2nd SHR Treatement and Update with Bangkok Beauty (SPONSORED)

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Hey guys :D!

A quick post today, like i promised on my last Bangkok Beauty post, i'm going to give you an update about the condition of my leg's hairs after one SHR treatment hehe. Okay, i'm supposed to blog about this last month (since my treatment date was on 21st of August!) but well.. Hahaha. Busy busy bee #lies #truthislazy :p.  Anyway, i better post now before my third treatment comes up >.<!
Bangkok Beauty
 Jl. Klampis Jaya 33D Surabaya
 +62 31 5924660
Yeah, i went there pretty late (they're open until 7 PM! So those of you who are working office hours, don't worry! You can still come after work ^^) around 5-ish, so it was getting dark!

I already made an appointment with the beautician (BBM makes my life so much easier *LOL*. You can add their Line/BBM to make your appointment with them. This is important if you hate talking on the phone like me. I swear there should be a term for people who dislike phone calls!) so they were all ready for me when i arrived!
Went in immediately
#selfie #duckface #bored
I didn't do anything to my leg's hairs after the first treatment, no shaving (i never shave my legs anyway :p) no cream removal, i just leave them be. So the pictures you're about to see are the condition of my legs as they are a month after the first treatment :
Hm. Can you see anything? I have a few hairs left on my legs that are visible to the naked eyes *LOL*
Like, really sparse and hard to spot hahaha. Please ignore the marks on my legs, damn mosquitos!
There there, can you see those two hairs in the middle of my shin? LOL
Yep, with just one treatment (please note that it's actually my second SHR ever because i've had a trial session but it was last year and should not impact the result whatsoever. And i am not THAT hairy to begin with, but i used to have a lot more hair compared to now!) i noticed that the hair growth's EXTREMELY delayed. They didn't really grow until more than two weeks and even after than, most of the hairs didn't grow back. The ones that did grow back become thinner as well. I probably have less than 40% of my original legs' hairs after just one treatment!
The beautician taking pics for their documentation

Then they drew on my legs to locate the hairs with white eyeliner as usual
Since i have a lot less hair now, the pattern also changed, my leg doesn't look like beef being drawn before butchering anymore hehe

Must put on protective glasses! While they worked on the back of my legs, another #selfie is in order haha
I made two brief videos which i originally posted on my IG!
And we were done within 20 minutes or less! It was super quick, painless (okay, there were spots where i yelped when i felt the rubber band-like sensations on thicker hairs *LOL* but it's not exactly painful too, totally bearable!) and it WORKS! I love how smooth and hairless my legs are haha. Still one more treatment to go, hopefully it's gonna be enough for my legs to be totally hairless!

Bangkok Beauty :
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E-mail : bangkokbeauty168@gmail.com

Thank you Bangkok Beauty for having me, as usual!


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