November Celebrations

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Who's guilty of procrastination here? #raisehand

Yeah yeah, i know, it's practically a crime to write about celebrations that happened three months ago. At least i am determined to post it before it's March (yes, a day make a difference :p, i don't care-it's still not March until tomorrow!)
Celebrations that went down last November
First, we celebrated my dad's 66th birthday!
We had dinner at The Pavillion, JW Mariott-which i much prefer than Jamoo (Shangrila), but if i can choose i still prefer non-buffet meals. I just feel like a buffet's always such a waste if you can't eat like a horse (or you can, but you'd be as big as a house so you'd rather not).

My Singaporean Aunts (i only have two, both are my mum's younger sisters. They also have 4 brothers!) were in town in November.
The two at the front are my Aunts. The lady in red+glasses is my MIL, and you should know by now that the lady in hot pink is my mum!
Aunt Mei who, like me, does not do candid *LOL*
Hunny making his own sambal hahaha
Told ya Auntie Mei does not do candid :p
So she would be horrified that i post this *teehee*
Some of the things we ate :
Hmph. Not something i'd eat at a 5 stars hotel's buffet dinner. I'd rather eat this in a cheapo  depot anytime though :p
How i prefer to eat at buffet. A piece of everything hahaha
Practicing those fake candid Celebgrams do so effortlessly. Looks more like the evil step sister but oh well.... I don't mind la hahaha
Sad selections of sushi resulted in this haha
With my nieces. Not too many girls in this family, we're definitely outnumbered with boys so the girls should always stick together!
Can't see a mirror and not try to selfie...
Those two strangers are KC's good friends hehe
K and CW
Syahrini CL
One of the biggest sweet tooth in the family : my mom!
I have absolutely no idea why i snapped this. On second thought maybe i didn't? Was it hunny? I dunno *shrug*
Is it wrong if i say i only got the meringue because i liked the color? Well, we do eat with our eyes first you know...
Birthday treat from The Pavillion
Last time on my mum's bday in Jamoo we were informed that they're understaffed now so there's no one to sing a happy bday *LOL*
I would write Happy bday daddy but it's three months ago so i guess i shouldn't >.<
Look at those two in the middle
You can totally tell who the trouble makers in the family, yeah?
Endless selfies that would be such a waste to just delete :p. I hate it when my bangs are getting too long, it's just horrible on photos grrrr!
KC bond
Hunny snapped us gossiping >.<
These guys were busy watching F1 *LOL*
Continuing on to the second celebration, it's Av's bday!
At De Mandailing Cafe
Bday girl
Birthday kiss from Little O. His tummy's not so slim anymore now tho zzz
The chicken katsu curry's yum!
Longgg potato gratin!
Bday girl with her bday gifts
Av n Lid
Hong bao from A! (PS : Av's so skinny it's irritating. She's fit-skinny, not skinny skinny btw. Like, she can lift you up and throw you away fit hahaha)
And these are from us!
The girls, including a heavily prego #Undecided!
The last but not least, my very belated bday celebration (yes, again)!
With MM and O at Konig!
MM was late so O and i took some selfie
And more
Then we made hunny snapped one :p
MM's finally here
Hunny with MM's hubby. O's hubby's a busy tour leader so he's often abroad on duty when we have celebrations
Little O's spagetti meatball, he liked it a lot
Eeeeehhh WTH is this, i think... Onion ring? LOL, i can't remember!
MM's beer something chicken that took over an hour to cook (with extra bonus of some attitude from the waiters), and it doesn't even taste good! Only have pics of those because the rest of us were being boring and ordered pasta haha
Well, that's all for now! I know it's severely backdated, but i hope you enjoy having a peek into our celebrations!


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  1. Senang pastinya kumpul-kumpul acra keluarga kek gtu :)


  2. Udah lamaaa ga baca-baca blog, pas buka blognya ce Mindy jadi "loh kok udah ga pink lagi?" haha. Tapi suka theme barunya, jadi minimalis gitu.