kuku nya baguuus
    Lha kuku aku cebol", klo dikutek kudu dipanjangin dulu :"(

    Salam Sociolla yah Kak Mindy!
    ♥ phieselphie site ♥

    1. Kan bisa di extensionnn, kalo sm Kiki mah no worries :D