Shower-O-Rama 03 : Etude House Sweet Appleade Body Wash

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Haiiiii ^^!

Yep, still in Korea and still posting drafted posts! I thought while i'm in Korea, i should post a review of a Korean product *LOL*. Btw, i've been shopping like mad for Korean cosmetics (i dash around like a mad person mainly because we didn't have that much time and i wanted to get in as many stores as possible *le sigh*) but i haven' bought a single Etude House product (EH is currently my fave Korean cosmetic brand)! When we went to Myeongdong, the EH store was super duper packed and i cannot shop in crazy crowds, and today in Lotte Mall... I was way too tired to shop after spending 8 hours playing at the indoor theme park, i hope i won't go home with not a single EH product in my new stash! Okay, super tired, need to crash now, please enjoy the post! 

I'm trying to jump-start the product reviews again and be more diligent (i know i keep on saying this, then start lagging behind again, but hopefully i can stick to my plan from now on *fingers crossed very tightly* coz i am kinda embarrassed on how people keep on referring to me as a beauty blogger when i hardly do more than a handful of beauty product reviews every month *and we all know i post very frequently!). 

Must rewind and after dusting through my neglected drafts, i found these photos of Etude House's Sweet Appleade Body Wash, which i've finished long ago and i've used other 15 or so other body wash afterwards *to give you a clue on how long overdue this review is hahaha*.
Picture from Google
This is quite rare for Korean brands, but i am delighted to say that whether or not this product is discontinued already-i found lots of local websites still selling them (i will link a few up later) so at least i am not reviewing some ghost product that nobody can ever purchase anymore *LOL*.

I bought this body wash in KL during a huge clearance sale (yes, i bought a LOT of products back then, and paid very very little), i was attracted to the fresh green colored bottle (although i am not a fan of green in general, i do like neon green!), the fizzy apple illustration and the name-both making it sounds more like a fizzy drink than a body wash.
It comes in a sturdy light green plastic bottle (contains 300ml)
With normal flip cap
Now, i didn't even sniff the scent before buying it (bad habit, i often buy things just because i like the way they look >.<. I thought ohhh sweet appleade, must smell like some fresh and fruity fizzy drink right! WRONG!) i just grabbed it, partly because i was overwhelmed by the crazy low prices #kiasu :p. I was so sure that the scent would be nice and up my alley, so imagine the sheer horror when i finally opened it to use... and i HATED the scent!

You might know already that my favorite body product's scent would be artificial fruity or yummy baked goods scents. Imagine strawberry Poky stick scent, that's the kind of scent i would 100% love! But instead of artificial sweet apple scent that i imagined, this shower gel smells like... a very sour real apple! It's very bitter for my nose somehow and then i remembered that i always hated apple-scented bath products that smells more like real apple instead of the artificial one >.< ESPECIALLY green apple (NOTE to self, you hate green apple's scents. Stop buying green apple-scented products!!!). 

So yeah, i was really repulsed by the scent, to be completely honest with you! But this is purely my taste, i'm just not into that kind of scents but it might be someone else's cup of tea. This review, for instant, described it as very refreshing and uplifting. I do agree on the refreshing part though, it's so sour-smelling that it's fresh hehehe :p. Personally i cannot understand the "sweet" part coz it smells nothing near sweet to me >.<.

This body wash is clear and has a thick gelly consistency and i had to use quite a lot of amount for it lather well because i really love my body washes to be super bubbly.

Unfortunately, this body washis really my nemesis *LOL*. I mean, i hated the scent-nevermind, as long as it's working decently for me as a body wash, i would still use it (and try to finish it as soon as possible)-BUT... They performed really poorly on both my hunny and i! Maybe our skins are weird or too sensitve, but yeah. It just didn't work for us.

It dried hunny's skin scarily (note that most body wash doesn't agree with him. So far the most compatible body wash for him is The Body Shop's, and the almost decent one from drugstore choices would be Dove) that i immediately stopped him from using it after he used it once or twice. It's not super bad for me (the worst body wash for me is also from Etude House called Sweetheart Shower that i would also review), although it's not moisturizing by a mile. i did get some dry patches (particularly on my elbows) though, and i am not happy about it *LOL*.

If this body wash works a little better on me (maybe keeping my skin at least normal feeling without any dry patches) then i wouldn't be so bitter towards it (everything about this product makes me feel bitter, despite the "sweet" in the name), but yeah... As it's not moisturizing nor smell good, i really dislike this product >.< i very rarely use the word "dislike" for products, but i am just trying to be very real here! I do find writing negative reviews to be less exciting (and some bloggers tend to avoid writing negative reviews altogether and skip the product's review instead-which is totally understandable!) but a mix of different reasons (from "someone gotta do it!" mentality to the OCD driven ones like i cannot just not write a review just because i don't like the product, i have to review every product #ocdtalking !!!, etc).

Please remember that a blogger's review is just one person's opinion (that's why i try to link up a more positive review when i'm writing a particularly negative review so you can see that the same product can do well for other people) and it's their honest experience so in no way i am saying that this is a bad product (and you know i love Etude House to death!), it just doesn't work for me (and hunny). This and the Sweetheart Shower really scared me off trying out EH's body washes though,  until i couldn't resist Milk Talk and fortunately-it works like a dream for me! (read my first impression on Milk Talk here)

I have no idea what's the normal price range for this product because i bought it super cheaply (almost like a drugstore-bodywash-cheap) but i'm guessing it's around IDR 90.000-125.000 from the websites that still sells them. That's super expensive *___*, i'd much rather buy The Body Shop's body wash or something like that for that price...

I would only recommend this body wash for people who really like sour and fresh scent, particularly green apple's and doesn't have sensitive skin. Wouldn't recommend this for anyone who has any similarity to me in terms of taste and skin condition hehehe (i have normal skin but prone to eczema when using most products).

I would not repurchase this product, especially after seeing the prices hahaha.

If you're interested in this product though, for Indonesians can check this store and this one.

What about you, what kind of scent would you prefer for your body products? Do you like green apple scent?


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  1. nice post.

  2. very nice post. I love etude house and apple scents! going to buy this soon :)
    great blog, very inspiring
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)


  3. This body wash seems quite a bargain, I fell in love with its great green bottle color and I am amazed by its refreshing effect on the skin. I love buying at discounts cause you can get awesome products at reasonable prices!

    1. Yes, it's quite expensive on normal price though haha

  4. I love your skin care tips. Yes, a nice shower gel really can make a difference to our daily routine. My skin is soft, touchable and glowing with Sakare’s body shower.