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Hello helloooooo :D!

This month the monthly movie review comes slightly earlier than last month *although still pretty late la WTF*! Not too many movies on August, mostly because those that were showing all are blockbuster movies so they stayed in the cinemas pretty long locally that there's no place for smaller movies, and also i no longer resort to old or B grade movies when i'm desperate since i prefer to watch them online now (all hail 14hdmovie hahaha).
Ohhh Mr. Cruise, i think you're super fine.... Can't believe he's 53, i think he stays so young looking (with the help of botox and other procedures, no doubt hahaha. But i think his facial movement's not robotic at all so maybe the botox is very minimum :p) partly because he's an adrenaline junkie. Can't believe he does all those crazy stunts himself! I always enjoy Mission : Impossible (i can't decide if Mr. Cruise looks more handsome with crew cut or long hair! He's sexy either way!) and this one's also no exception!

Ethan and his team are dealing with the most impossible mission so far, to take down the ghost international rouge oganization called Syndicate (which nobody else believes to actually exist) which purpose is to destroy the IMF. At the same time, CIA chief Hunley manages to convinces to get IMF (which stands for Impossible Mission Force, Ethan's organization) disbanded because he believes that they're very reckless. Ethan has to go undercover and off the radar to track down and destroy Syndicate as well as staying away from Hunley.

I believe we would be expecting jam-packed action sequences with crazy explosions for Mission : Impossible with lots of twists and some nice humor added, and they deliver in every aspect. It's fast paced, gripping, exciting and thoroughly entertaining. I would highly recommend it for all Mission : Impossible, or any action movie, lovers to check it out. Not much on the storyline, of course, this is not some drama shooting for best movie in the Oscars after all!

2. Fantastic 4
I can describe it in three words : IT'S. NOT. FANTASTIC -____-. Pffffft. I never hated any Marvel super heroes movie before, but this one's pretty bad!

The movie follows young Reed (Miles Teller that makes me wondering throughout the movie, where did i watch him before??? Only now i realize he's the asshole in Divergent movies *LOL*, so mild and meek in this movie that he's almost unrecognizable for me) in his early years, always the scientist. Fast forward to a few years later, he's now a young man with a bright future in front of him, especially after he's recruited by the Baxter Foundation to join their big project, the "Quantum Gate". The scientists managed to finish the gate and successfully sent a monkey to what they believe to be the other dimension, but then when they are rudely shoved off the project, they decided to send themselves to the other dimension-which ended with them gaining crazy super powers and one of them was left to possibly die in the other realm.

Gah. It's so.... BORING. Hunny actually told me that he read loads of horrible reviews about this movie and i was like "OMG, shall we not watch it then?", but he insisted. We don't always agree with available reviews, but boy they are right (and i agree with the super low rate of 4 in IMDb, i actually think that's quite generous already -___-). It started off alright, pretty promising and we start to get to know the characters a bit, then we kept on waiting for the movie to pick up... It never happened. It just flat lined. The peak? It lasted, 5 minutes. And the villain died within their first few tries, before we even blinked. That's just SAD. Too much scientific jargons, the dialogs made me yawn. At least Reed and Sue have better chemistry than the 2005 movie. But in general, i think the 2005 one is more entertaining, and i already thought it was crap! SKIP IT, i'm telling you!

In the other hand, this one is a MUST WATCH movie! I LOOOOOVEEEEEEEEE it, it's my current fave movie :D. I was already excited when i read Arman's review, and i couldn't wait to watch it (so was Little O who kept on checking with me if the movie's playing already), i ended up crying pretty much the whole movie *LOL*. It's a movie about human's emotion, and it really tweaks with YOUR emotion! The kind of movie that makes you leave the cinema feeling utterly wiped out emotionally, but also happy.

Riley has always been a happy girl, she has a wonderful little family, she loves her friends and hockey. Until one day her little family has to move to SF when his father starts a new job.  Like all of us, Riley's emotions are divided by five representations : Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness-they all live in Headquarters that controls Riley's mind. All five of them give Riley advises in everyday life. When Riley's uprooted from her lovely Midwest life, all five emotions in her must deal with new circumstances and changes. As Riley is essentially a happy person at heart, Sadness has little to do in her life before, but as changes and confusion rules her life, Sadness began to get more portions even though Joy (who's pretty much the leader in Riley's life) tries her hardest to not let it happen.

My God was it a good movie T.T. They manage to describe growing up and all the weird, unexplainable feelings we all go through growing up, and do it so cutely as well with all the funny characters. Btw, i know i'm not the only one who thought Bing Bong is the villain when he first appear (there's even an article about it hahaha), but i fell in love like the others afterwards, of course. And cried for much for him WTF... Who's your friend who likes to play? Bing Bong Bing Bong....

I LOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE everything about Inside Out (all three of us cried watching it, that proves that i have a sensitive and soft-hearted little boy hahaha) and am insisting all of you NEED to watch it. I also got curious about which emotion is the leader in MY headquarter (you don't need to guess what hunny's is, it JOY without a single doubt) and hunny said "Disgust!!!!" immediately. Wow, am i really that annoying? LOL. I took this silly quiz about which emotion is your leader and sure enough, it is her hahahaha.

Lastly, i think Sadness looks so much like Elaine, my cousin L's little daughter!
LOL!!! She even has the same habit of clasping her hands together when she's nervous! When i showed #Undecided a pic of Sadness, her reply was "BB, that's Elaine!!!!" LOL
Oh, i also LOVE the lava song!
4. Hitman
Obviously hunny's movie choice and he was very excited about this movie. It was okay, not too bad (anything is better than Fantastic Four at this stage -___-) but nothing too interesting either. Just another action movie for me, nothing special. 

In Germany years ago, there's a secret bioengineering program that essentially created the perfect assassins. They have the crazy speed, strength, stamina and intelligence, but at the same time they're incapable of normal human emotions. The lead scientist, Dr. Litvenko, realized that this is a very dangerous project and flee, making the project comes to a halt. Fast forward to present day, a corporation called Syndicate (boy is it a popular name this month) aspires to reboot the project and the boss believes they can only do it if they can find Dr. Litvenko who has disappeared since he flee and the only way to find him is by finding his daughter. Agent 47 (who's actually the result of the very exact program) is sent to stop the Syndicate from finding the girl and Litvenko.

Yeah, well, pretty predictable storyline and we all know how it will ends. I don't remember the original Hitman movie (but hunny loved it) much, but it seems to be a bit different. It's not bad at all, something you can catch when you have some spare time to kill.

I'm all about comparison this month, and i kept on saying that Rupert Friend looks exactly like Orlando Bloom, only less pretty. 

5.The  Man From U.N.C.L.E
This is yet another movie hunny was waiting for very impatiently, but i must admit that i ended up liking it a lot more than i thought i would!

The movie is set in the 1960s (the whole movie has this kind of retro, old school vibe, i'm not keen on this kind of stuffs but the movie's so good i didn't mind it after a few minutes!), CIA agent (with dodgy past) Napoleon Solo (what's with the name??? It's played wonderfully by the dapper Henry Cavill) and former foe (they met when Solo helps Gaby defect to West Germany) turned bromance KGB agent Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer, which makes me snort whenever people makes fun of his stature) has to work together on a joint mission to stop a private criminal organization (thank God it's not called Syndicate again) from using Gaby's father's scientific expertise to construct their own nuclear bomb. All three of them must go undercover and work together, which is not easy since they don't exactly go along (at first).

Unlike the other action movies i already reviewed before, this one actually is pretty smart!  The storyline is nicely written, the twist and turn not super easy to spot, and it's funny! The jokes are dry and i guess it can get lost in translation because i snorted out laughing to a mostly silent cinema at times *sigh*. I actually enjoy this a lot, Henry Cavill actually looks and sounds like someone from 1960, and Armie's seriously funny (even though his accent makes me cringe) and Alicia Vikander's so pretty, she looks like a tanned version of Diana Agron (she even sounds like her!). It's a good movie, it's entertaining, interesting, funny and keeps you guessing til the end! Highly recommended!

That's all for this month! My fave movie is Inside Out hands down! I love The Man from U.N.C.L.E and Mission : Impossible-Rouge Nation too and the only movie this month that i found to be a total waste of time is Fantastic Four!

But while we're at the look a like parade, there's another one i forgot to mention  when i should (which is in June Movies) but i can't keep this off my mind and have to share with y'all, don't you think this lady from Pitch Perfect 2 looks like the Western version of Irene Ang???
Birgitte Hjort Sorensen and Irene Ang, separated at birth? LOL
For those of you who don't know Irene Ang, she's a veteran Singaporean comedian/actor, a true funny lady so i found it totally disturbing when Anna Kendrick's character develops a crush-hate to Birgitte's character, i kept on thinking about Irene! 

Which movies did you watch from this list? 

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  1. iya inside out bagus banget ya.... :D

    baru ngeh itu hitman disini judulnay agent 47. lucu yakenapa judulnya beda2... :D

    1. Ehhh, judulnya Hitman Agent 47! Itu kurang nulisnya gw hahahaha #EDIT