Eye Stories 08 : Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes in 03 (Egyptian)

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Helloow ^^!

Weekend's here again! Whatcha'll doin? I'm still in hibernating mode after a rather late show of Gods of Egypt last night and plenty of things to do starting tomorrow i just don't feel like going anywhere today zzz.

Anyway, I was about to write that this seems to be my first eyeliner review, but then i checked and i actually did a Collection glitter eyeliner review before that i totally forgot about (hey, i have over 700 posts by now, you can't exactly ask me to remember them all alright!)-but this is definitely the first normal (if you can call olive green eyeliner normal, that is) colored eyeliner.

Anyway, this eyeliner i'm about to review has a rather... Different name, it's Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes :
I received this eyeliner as part of a goodie bag from Clinique's event so i don't really know how much it costs. According to their official website, it's USD 16.50, which is over IDR 200.000 *faints*. I've never purchased such an expensive eyeliner, let's see if it's worth the hefty price tag!
I got the shade 03 Egyptian, which is olive green color with gold specks
It comes in normal pencil shape, which means you'd have to have to use eyeliner sharpener-something i hate coz it's such a waste of product but at the same time it's a good thing because you can get the pencil tip to be as thin as you want it to be
I always use liquid eyeliner for my eyelid and alternate between pencil liner and eyeshadow for my waterline, but for review purposes i decided to use this eyeliner on both my eyelids and waterline.
No need to be alarmed with the "olive green" part, i think it looks very natural and nice when worn
It's super easy to use too
Snapped the photos before i line my waterline, sorry!
How it looks with full makeup. I combined the eyeliner in the waterline with a gold eyeliner from Make Over (which i loveeee)
Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes is one of the creamiest (without being too fragile or crumbly), non-tugging, soft to my skin eyeliner i've ever used. It glides on gently without me needing to add extra pressure, the color also shows up easily which means it's pretty pigmented too.

I love the fact that i don't have to work extra hard to make the color shows (extra pulling on eye area is always a no no!) and how soft it is to my skin, although it has gold shimmer or it there's no gritty feeling that some of other glittery/shimmery eyeliners can have. Don't worry about the shimmer too, no need to be afraid to look like a disco ball since the shimmer is very soft and subtle.

According to their website :
Creamy-smooth eyeliner pencil with a hint of shimmer. Shapes and defines with intense, stay-put colour. Non-smudging, water- and transfer-resistant. Easy to sharpen, too. Ophthalmologist tested.

So i can totally vouch for the creamy smoothness, how about the non-smudging, water and transfer resistant part?

Well, i wore it to an event, for about 5 hours or more and here how it looks after :
Notice the smudges on the waterline?
It definitely smudges on me haha. To be fair, most pencil liners tend to transfer to my upper lid due to my eyelid shape (tapered double eyelid) and Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes doesn't, it stays quite neatly on my lid. I do have a very oily skin and i live in a high humidity country, most pencil eyeliner doesn't stay a chance to be stay smudge free for long! (Tips : you can prevent smudges on your waterline with application of powder eyeshadows beforehand, totally works for me!)

I read the reviews on their website and most confirms that it doesn't smudge and stays on its place-so maybe it depends on where you live (drier climate would probably be the best bet for non-smudgy liners to be true to its claims) and skin type.  

I splashed my face with water (forgot to take pictures zzz) and it stays put (as long as i don't touch it) and doesn't seem to change when the water dries out, so water resistant-yes.

I think for a creamy eyeliner, it's definitely quite superior. I mean, it doesn't smudge as bad as most other pencil liners on me, it stayed put on my upper lid, it's soft but not to a point of being crumbly, it can be sharpened easily and it doesn't break (some pencil liners drive me crazy coz they keep on breaking when i sharpen them!) and it doesn't dry out on when i don't wear it for a while (ahem Collection eyeliners -___-. They become super hard and impossible to use after a while).

It is very expensive though for an eyeliner (although admittedly eyeliners can last a while even when you wear them daily)-i don't really know how much their local counter's price is but it's around IDR 280.000 at strawberrynet . It does have a luxurious, high quality feeling when used though.

I would recommend this eyeliner to those of you who are looking for high quality, super creamy but not crumbly, easy to apply eyeliner with an unusual, but not stark or tacky, color (i'm talking about this shade, of course).

I would not recommend this for those with limited budget (obviously), lives in tropical countries but want their eyeliner to be 100% smudge free.

I honestly won't buy this with my own money, i love Clinique and all but i prefer to spend my money on their other products. For eyeliner, i already found my holy grail one that's less than half of this one's price and works better for me. Are you interested to learn about my current holy grail pencil liner :D?


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  1. Keren efek glitternya Mbak :D


  2. YES!! It drives me crazy too- when creamy liners are too soft to sharpen! It's such a waste of product :(

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