MM & O's Bday Dinner

1:59:00 PM

OOPS, did i accidentally publish this post when i was still uploading the pictures? My apology. And those 13 of you who managed to view the post before i realized what i did, i hope you come back to read the proper post hahahaha.

So, this is yet another super backdated celebration post, and sadly i do not have #Undecided to blame this time round hahahaha!

Every year, my ladies MM+O and i (sometimes joined by all of our spouses, but most of the time by my hunny only :p, we all know each other since university and he's actually friends with them for as long as i do) would gather together at least a few times to celebrate our bdays (of course we still meet outside these celebrations, also O began joining our yoga class twice before going MIA but she promised she'll be back soon #stare, but the four of us gathering together and really hang out are during these times), this year is no exception.

MM's bday in in April and O's May, but they're very busy (both are working at travel agencies and are pretty senior *as in old >.< we're not that old la but old enough hahaha* tour leaders) and their traveling schedules often mismatch with each other so we only managed to get together on July to celebrate MM's err 35th bday (i guess i need to stop posting her age now? Hahahah) and O's 32nd.
Venue of choice : The Holycow by Chef Afit
Hunny and i tried the Steak Hotel by Holycow! before (review here) and we really, strongly disliked the steak there-apparently although they are under the same Holycow brand, they are run by different managements and that influences the service and food as well! We were happily surprised about how much better the Holycow by Chef Afid is compared to the other one!
First of all, the ambience is better. The place's a lot bigger, spacier, the lighting is better and it just looks better in general
Service is also so much better, the staffs are better trained, more attentive and has more product knowledge then the other one. Food is SO MUCH better too! Anyway, we arrived first and waited a while for O and MM to arrive.
Here they are. Actually i was just snapping O's pic looking at the menu, i had no idea that MM (and her daughter) is also in the picture until i type this hahaha
Yummy wedges
FYI, all Holycow franchises cater to carnivores *LOL*, they do not even have other menu than beef!
Steak is 10, no, 20x better than the one in the Steak Hotel!!! It's actually juicy and yummy! The type that i can daydream about from time to time
Hunny's cutting the steak, but it's not his
It's Little O's!
For other parents, it might not seem like a big deal-an 8 year old boy eating steaks? But it is for us! Because Little O used to hate meat and unable to eat tough stuffs. He had tooth problem since he was really young (it broke my heart when he bawled at the dentist as a 4 year old :( it was really bad and it went of for almost 2 years) and he lost most of them (due to his habit to drink milk with bottles at night *sigh* they decayed and fell off much faster than they should) and he also has a rather stubborn gagging reflex so anything too chewy and though is a no no for the longest time.

He started showing interests in meat recently (he even asked for some when we eat them) AND we had no choice with the menu (the kid's menu is meatball or something, and it wasn't even available WTF. They definitely need a better kids menu!) so we asked him if he'd be interested to have a steak : to our surprise he said yes enthusiastically.

The rest is history WTF, he loves good steaks now, just like his mommy. He can even request for steaks now hahaha. And since his steak is at Holycow, whenever we talk about steaks he'd immediately refer to them now hahaha.
Hunny was in a daring mood and he ordered the gigantic 400gr steak (Buddy something?). Not really recommended though, it's a bit tough and not as yummy as the other steaks
We all ordered different type of steaks (but they're still cows WTF, from different continents hahaha), but from all 5, i find MM's to be the best one :
So yum!
Pressie time!
I got O Beaute Recipe's trio body butter and a nude jelly shoes, she was hiding her tired, makeupless face here hahaha
O and i pitched in to get MM this bag. O kept on saying "It's not mumsy enough" to all the bags we saw and finally settled for this *LOL*. MM would only wear crossbodies and totes like this, and it also has to be roomie enough because she's such an auntie *LOLOLOL*. This also happens to be the only pic where Kylie shows her face that night hahaha
That's all for now! Next time i should not delay celebration post for so long OMG it's not even funny anymore hahaha!

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