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I can't help but work with the title lots of you rudely shoved to me, Shopping Queen. Happy now?

I used to write haul posts weekly, and i should've kept it up. But i didn't. So my shopping pile that are yet to grace this blog grew and grew. And y'all kept on being hysterical about it zzz. This is a crazily backdated haul post (as usual :p), it's an accumulation of a few months (okay so maybe one or two. But still), i'm usually too lazy to snap pics of my shopping before i have a significant amount, and this post consists of three significant amounts so it's quite bad. Consider yourselves warned.
Like i said, they're all OLDDD haul, some of the stuffs are already used, some even thrown away already *LOL*. I kept on promising myself to clear up my old hauls so i throw lots of them together in one post so i can be done soon. At least i hope so.


Let's get this torture (by myself for myself) over with!
First pile
Beauty related junks. Mostly durgstore/supermarket stuffs haha
Oh God, i don't even remember them anymore. The Body Shop's shower gels, they must be on sale and i must have some vouchers. I think. One of the brands that works best for our skin
Always repurchasing now, Batiste Dry Shampoo (read our review here). I can't live without them, especially now that i have ombre hair (recently color the lower part dark purple! Show you soon!) i have to start washing my hair less often to prevent the color from fading too fast. Tried a few other brands but nothing comes close to Batiste. Batiste, you're still my #1... I've finished these two and repurchase several times already WTF
Mumsy buys. Soffell and Autan mosquito repellent because living in a tropical country means from time to time the mosquito come in hordes and you have to arm yourselves against them (fancy malaria, anyone?). Some of the older generation repellent were so harsh that they even remove my nail polish *WTF*, the Autan spray and Soffeell lotion are very soft and mild (but still effective) plus they smell nice (not choking like the aforementioned older products). Johnson's baby top-to-toe wash because my son still use them (so convenient, and mild for his sensitive skin) and i can't resist a good deal. Pantene conditioner because must always stock them right (actually i refrain from using conditioner and use hair mask now to repair my ombre hair)
Ellips Hair Vitamin, i always use hair serum/oil/vitamin now and Ellips' one of my fave brands. Like Arum, i prefer the pump bottle type, but for traveling i prefer this
Sleek eyeshadow palettes in Snapshot and Acid. Always wanted to have Sleek eyeshadow palettes (i have their blushon palettes already) so when Sabsab asked me if i was interested in a joint order with her for Sleek during sale, i jumped at the opportunity. I, however, am convinced that i am cursed when it comes to online eyeshadow buying. I keep on getting them cracked :(. One of these also got cracked on shipping (Sabsab's all fine -____-), thankfully just the packaging but it still broke my heart...
Mustika Ratu haul at their counter opening, they're already so cheap and we got discounts for the opening some more!
What's inside the boxes (minus the Moisturizer *which i love because in my skin it acts like a makeup primer! Read my review here* and loose powder)
Got a blush on in very pale pink for those days when i want to apply dolly makeup. I used to always wear this kind of color but using Etude House's old blush on type that's already discontinued and it's really hard to find this shade that actually shows on my pale skin so i changed to darker pinks (then i got comment about how much better i look with my new shade because i look more natural. Next time you want to make this kind of comment to me, you might want to stop myself because i almost tell the person to go eff herself *LOL*. Nobody should judge other people's makeup preference unless it's really crazy, so just because this color doesn't make my makeup look natural that doesn't mean it's bad. Did you even bother asking me what kind of look i was looking for??? FYI, natural was never the goal!!). I'm glad i find a similar color again! I haven't actually really use it much, but #Undecided purchased two Mustika Ratu blushon at the same time and she found it hard to use (because she used the tiny brush that came with them!!! OMG! It a NO NO!!!) but i LOVE them! My current fave blushon okay! You just need a good brush and they're a dream to use!
Eyeshadow palette because i can't ever resist colorful eyeshadows...
Their lipsticks are divine! It was crazy cheap also, IDR 16.000 after discount! I could've gotten them all if i didn't stop myself haha
From Luxola. Must got a discount code back then. Mane n' Tail's hunny's holy grail shampoo now, but my hair's reacts better to the original variant than Herbal Gro for some reason. Also got two Maybelline lipsticks that are not very easy to find locally...
Hand-me-down from Kathy. Etude House and NYX lipsticks (that i used A LOT, love them!), Revlon foundie and Maybelline pink eyeliner. Thank you Kathy!
Speaking of gift, this lipgloss is a gift from my cousin L when she went to China
Sample of Bioderma from Shelvi
Always wanted to try out EM cosmetics because i like Michelle Phan a lot (although i don't watch any other makeup tutorial so i can't really say she's my fave beauty guru either haha) but i was not interested in the prices *LOL*, when they were on a huge sale i decided it was the right time to get them. I got the mini Life Palette and a lippie
Cutest high top sneakers with detachable butterfly wings, aren't they adorbs?
Jelly boots ^^
H&M cat head bag, i saw some bloggers sporting them and i always wanted it but we don't have H&M in Surabaya yet, so when i found an online store selling it... Grabbed it ASAP!
I'm not one to show my undies to public, but these Hello Kitty ones are to too cute not to share hahaha. There were mostly B cups left and i hardly fill my A cup (FML. And yep, i'm rather big for an Asian girl, possibly a giant, but nope, being big-built doesn't mean you'd be guaranteed big bazookas as well. It's really annoying when people reacts weirdly when they heard about my bra size "Really? But you're so big/fat how come your bra's so small" LISTEN dickheads, even fat cows can have small feet so big girls comes with various boobies size too okay. STUPID) so i was so kiasu and went to try out to B cup. WTF. SO MUCH air hahahaha they won't even stand up properly on my body so i had to crawl out and begged the SA to dig through the pile of bra for smaller cups. Pfffft.
Some of these stuffs from these hauls are bought for our Korea trip HAHAHAHAHAHA. Including the furry socks (the other one for normal use) from Daiso
Our (as in mine and Little O's) uber cute but rather useless Daiso gloves at its prime
Cute ear muffs, still for Korea
Cute stuffs haul from Naughty. The rings were on sale, IDR 10.000 each >.<

