Ed Sheeran: yay or nay?

4:49:00 PM

You know Ed Sheeran?

I always thought that he's a good singer, but as a human being whom is "trained" to judge a book by its cover, I brushed him off because he wasn't easy on the eye (and hey, to each their own, no need to bash me for my taste in men if you fancy him, okay?).

So anyway, I've been watching Got To Dance UK (season 5) on Starworld and there's this one act that had captivated me: Bitter Harvest. They're a Pas de Deux ballet duet and oh my goodness, they're super super awesome!! And on one of their dances, they used a very beautiful song, soundhound'ed it, apparently it's Ed Sheeran's!!

As a very obsessive person *le sigh*, I listen to his song non stop. I have it on repeat. And not only listening to the song, I truly listen to whatever it is he's singing, and the words are so beautiful, and suddenly... Ed Sheeran just got 10x hotter to me, this is Indra Herlambang all over again LOL.

Trust me, this is NOT a fan-letter, I have a point, keep reading.

My point is... (keeping it short because it's a Friday and I have having fun to do soon), please don't ever ever underestimate yourself. I met many guys and girls whom think they're unattractive and therefore "cannot find the one" and get so depressed because of it. Wanna know a little secret? I was once like you *won't ever admit this if you ask again!!!* when I was younger. I was this scrawny lanky girl with glasses and pimply face. But then I found out that I can sing, speak perfect English, and hilarious (to mention a few of my stellar qualities hahahaha... Hey, confidence is BEAUTIFUL!!! *grin*), and I found myself starting to like me better. 

And when I know how to love myself (flaws and all), that was when hubby came along.

Just like me liking Ed Sheeran, hubby found my singing and jokes and brain and ME beautiful...

So, be the BEST version of yourself, and someday somehow, someone will find it extra sexy and there you go!!!

To wrap this up, TGIF, guys and girls!! Crazy how I've been writing so much lately, huh? I guess #Pink needs to go out of the country more often hahahaha...

Remember, the person that loves you the most should be you. Practice it this weekend, k?


PS: that Ed Sheeran song that spurred this entry? PHOTOGRAPH. Go download it.
You're welcome!

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