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Yes, someone's in a good mood ^^. Just hang out with my BFFs in full set this afternoon for Baby K's birthday party, being with people who i love simply puts a huge smile on my face ^^.


If you know me in real life for a long time then you'd know that i've started to color my hair once i graduated from high school and my hair has never been black ever since (that's.... 15 years of constant hair coloring!!!). I know some crazy people has this stupid idea that Asian girls who color their hair want to be Caucasian, that's one of the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard btw-as for me, i like to color my hair because i like the way i look with colored hair! I've never been one to blend in anyway, and since rainbow colored hair is getting more and more acceptable, i've never been more in my element!
I've always been blondish-brown haired dame ever since i started this blog, then i began ombre-ing my hair just recently!

Honestly speaking though, my hair has gone through countless tortures, not only i constantly color (not to mention bleach now) it, i also blow dry it every time i wash my hair (that used to be every day! It's 2-3 days now though) and style it sometimes (mostly when i go to parties). I also only been paying extra attention to them the past few years (i didn't use to even condition my hair, believe it or now!), in short.... I definitely take my hair for granted >.<.

Despite all that, my hair really love me *LOL*. They're really low maintenance and never fail me (except for the fact that they wouldn't maintain curls even after i spray half a bottle of hairspray...). I get a LOT of compliments for my hair *thank you, thank you*, about how shiny they are in photos, and in real life people would curse me for having such soft, straight and silky hair that i don't even need to comb them *LOL*. For all those attentions i got for my hair, i decided to share my hair care routine and maybe those of you who, like me once, never do anything but wash your hair would find this post helpful on what to do to get/maintain healthy hair.

It's very basic though, but as far as my experience with skin care (and the fact that some people don't even know the very basic steps of cleanse-tone-moisture) goes, there will always be people who are totally clueless hahahaha.

These are the products that i currently use for my hair :
Iyeppp... Just 5 products in total!

First of all :
Shampoo. I'm currently using Dove Damagetherapy Daily Shine Shampoo
It's important to find a shampoo that works for you, every scalp and hair condition is different so you need to find "the one" and that might require trials and errors. My hair is definitely not too fussed about the shampoo i use, but my scalp is a little bit more fussy. I mostly use Dove or Pantene (and now i also alternate with Mane n' Tail to prevent hair loss), but i can also use most of other brands. I'm also not too fussed about the variants, i usually would just grab whatever's on promotion *LOL*.

Since i want to prevent hair fall, sometimes i used the anti hair fall variant, but because my hair is definitely over-processed lately, i also go for the damagetherapy types. Use whatever works for you to keep your hair happy, and don't forget to wash your hair as frequently as necessary (that's as much as once a day for very oily scalp!), one of the most disgusting scent on a person other than BO is dirty hair's smell *gag*.
Next : Hair Mask
Before i bleached my hair to achieve ombre, i use conditioners instead. But even my super healthy tresses feel a bit straw-ish after harsh bleaching process and i was told to use hair mask as often as possible-so i took it to the next step and totally replace conditioner to hair mask for now! If you have bleached hair, i think hair mask is a better choice than a "mere" conditioner. By using hair mask every time i wash my hair, i am able to maintain the soft and silkiness of my hair-they're still much softer and silkier than most people with virgin hair hahahahah *oops* *sorry, not sorry*.

In the picture is Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Hair Recovery Treatment, which works really really well for me, but i recently finished the tub and now using Pantene (yep, you guessed it, it was the one on promo hahahaha). I am even more non-fussed for hair conditioner/masks, any drugstore brand is fine for me, they all work just as well!

Third product : Hair serum/vitamin/oil which i apply on towel-dry hair every time i wash my hair
This is a fairly new step in my routine, only been using them for the past two years or so. I used to be very afraid of hair serum and its pals, i have very oily scalp (prior to bleaching, i could wash my hair in the morning and the scalp would be a hot oily mess by the end of the day!) so i didn't want to add anything that can make my hair even oilier, but after using a sample i got from a beauty box... I realized that putting hair serum on the lower half of my hair would not make my scalp any oilier but helps to keep my hair end healthy and silky instead-i never look back!