Moving on to pile number 2

FYI i don't buy branded items that often (and Bonia is mid-brand, i buy premium brands even less haha. Only when i REALLY REALLY like them, prefer to spend my money for trips and buy a truckload of cheap stuffs >.< it's all about preference baby!) but i do get them from time to time. This tiny Bonia bag is JUST TOO CUTE
Zara bag that i already featured in a few outfit posts, i don't have a lot of simple black bags so this one appeals to me
Eh. I already donated this bag away *LOL*. Only wore it in Korea and went home looking worse for wear. Bought it especially to match my shoes for Korea trip anyway and it's quite cheap :p
The perfect example on how i don't mind to wear branded bags AND dirt cheap bags. Can't resist cheap and cute bags that i can wear and ruin within weeks without getting a heartache hahaha

Ankle Boots from Zalora, i got some vouchers from them and decided to spend it on them, only had to top up IDR 100.000 or something

Eh. Coz i love socks, got them in Hypermart hahaha. The gloves i ended up not bringing to Korea *LOL*. Should i bring it for my next winter trip? Will i freeze to death again?
Collagen Crystal Eye Mask that hunny and i use every weekend, will be present in most hauls because we keep on repurchasing
Etude House My Castle hand cream, just because of the packaging
Boring shower essentials. When i try out different shower gels, i have to have Dove for hunny because his skin can't deal with most brands. And shampoo to stock, i mainly use Dove and Pantene but Sunsilk is fine too. I alternate with Mane n' Tail too
More boring buys. Contact lenses drops and Pixy Compact Powder that i got curious to try after seeing lots of positive reviews of it
Gifts from Wynne (owner of Bangkok Beauty), i forgot about that Malieco Hair Coat already zzz, must locate it and use it!
More gift from L

My Little Pony necklaces. I LOVEEEE MLP!!!!! If i ever have a daughter she already have plenty of stuffs waiting for her haha
Very Chinese New Year looking accessories
Eh. I misplaced these from Warna (bought them in Jakarta, but Warna finally opens in Surabaya-in SPI. Bought some stuffs there last Sunday, got really angry at the stupid SAs. Tell you more when i actually blog about THAT haul okay) then found it, so i decided to chuck it here
Last pile, it's been so long since the last time i show my haul in their actual carriers :p
What's inside
Blue Scandal haul, because i can't resist cheapness -___-. Uber cute Beauty Treats sheashell eyeshadow (remember i'm cursed? Yep, one of the blue shadow's totally smashed :( eyeshadow why you must broke my heart again), NYX butter gloss set, Wet n Wild, Jordana lippies and a free Style Pen Nail Polish Remover. Never heard of the brand before, but it works rather well (even though the smell is choking haha)
Really wanted to try out those peeling foot mask, but then i forgot to buy any when we were in Korea WTF. So when CL bought some Korean cosmetics in a Korean website, she helped me purchase this as well as a Missha lippie for my mum (already gave it to her before i even remember to take a pic)
I was very curious about the Etude Hose Ice Tint Balm but was not interested in the price, then i saw this defected one (as in the twist mechanism isn't working, need to use lip brush, but the product itself's perfectly fine) at a fraction of the price at Chic Princessa so i thought why not... Then because i'm so kiasu i wasn't about to pay full price for shipping for one tiny thing so i decided to get this 3CE nail polish also on sale. Never tried anything from 3CE (because i'm not too interested in the packaging and it's quite pricey) so it's quite interesting
Lipstick and nail polish set (is Ulta3 the brand?), gift from my friend CK
Athena perfume from Oriflame. I'm not a big fan of Oriflame but i love their glossy catalogs *LOL* and usually would get drawn to buy the sale section, i also love their perfumes! I have plenty hahaha. Lots of nice scents to choose from and they last all day!
Shick shaver because my old shaver started to look sad. Haven't even use them *LOL*, i only shave my underarm :p
Spray bottle to finally make that DIY brush cleanser, it works! Will probably blog about it!