The one i am currently using is Lucido-L Triple Beauty Vitamin Oil that Feli passed via Kathy (thank you Feli ^^), it works wonderfully for me. Again imma annoy you by saying that any hair serum/oil/vitamin works for me *LOL*, i've been using a LOT of different brands and while i prefer some to others (you can read my review on hair serums here and here), i haven't found any hair serum thingy that sucks hahahaha. Lucido-L is among my fave (i also like Ellips and Dove a lot, i will be reviewing them in the future, i hope :p) so if you're looking for a decent-priced hair vitamin you can try out Lucido-L as well.
This is also important : use the right kind of comb!
Every hair types needs different type of comb as well, i cannot give you any advises for any other hair types since i wouldn't know what to advise you anyway *LOL*, but for fine, straight, processed hair, this Oriflame comb that i've had for years is perfect. It helps me untangle my hair (which can be knotty when i don't use hair conditioner/mask) without hurting them. I also love the sturdy, light material so much! Anyone knows if Oriflame still sells this comb? I think i need a backup! I haven't been able to find any other comb that works as nicely as this one (i have another one similar to this but made from thick plastic, then managed to knock the teeth off one by one within short periods of time zzz)!

Last but not least :

Batiste Dry Shampoo
It's technically not a hair care product, but it's a staple in my current hair routine so i thought i'd just include it! For those of you who has/wants colorful hair like mine, you must know that they fade away ASAP. Every single wash is a step closer to their end #dramatic, so one must do anything they can to stretch out the non-hair washing days to keep the color longer-that's where dry shampoo steps in. For me though, not any dry shampoo can do, Batiste is the only one! LOL. Not sponsored mind you, i just really can't find any other dry shampoo that comes even close to Batiste. You can read our double review of Batiste Original (or more like love declaration WTF) here

Currently using the Blush variant, which is pretty nice. I might do more reviews for Batiste because every variant has slightly different characterization (and of course, scent)! Btw, Batiste also manages to give me extra volume (which i desperately need with my limp hair), and i haven't even been using the XXL variant! It's just so annoying that local online shops would play with Batiste's prices because i always ended up buying the original since it's the cheapest. XXL one's super expensive here, even though i'm pretty sure it must be the same price as the original in USA zzz.

And that concludes my hair care routine and products! Are you using any of these products too? Do you have any extra step to suggest?
#Pink (well, #Purple currently)

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  1. Wah jadi ungu sekarang rambutnya! :D Akhirnya ungu juga ya ce hihihi Ini ke salon yang sama kayak sebelumnya?

    Anyway, produk rambutku juga ga banyak ce. Hampir sama kayak kamu, sampo, hair mask sama serum. Ada tonic tapi makenya jarang banget karena lupa dan malas hahaha! Jadi aku anggep ga ada aja :p Conditioner aku juga kurang suka makenya, bikin ketombean meski nggak dipake di scalp :/

    Soal sisir, bener banget. Mamaku yang awalnya notice, rambutku rontok banget karena salah sisir. Aku ganti sisir yang giginya gede-gede beli di Stroberi dan itu lebih enak ternyata dipakenya dibanding yang giginya lebih rapat :D Aku juga rekor tuh matahin gigi sisir LOL Sisir yang sekarang juga patah, udah beli backup-nya tapi masih bisa dipakai sik #pelit :p

    1. Engga Nin, di cat sendiri d rmh pake La Riche Direction hehehe... Wah, conditioner nya bikin ketombean? Koq bs yah, pdhal pakenya cm d ujung rambut kan ya? Aduh aq pgn beli itu sisir Oriflame lg, masih ada gak sih ya...

  2. i love your hair =D