Dunno if i mentioned this before, but i've always been a fan of Sailor Moon hehe. My childhood heroes! So when i saw this tiny mirror, i just gotta have it! It's kinda crazy expensive for a plastic mirror but well.... When you like something enough, you turn a bit crazy anyway
From the same online shop (it specializes in Japanese products) i got a Liz Liza fukubukuro. Always wanted a Liz Liza bag but they're kinda expensive and i'd rather spend them on Western brands because i'm more familiar with them, but the fukubukuro is a great deal! I don't remember how much i paid for it, probably IDR 1.5 mill? The price of the dress that came inside the bag is almost 1 mill (there's the original tag still hanging)! +the white bag+soft cardi, totally a steal!
Oh God, some of you might start to think that i'm insane. i was going through a bag frenzy back then, what can i say? This tiny Fossil crossbody was on a big sale, less than 1 mill and i love the color...
Furla mini glitter jelly-looaklie and My Little Pony bag charm bought from an online shop i frequented
I also discovered Les Femmes which just opening back then. Fast becoming my fave non-branded bag store for cute and quirky bags. Been purchasing a lot more ever since >.<
Still from Les Femmes. I even got the membership already...
Backpack from a local made replica online shop because it looked so much better in the picture hahahaha. I'll use it anyway when i'm overseas, i think it'd look better when it's filled hahahah #hopeful
Furry clutch that arrived totally limp WTF. Imma have to fix it with a carton or something zzzz
Another quirky bag (i'd much prefer if there's no Moschino writing in it, it's not a replica alright, it's just a look-a-like haha) that i hunted high and low for. I saw one in Naughty but thought it was a tad overpriced for such a tiny bag, but then i kept on thinking about it and when we came back it was gone already FML. Finally find one in an online store after days of obsessingly browsing the net!
Phewww we're finally done with the bags >.<.
I need to start wearing head accessories more to justify the way i buy them. And i didn't realize that one of the flowers' missing :( hikhik, bad shopper who never checks her purchases!
Heh heh, i do like message necklaces
More rings from Naughty. Some people got confused about my choices, they don't get vintage chic, huh?
Cute Kimmidoll bracelet
Silly plastic tiara for props
I always go crazy when Cache Cache's having a big sale... I could spend hours in their store with G looking at every item carefully and keep on adding more and more to the pile -___-
More cheap accessories, can't get enough of them!
Rangrang batik cloth that i already turned into a skater skirt hehe (eh, i mean i paid a seamstress to do it la, not i did it myself
Scarves from Cache Cache as well. Again, people question my taste when they see the watermelon one, why??? Just because you can't pull it off doesn't mean i can't! #mean

Yep, still going cray at Cache Cache, i loveeee patterned stockings and leggings! Been wanting the galaxy legging for the longest time but too cheap to pay too much hahahaha
Kawaii, no?
OK, gosh... I'm officially dizzy after spending the whole day writing this *lots of things distracted me. Like Diner dash hahahahaha*. Are you dizzy too seeing this post? Hope not. More to come. LOL.

The official haul queen

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  1. Ce, benerin width body-nya dong, fotonya jadi ngedesek sidebar-nya tuh ga enak bacanya :(

    Anywaaaaaaayys, you're a truly haul queen ce! *salim*

    1. Hehehe aq tuh gaptek bgt, dr kpnnya mau benerin tp ga tau caranya... Tp udah aq benerin koq :D

  2. Also love batiste dry shampoo, I have it in travel size so I can carry it around with me, it is a major savior for our hear indeed :p
    And, yes, you are certainly a haul queen!

    Shop @vanitygoods

    1. Wonder if we can bring the travel size to the cabin? I'm always overly worried they'd throw away my stuffs -___-

  3. You truly bought so much, shopping queen! your jelly boots and those stockings with pictures printed on em totally caught my eyes. would love to see them on your OOTD's later on! ^^